First Nations poised to challenge Nova Scotias marijuana monopoly

first_imgHALIFAX – Nova Scotia First Nations appear poised to take on the province’s marijuana monopoly — including one Mi’kmaq community that has enlisted Olympian Ross Rebagliati to roll out a “seed to sale” cannabis operation.Sipekne’katik First Nation in Indian Brook, N.S., has plans to grow cannabis and sell it directly to consumers, while Millbrook First Nation is considering retail locations, bypassing the provincial Crown corporation slated to control sales once the drug is legal on Oct. 17.The government says selling cannabis from a privately owned storefront will remain illegal in Nova Scotia, but Rebagliati argues that First Nations lands are federal jurisdiction and they are within their rights to set up dispensaries.The disagreement could set the stage for a potential constitutional showdown over cannabis sales.“This is precedent-setting,” Rebagliati, a gold-medal snowboarder, cannabis expert and entrepreneur said in an interview this week after his second visit to the Mi’kmaq community formerly called the Shubenacadie First Nation. “It’s rather unfortunate (the province) is taking that route.”Canada’s provinces and territories have opted for one of three retail models for over-the-counter cannabis sales: Private, public or a hybrid of the two.In Nova Scotia, sales will be government-controlled.“We have said all along that our approach to legalization is through a public health lens and that we will start well-regulated and tightly controlled,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman said in a statement.“At this time, we are not considering a retail model outside of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.”The province’s stringent stance doesn’t appear to deter First Nations communities, with the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs indicating it is exploring the economic opportunities of cannabis.Rebagliati said the Mi’kmaq community in Indian Brook has a strong plan, and he’s put together a “gold-medal team” to help them reach their goal.“The model is to go seed to sale and that boosts the margins quite substantially and gives them a competitive edge,” he said from B.C. “They came to me with their ideas and they are super progressive.“First Nations are looking for job opportunities and economic opportunities for their people, and this is a new industry that has a lot of those opportunities and potential for substantial financial gain.”Chief Bob Gloade of Millbrook First Nation said the community has invested in a cannabis company and is considering opening a storefront.“We’re focusing on the retail side of it going forward and we’re working on details in that respect,” he said, adding that for now the community isn’t considering launching its own production.“We’re still looking at a couple of years out before we’ll start seeing the benefits from an economic standpoint … but it will have a significant impact,” Gloade said.Sipekne’katik Chief Michael Sack did not respond to multiple requests for comment, but Rebagliati confirmed that he met with the community leader in March and again this week.Rebagliati founded Ross’ Gold, a medical marijuana business, in 2013. Earlier this year he launched LegacyRR, which focuses on growing cannabis and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Although he said the details of an agreement between LegacyRR and the Sipene’katik First Nation are still being worked out, he said the Indigenous community’s dispensaries could be branded Mi’kmaq Legacy.McGill University constitutional law professor Mark Walters said the situation raises important and controversial legal and constitutional issues.“Legal conflicts on this point are bound to flare up in many places across Canada,” he said in an email, noting it appears many First Nations are making plans to grow and sell cannabis.Walters said it’s difficult to say whether provinces have the right to prevent First Nations from selling cannabis on reserve.He said the “orthodox” legal answer would be that provincial laws on cannabis sales will apply on reserves, unless a First Nation could show that regulating the sale of cannabis was a custom, practice or tradition integral to its distinctive culture, which might be extremely difficult to do.However, Walters said there’s a strong argument that federal law protects a much broader right to Aboriginal self-government than the courts have so far acknowledged.“There is considerable room here for an interpretation of the law that would acknowledge Indigenous rights of self-government over this issue,” he said.Wayne MacKay, professor emeritus of law at Dalhousie University, called it a “very complex” issue.He said one the strongest arguments for the Mi’kmaq community would be a treaty rights claim to a moderate livelihood under the Supreme Court’s Marshall decision.MacKay added that “the core of their argument would likely be the right of First Nations to manage their own resources as part of their constitutional rights to self government.”last_img read more

Kenitra and Agadir Receive First Regiment Of Military Service Conscripts

Rabat – The first regiment of military service recruits arrived at Kenitra’s airbase and Agadir’s Supreme Royal Forces Command on August 19. The regiment of recruits will go through the military selection process. The 2019-2020 military service selection will end on August 31, with 15,000 beneficiaries selected nationwide.Kenitra  The third airbase of the Royal Armed Forces of Kenitra received, on Monday morning, the first regiment of 357 conscripts for military service for the 2019-2020 season.According to Lieutenant Kamal Anoush, the Royal Air Force’s third airbase in Kenitra will receive a total of 4,285 conscripts, including 353 female recruits, for the selection process.In a press statement, he explained that the process begins with receiving conscripts and checking the documents required in order to “approve their registration, then we accompany them to the medical centers of the airbase for the necessary medical check-up.”He added that the selection committee will then oversee the processing of files and eventually select 2495 recruits, including 288 female conscripts.AgadirOn the same day, the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Southern Armed Forces in Agadir received the first regiment of military service from the provinces of Agadir-Idaoutnan, Inezgane Ait Melloul, Taroudant, Tiznit, Ashtouka Ait Baha, Guelmim, Laayoune, and Dakhla.The number of conscripts is 2,585, including 145 female recruits.In a Youtube video, a few conscripts described the selection process as smooth and well-organized. “Today, we went through all the necessary examinations. It all went well!” said one female candidate.Knowing that female recruitment is voluntary, a second candidate, Fatima Zahrae, said “our fathers and family always tell us that we shouldn’t do it; that it would be difficult for us girls. I wanted to take this opportunity to prove myself to them.”In order to receive the conscripts, the Royal Armed Forces mobilized 17 military units throughout the Kingdom.  The mobilized military units include the cities of Meknes, El Hoceima, Dakhla, Laayoune, Agadir, and Casablanca.After the selection process, the recruits will be directed to the 14 training centers located in El Hajeb, Kasbah Tadla, Guercif, Temara, Casablanca, Nador, Ksar Sghir, Al Hoceima, Meknes, Kenitra, Sidi Slimane, Benguerir, Marrakech, and Benslimane.The final selected conscripts will start their one-year military training on September 1. Conscripts of both sexes will be assigned to the different ranks of the first military regiment based on their qualifications. read more

Over 100 million Europeans lack access to safe drinking water UN says

More than 100 million Europeans still lack access to safe drinking water, resulting in the deaths from diarrhoea of nearly 40 children every day, the United Nations reported today, noting that many people across the region do not enjoy the basic human right to healthy water. More than 170,000 cases of water-related diseases – including over 120,000 cases of viral hepatitis A – were reported in 2006. In Eastern Europe, some 16 per cent of the population does not have access to drinking water in their homes, while in rural areas, more than half of all people do not have a reliable supply of safe water and adequate sanitation. A new and independent Compliance Committee has been created to promote the prevention, control and reduction of water-related diseases and to increase the number of Europeans access to adequate sanitation. It will also ensure compliance with the London Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, which seeks to increase access to safe water. The new body, which was established by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and the Regional Office for Europe of the UN World Health Organization (WHO), comprises nine experts, including scientists and environmental lawyers. In its first meeting earlier this week, it appointed Attila Tanzi, an Italian professor of international law, as its Chair and Ilona Drulyte, a Lithuanian public health expert, as Vice-Chair. 14 March 2008More than 100 million Europeans still lack access to safe drinking water, resulting in the deaths from diarrhoea of nearly 40 children every day, the United Nations reported today, noting that many people across the region do not enjoy the basic human right to healthy water. read more

In Middle East Ban pledges to help settle all key issues within

20 March 2010Visiting Ramallah today where he witnessed the challenges Palestinians face first-hand, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterated his commitment to help the Israeli and Palestinian sides reach a settlement in the next two years. “Indirect talks,” Mr. Ban told reporters after meeting with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, “are not the end result,” and there are “no other alternatives” to direct negotiations. The Secretary-General arrived in the region from Moscow, where he attended yesterday’s gathering of the diplomatic Quartet, comprising the United Nations, the European Union (EU), Russia and the United States. The group issued a joint statement in which it called for the sides to immediately resume talks to pave the way for a settlement “that ends the occupation which began in 1967 and results in the emergence of an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its neighbours.” Mr. Ban today called for both parties to restart talks with “sincerity and flexibility,” noting the substantial progress that had been made before talks stalled more than one year ago. The time is ripe, he said, for the sides, with the international community’s backing, to “engage in proximity talks first then move forward to direct negotiations for a final settlement of all these issues.” With Israel’s recent announcement of plans to erect 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem having been strongly condemned by the Quartet, “I sincerely hope that the Israeli authorities refrain from taking such unilateral actions which may undermine and prejudice the final outcome of the negotiations,” the Secretary-General said.He appealed for a “politically conducive atmosphere” to allow negotiations to progress on a foundation of mutual understanding. Mr. Ban, who will visit Gaza tomorrow, welcomed the Israeli Government’s approval yesterday of UN humanitarian projects, including the building of housing units, a flour mill and sewage treatment facilities. “These are first positive steps, but much more needs to be done,” he said as he saw the so-called Area C, which covers 60 per cent of the West Bank and remains largely off limits to Palestinians. “I am deeply concerned about this worsening humanitarian situation” for the Palestinian people, he said “I will urge again the Israeli authorities to remove roadblocks, ease these crossings and permits, these are some very important issues which we will continue to work on.” Before attending a dinner in Jerusalem this evening hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres, Mr. Ban told reporters that he welcomes the country’s commitment to the two-State solution, but underscored the need for a settlement freeze. “I know how much Israelis yearn for lasting security,” he said. “That is my goal too. I am here to say that peace is just not necessary and urgent. It is also achievable.” The Secretary-General today also expressed his deep distress and concern over reports of the deaths of two Palestinian teenagers in the West Bank. In the statement issued by his spokesperson in Jerusalem, he also condemned today’s rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. “The Secretary-General strongly appeals for calm and an end to violence, particularly at this critical juncture.” read more

WatchA criminal past haunts surviving founder of troubled cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga

His crimes: identity theft related to a bank-and-credit card scam. His sentence: 18 months in U.S. federal prison and, later, deportation to Canada.Once there, Omar Dhanani underwent a remarkable transformation — into a new identity and the wild world of cryptocurrencies.Dhanani, now known as Michael Patryn, has emerged as an enigmatic figure in the strange case of Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp., the digital exchange owner that hasn’t been able to find $260 million (US$195 million) of clients’ cash and cryptocurrencies. Patryn co-founded Quadriga five years ago with the late Gerry Cotten, whose sudden death in December at age 30 left the Vancouver-based firm in shambles.Patryn denied he was Dhanani in a Feb. 8 report in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper and disputed a subsequent report linking him to a criminal past. But Canadian records obtained by Bloomberg News confirm he legally changed his name — twice: in 2003 and in 2008. Watchdogs proposing new framework for cryptocurrency exchanges on heels of Quadriga collapse Quadriga’s mystery ‘cold wallets’ were emptied months before Gerald Cotten’s death An insider’s view of the Quadriga meltdown: ‘It’s all kind of really suspicious’ The revelation adds a new layer to the mystery surrounding Quadriga, whose closure in January left 115,000 clients wondering if they’ll ever get their money back. Cotten ran the operation mostly from his laptop, so his death while travelling in India threw the business into disarray. The firm has been under creditor protection since February, with Ernst & Young working to unravel the firm’s dealings. Digital storage accounts used by Quadriga to hold Bitcoin for clients had been empty for months before the CEO’s death, according to E&Y.Patryn declined to comment about his criminal record or his name change.Patryn changed his name from Omar Dhanani to Omar Patryn with the British Columbia government in March 2003. Five years later, he registered a name change to Michael Patryn in the same Canadian province.Michael Patryn co-founded Quadriga five years ago with the late Gerry Cotten, whose sudden death in December at age 30 left the Vancouver-based firm in shambles. Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg In the U.S., Dhanani had been charged with numerous crimes. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit credit-and-bank card fraud at the age of 22 in 2005, according to a statement from the U.S. Justice Department. Dhanani helped operate, a now defunct marketplace for trafficking stolen credit and bank card numbers. Dhanani also admitted guilt in 2007 to separate criminal cases for burglary, grand larceny and computer fraud, according to California state court records.After serving his time, the U.S. deported him to Canada, where he reinvented himself as a Bitcoin entrepreneur. Patryn calls himself a “fintech advisor and portfolio manager” in his LinkedIn profile, which also lists him as founder and chairman of Vancouver-based Fintech Ventures Group since 2015, described as “Canada’s first incubator for blockchain related startup companies.”Patryn has been trying to bury his past. Last July, he hired a firm to purge unflattering material about him from the internet. One of the posts was a complaint about Omar Dhanani and a defunct online business called Midas Gold Exchange Inc., which the Canadian government listed Omar Patryn as its sole director. Documents filed in a related lawsuit mention a Reddit post that linked Patryn to Quadriga.Patryn was involved in Quadriga from the start, helping Cotten establish one of Canada’s first Bitcoin exchanges. Patryn discussed those early days in an email exchange with Bloomberg. He and Cotten worked together at nonprofit organizations such as Vancouver’s Bitcoin Co-op, providing assistance with education and user adoption on the topic, he said in an email last month.Cotten, who served as chief executive, recounted in a 2014 podcast how he and a partner he didn’t name were working on the idea since August 2013 and by Dec. 26 launched the Quadriga platform and set up a Bitcoin ATM in a West Coast city known for early forays into crypto and blockchain.Patryn said he departed three years ago over a “fundamental disagreement” with Cotten on his decision to halt the listing process for the firm.“On the day of our disagreement, I left the company and ceased being privy to operational decisions,” he wrote. “Since that time, I have not been involved in the operations or management of any of the Quadriga companies.”Patryn said he stopped being close to Cotten after that, though he heard from the founder weeks before his death.“I spoke with him in November, when he sent me a message on my birthday,” Patryn said. “I did not know that he was married, or in India until the official announcement of his death.”–With assistance from Edvard read more

Central African Republic UN experts urge parties to pull back from the

A group of independent United Nations human rights experts today urged all parties in the Central African Republic (CAR), where armed clashes have escalated in recent weeks leading to deaths and population displacement, to step back from the brink of all-out sectarian conflict.“The current shocking violence in the Central African Republic threatens to descend into a full-scale sectarian conflict between Christian and Muslim communities, but it can and must be halted now,” the experts said, while expressing grave concern over the escalating violence in the country and the rapidly deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation. After the Séléka rebel coalition forced President François Bozizé to flee in March, a transitional government was entrusted with restoring peace and paving the way for democratic elections, but armed clashes have erupted again, sometimes on religious grounds with Christians and Muslims launching reprisal attacks against each other in numerous places in the capital, Bangui. Violence was also reported in the town of Bossangoa, some 400 kilometres north-west of Bangui.The recent escalation of fighting has forcibly displaced some 210,000 people in the last two weeks in Bangui, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More than 710, 000 people have been uprooted within CAR since the current crisis began a year ago, while over 75,000 others have fled into exile, the agency added. The experts noted in a news release that atrocities have been reported by all parties, with UN and media reports suggesting a rapidly rising toll of civilian victims, including women and children. Retaliatory attacks and arbitrary executions by armed elements from both sides, the recruitment of child soldiers, attacks on medical facilities, and increasing incidents of rape, have all been documented. “However, an opportunity remains to pull back from the brink of all-out war with the terrible consequences that this entails and to establish an immediate truce to enable dialogue and peace talks to begin,” the experts said. “We urge leaders on all sides to grasp every opportunity to avoid further bloodshed.” While they welcomed attempts by some religious leaders to establish inter-faith dialogue and to defuse tensions, the experts emphasized the primary responsibility of the State to protect the human rights of all. They also called on the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region to take urgent measures to resolve the crisis. The experts urged leaders from all sides to “take control of their forces and militias and to cease atrocities immediately,” but warned that, in the current dangerous environment, some initiatives to disarm militia groups were leaving some communities vulnerable to attack by opposing forces.“We call for international actors to closely monitor the situation in order not to leave communities undefended,” they said. In addition, full, secure and unfettered access must be provided to humanitarian agencies in view of the hundreds of thousands of people displaced in the country and the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, they added. Independent experts, or special rapporteurs, are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. read more

Brock Meridian team up to help others with Badgers Care

For Brock Sports, it’s more than just a game.Established in 2015, the Badgers Care program encourages Brock varsity teams, coaches and student-athletes to be good community citizens through outreach, leadership and volunteerism. The unique program co-ordinated through Brock Sports is beneficial to the Niagara community, as well as everyone involved from Brock.“Badgers Care allows these student-athletes and their coaches to use their passion for athletics to foster their own personal development beyond academics and sports,” said Neil Lumsden, Director, Brock Sports. “At the same time, they’re working alongside the community to make Niagara a better place to live, work and play.”To strengthen the community outreach through the program, Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union, is joining Badgers Care as a community partner.The partnership was officially announced Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Badgers’ home basketball games against the Guelph Gryphons at Bob Davis Gymnasium.Wade Stayzer, Meridian Vice-President, Retail said the relationship is a natural fit since both Brock and Meridian have a long history of collaborating to help build stronger communities.With the new agreement, Badgers Care, Powered by Meridian, will receive additional funding to extend its programming reach in Niagara.“Both organizations aim to recognize and enhance the leadership potential in people,” Stayzer said. “At Brock, student-athletes find time between school, training and playing to volunteer and bring to life the Badgers Care program. At Meridian, employees build people’s lives through advice and fulfilment of financial services and we, too, volunteer and demonstrate our passions through our commitment to building strong communities.” read more

ESPN interviews Goldberg about possible WWE return The Usos talk No Mercy

first_imgFacebook Twitter 2 COMMENTS Videos Articles The Ruiner Sammy Guevara talks about his match against Cody on TNT, the Wednesday Night Wars Bill Goldberg Comments are closed. Pinterest Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Joan Jett Set To Perform Ronda Rouseys Entrance At WrestleMania 35 October 7, 2016 at 1:27 am Which Wrestler Is Next To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame? WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Roman Reigns is in Remissioncenter_img Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWhich Wrestler Is Next To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:42/Current Time 0:05Loaded: 36.48%0:06Remaining Time -0:37 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Now Playing Up Next Is WWE Losing Its Audience? Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR The Undertaker appears on ESPN College GameDay Saturday morning ESPN interviews Goldberg about possible WWE returnESPN’s Jonathan Coachman conducted an interview on Wednesday night with former WWE and WCW star Goldberg about the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game and the possibility of an in-ring return with WWE. Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Dustin Rhodes on AEW against NXT: “I don’t consider us going to war with anybody” Total Bellas recaps? XP October 6, 2016 at 11:12 am Google+ The Usos talk No posted their weekly exclusive interview, this week with The Usos, talking about their match against Smackdown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Titles this Sunday at No Mercy.Total Bellas premiere has a recap of the premiere episode of “Total Bellas” on E! that you can view by clicking here. Video highlights of the show can be seen below. This garbage is the lowest common denominator for entertainment. TheCyberZonlast_img read more

Child Porn charges for Pinewood Gardens man remanded til September

first_img Related Items:#Burrowsfacechildpornographycharges, #magneticmedianews, #SharranBurrows Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 21, 2017 – Nassau – Having photos on his cell phone of an under-aged girl performing sexual acts is what got a 41 year old Pinewood Gardens man remanded to prison and facing a dozen charges of child pornography.Sharran Burrows was slammed with 12 counts of possession of child pornography under Section 16A and 2b of the Sexual Offenses Act, chapter 99.For two years, investigators allege, Burrows had lewd images of a female under the age of 18 but the man says he is not guilty and will stand trial in the Magistrate’s court.Chief Magistrate, Joyann Ferguson-Pratt remanded the man to the Department of Correctional Services to await that trial but Burrows can apply for bail at the Supreme Court level if he wants to.September 13 (2017) is the date given for a fixture hearing to determine within which court this trial, for Sharran Burrows, will play out.#MagneticMediaNews#SharranBurrows#Burrowsfacechildpornographycharges Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Firefighters knock down fishing boat fire in Dana Landing

first_img KUSI Newsroom Posted: May 9, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Firefighters worked for about an hour Wednesday morning to knock down flames that scorched a fishing boat docked in a Mission Bay marina, authorities said.The flames were first reported at 1:05 a.m. at the Dana Marina in the Quivira Basin inlet of Mission Bay, at 1710 West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokeswoman Monica Munoz said. Lifeguards and firefighters on boats and on land found smoke coming from the lower cabin of the 60-foot Pacific Sport Fishing yacht.“Fortunately no one was on board and the fast work of crews prevented the spread of the fire on the vessel and also prevented damage to nearby vessels,” Munoz said.U.S. Coast Guard personnel also responded to the scene alongside the firefighters and lifeguards to address potential pollution issues, Munoz said.Investigators believe the blaze most likely started in a refrigerator circuit in the lower cabin area, Munoz said. An engine crew remained at the scene for more than five hours to monitor for hot spots and flareups.Lifeguards were working with the dock master this morning to notify the vessel’s owner. KUSI Newsroom, May 9, 2018 Firefighters knock down fishing boat fire in Dana Landing Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

China reportedly halts applications for new game licenses

first_img Post a comment 0 Tags Share your voicecenter_img China’s media regulators have stopped accepting applications for new games.  Getty Images China is again pushing pause on video games as it works through a backlog of applications caused by an earlier halt to new game licenses. The country’s media regulators have stopped accepting new applications for commercial video game licenses, according to a Financial Times’ report published on Wednesday. Central regulators reportedly haven’t accepted applications since September. This comes after China in August halted the approval of new game licenses due to a “restructuring of power” in government agencies. While China’s media regulating agency, the State Administration of Press and Publications, reportedly resumed approving commercial game licenses in December, developers will have to wait for the current backlog to get approved in order for the license application process to move forward, according to Financial Times. The agency has reportedly approved over 500 games since December, including Tencent’s Perfect World Mobile, but new games will have to wait to debut.  Tencent, one of the biggest game developers in China, reportedly lost over $160 billion in market value in the first half of 2018, and smaller companies were struggling to survive, according to Bloomberg. China’s State Administration of Press and Publications didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.  Gaming Politicslast_img read more

Mays Brexit plan not welcome Johnson gaining ground

first_imgBoris Johnson waves as he leaves Downing Street in London, Britain, on 28 June 2018 — ReutersBritish prime minister Theresa May’s plans to leave the European Union are overwhelmingly opposed by the British public and more than a third of voters would support a new right-wing political party committed to quitting the bloc, according to a new poll.May’s political vulnerability was exposed by the survey which found voters would prefer Boris Johnson, who quit as her foreign minister two weeks ago, to negotiate with the EU and lead the Conservative Party into the next election.Only 16 per cent of voters say May is handling the Brexit negotiations well, compared with 34 per cent who say that Johnson would do a better job, according to the poll conducted by YouGov for The Sunday Times newspaper.With a little more than eight months to go before Britain is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, May’s government, parliament, the public and businesses remain deeply divided over what form Brexit should take.May’s plans to keep a close trading relationship with the EU on goods thrust her government into crisis this month and there is speculation she could face a leadership challenge after two of her most senior ministers, including Johnson, resigned in protest.Only one in 10 voters would pick the government’s proposed Brexit plans if there were a second referendum, according to the poll. Almost half think it would be bad for Britain.The new Brexit minister Dominic Raab said on Sunday the prime minister was still trying to persuade members of the cabinet that her strategy was the best way forward.Raab also warned that Britain could refuse to pay a 39 billion pound ($51 billion) divorce bill to the EU if it does not get a trade deal – a threat used before by ministers.NO DEAL BREXITSpeaking to the BBC, Raab refused to deny reports the government is planning to stockpile food or use a section of motorway in England as a lorry park to deal with increased border checks if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.Asked about a story in The Sun newspaper that the government was planning to stockpile processed food, Raab initially replied “no” and then added: “That kind of selective snippet that makes it into the media, to the extent that the public pay attention to it, I think is unhelpful.”The possibility of leaving without a trade deal has increased with May facing rebellions from different factions in her party. She only narrowly won a series of votes on Brexit in parliament last week.The Sunday Times poll found voters are increasingly polarized, with growing numbers of people alienated from the two main political parties.Thirty-eight percent of people would vote for a new right-wing party that is committed to Brexit, while almost a quarter would support an explicitly far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party, the poll found.Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage and US president Donald Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon are in discussions about forming a new right-wing movement, according to The Sunday Times.Half of voters would support remaining in the EU if there were a second referendum, the poll found, a level of support found in other surveys this year.YouGov spoke to 1,668 adults in Britain on 19 and 20 July, according to The Sunday Times, which did not provide other details about how the poll was conducted.UK to refuse Brexit bill without trade dealAFP reports from London: Britain will only pay its EU divorce bill if the bloc agrees the framework for a future trade deal, the new Brexit Secretary warned in an interview published Sunday.Dominic Raab, who replaced David Davis earlier this month after he quit the role in protest over the government’s Brexit strategy, said “some conditionality between the two” was needed.”Article 50 requires, as we negotiate the withdrawal agreement, that there’s a future framework for our new relationship going forward, so the two are linked,” Raab told the Sunday Telegraph, referring to the EU treaty mechanism used to trigger Brexit.”You can’t have one side fulfilling its side of the bargain and the other side not, or going slow, or failing to commit on its side.”Britain is set to leave the European Union on 30 March next year.The two sides want to strike an initial withdrawal agreement by late October, in order to give parliament enough time to endorse it, before reaching a broader deal on their future relationship.The British government has sent mixed signals so far on its divorce bill.Prime Minister Theresa May agreed in December to a financial settlement totalling £35 to £39 billion ($46-51 billion, 39-44 billion euros) that ministers said depended on agreeing future trade ties.But cabinet members have cast doubt on the position.Finance minister Philip Hammond said shortly afterwards he found it “inconceivable” Britain would not pay its bill, which he described as “not a credible scenario”.Raab met the EU’s top negotiator Michel Barnier for the first time this week and will return for further talks on Thursday.Following the meeting Barnier said the priority in talks should be on finalising the initial agreement.Meanwhile the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, warned remaining member states and businesses to “step up preparations” for no deal.Raab told the BBC on Sunday the withdrawal agreement could be reached by October if the bloc matched Britain’s “energy, ambition and pragmatism”.But he reiterated it was also increasing no-deal planning.May’s blueprint for the future relationship, formally unveiled in early July, envisages a free trade area for goods through a “facilitated customs arrangement” alongside a “common rulebook” with the EU.It has faced severe criticism, including from within her own cabinet and Conservative Party, for keeping Britain too close to Europe.Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Davis both resigned in opposition.A new YouGov poll published by the Sunday Times showed just 12 per cent of people backed the proposals as “good” for Britain while 43 percent thought they were “bad”.Amid a growing backlash, 38 per cent of respondents said they would back a new right-wing party committed to Brexit.last_img read more

Deltas and Alphas Present Project Outreach

first_imgThe Prince William County (VA) Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has partnered with the Xi Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity of Prince William County to present Project Outreach on Jan. 28 at Potomac Middle School, 3130 Panther Pride Drive. “Project Outreach” is a free conference for middle and high school males and females.  The conference is a safe environment designed to provide education, motivation, and skill-building on issues of responsibility, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and prevention, abstinence/virginity, intimate violence in relationships, and dangers of the Internet and social media. Young adults will receive information and problem-solving skills and share their own experiences.  High school males and females students will share the same setting.  However, middle school students will be in a gender specific setting. Conference instruction and discussion will be led by trained professionals of Planned Parenthood. The goals of “Project Outreach” are to: (1) Share knowledge by combating ignorance and fear with factual information; (2) Change attitudes by providing motivation toward positive changes in sexual behavior; and (3) Provide skills by creating a sense of empowerment and self-esteem.last_img read more

Uncensored Tom Brady Celebrates in the Locker Room and Hunts for His

first_imgTom Brady is famous for mastering the art of media speak and revealing next to nothing to the press, but the realest version of the G.O.A.T. can be found in the locker room and was on display last night after winning his sixth ring.Tom congratulated teammates, with a couple of expletives mixed in, and it’s clear that the bond he has with his guys isn’t just something that’s pushed as a media narrative. This is the guy they see every day and why they play their asses off for him. It’s all about the ring.Tom Brady and the Patriots have done it again. #SBLIII— Marc Sessler (@MarcSesslerNFL) February 4, 2019 After dapping up the team, he made his way to his locker, and had a deja vu moment when he couldn’t immediately locate his game jersey. If you recall, his jersey was heisted following the 2017 Super Bowl before being located after an international man hunt. Uh oh. Stay tuned!– Tom, do you know where your jersey is?“I gotta find that out.”Not again…— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) February 4, 2019 Advertisementlast_img read more

Watch out for these roadworks affecting your journeys this week

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailMotorists are being warned to plan ahead when travelling this week as a series of new roadworks will begin across North Staffordshire. Dozens of routes will be affected by the planned works, which will be carried out by various local authorities as well as telecommunication, gas and water companies. The following list, correct as of June 3, contains the roadworks which are most likely to cause delays to traffic. Any emergency repairs will not feature in the list. Read MoreDrivers set to be banned from parking on these Stoke-on-Trent roads Burslem, Porthill, Hanley, Bentilee and Bucknall Boulton Street will be hit by eight weeks of roadworks chaos Occupation Street, Newcastle, carried out by Cadent between February 5 and June 14 Grovesnor Road, Newcastle, carried out by Cadent between February 12 and June 14 Belgrave Road, Newcastle, carried out by Cadent between February 21 and June 14 Vessey Terrace, Newcastle, carried out by Cadent between June 4 and June 6 Boulton Street, Wolstanton, carried out by Cadent, between May 29 and June 15 Woodland Avenue, Wolstanton, carried out by Cadent, between May 29 and July 12 Stafford and Eccleshall Stone Road, Eccleshall, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 13 and June 15 Lichfield Road, Stafford, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 11 and June 13 Market Square, Stafford, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 4 and June 6 Rickerscote Road, Stafford, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 6 and June 8 and by BT between June 5 and June 7 Rising Brook, Stafford, carried out by Severn Trent Water on June 5 School Lane, Stafford, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 6 and June 8 Almshouse Croft, Bradley, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 11 and June 13 Stafford Road, Haughton, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 5 and June 12 Main Road, Milford, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 4 and June 11 Cannock Road, Brocton, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 14 and June 18 Lower Penkridge Road, Acton Trussell, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 12 and June 14 Read MoreGrieving relatives’ heartfelt tribute to Port Vale fan killed in crash Stone Traffic on a road The Fillybrooks, Darlaston, and Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 11 and September 3 Eccleshall Road, Stone, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 11 and September 3 Eccleshall Road, Stone, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 7 and September 6 Stafford Road and Brooms Road, Stone, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 11 and September 3 Lichfield Road, Stone, carried out by Vodafone on June 11 and by Severn Trent Water between June 11 and July 27 Trentham, Hanford and Clayton Chivelstone Grove, Trentham, carried out by Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 4 and June 11 Clayton Road, Clayton, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between Jun 12 and June 14 A34 Stone Road, Hanford, carried out by Stoke-on-Trent City Council on June 5 (Image: Copyright unknown) Liverpool Road East, Kidsgrove, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 11 and June 13 High Street, Talke, carried out by Staffordshire County Council on June 10 between 6am and 12pm James Brindley Way, Tunstall, carried out by Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 4 and June 11 Leek, Endon and Light Oaks Macclesfield Road, Leek, carried out by BT between June 6 and June 8 Ashbourne Road, Bradnop, carried out by Western Power Distribution on June 4 Leek Road, Endon, carried out by Severn Trent Water on June 7 Bagnall Road, Light Oaks, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 4 and June 6 Longton, Meir, Meir Heath and Weston Coyney Lightwood Road, Lightwood, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 11 and June 22 Anchor Road, Longton, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 11 and June 20 Market Street, Longton, carried out by Cadent between June 11 and November 2 Tideswell Road, Longton, carried out by Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 4 and June 12 A50 Uttoxeter Road, Meir, carried out by Highways England between June 5 and June 9 Sandon Road, Meir Heath, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 12 and June 14 Windmill Hill, Meir Heath, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 14 and June 21 Weston Road, Weston Coyney, carried out by Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 10 and June 17 Read MoreWhat are my rights if my plane is delayed? Everything you need to know Newcastle and Wolstanton Roadworks (Image: Stoke Sentinel) Dividy Road, Bentilee, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 6 and June 8 Werrington Road, Bucknall, carried out by BT between June 6 and June 9 Hall Street and Westport Road, Burslem, carried out by Cadent between June 4 and June 28 Lichfield Street, Hanley, carried out by Western Power Distribution between June 12 and June 18 Porthill Bank, Porthill, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 4 and June 6 High Street, Porthill, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 4 and 6 Read MoreCampaigners tell highways chiefs: “We need traffic lights or there will be more crashes here!” Cheadle, Tean, Oakamoor and Foxt Oakamoor Road, Cheadle, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 14 and June 21 Tean Road, Cheadle, carried out by Staffordshire County Council between June 15 and June 22 Foxt Road, Foxt, carried out by Cadent between June 11 and June 15 Uttoxeter Road, Lower Tean, carried out by Western Power Distribution on June 13 Mill Road, Oakamoor, carried out by Western Power Distribution on June 7 Cheadle Road, Tean, carried out bt Staffordshire County Council between June 17 and June 25 Chapel Lane, Threapwood, carried out by Western Power Distribution on June 5 Bradley Lane, Threapwood, carried out by BT between June 4 and 5 Hollington Road, Upper Tean, carried out by Severn Trent Water on June 11 Fenton, Shelton, Cliffe Vale, Stoke and Blurton A50, Blurton, carried out by Highways England between June 11 and June 13 Blurton Road, Blurton, carried out by Severn Trent Water between June 4 and June 6 Alfred Street, Fenton, carried out be Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 11 and June 18 Victoria Road, Fenton, carried out be Stoke-on-Trent City Council between June 11 and June 18 Shelton New Road, Cliffe Vale, carried out by Cadent between May 30 and June 8 Station Road, Shelton, carried out be Stoke-on-Trent City Council between March 28 and September 30 Boothen Old Road, Stoke, carried out by Cadent between June 4 and June 21 Read MoreWheels came off (literally) for this drink-driver being chased by police Kidsgrove, Talke and Tunstall last_img read more

Major South Cheshire road shut following collision

first_imgThe affected stretch of the A529 (Image: Inrix) We have no further information on the collision itself at this stage. We will provide an update when one becomes available. Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLive Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA major South Cheshire road is closed following a traffic accident this evening. The A529 Audlem Road is shut following the collision between Second Dig Lane and Park Lane near Stapeley, south east of Nantwich. Inrix, the traffic data company, reports the road has been closed in both directions since around 5.05pm today (Friday August 2). Traffic is reported to be coping well in the area at present – although Inrix is reporting Cheshire Police believe the road will remain shut well into the evening. Dad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital window Police search for missing woman Follow StokeonTrentLive Download our app  – You can download our free app for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store , or get the Android version from Google Play .  Follow StokeonTrentLive on Facebook – Like our Facebook page to get the latest news in your feed and join in the lively discussions in the comments. Click here to give it a like! Follow us on Twitter – For breaking news and the latest stories, click here to follow SOTLive on Twitter . Follow us on Instagram – Featuring pictures past and present from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire – and if you tag us in your posts, we could repost your picture on our page! We also put the latest news in our Instagram Stories. Click here to follow StokeonTrentLive on Instagram . Driver named following fatal collision Punter found hiding in bushes last_img read more

Ladysmith Gazettes pick of the top 5 local and international news stories

first_img1.  Dog put down in Ladysmith due to burn wounds from hot water being poured all over itA crossbreed dog had to be put down after she was burnt with scalding-hot water in Steadville. With tears in her eyes, Annamarie Koen of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) explained that the league received complaints of animal abuse in the area. Read full story: Dog put down in Ladysmith due to burn wounds from hot water being poured all over it2. 30 computers delivered by Minister of Science and Technology in LadysmithMinister of Science & Technology Naledi Pandor and Deputy Minister Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi – along with MEC for Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, uThukela District Municipality Deputy Mayor Nombali Sibiya and Alfred Duma Local Municipality Mayor Vincent Madlala – visited the area of Ilenge to hand over 30 computers to Isigidisabathembu Primary School on Saturday (May 6). Read full story: 30 computers delivered by Minister of Science and Technology in Ladysmith3. Burglar convicted of housebreaking while already behind bars in Ladysmith WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite 28-year-old Simphiwe Makhoza Mazibuko, alias Sgoloza, had to leave his prison cell on April 24 to attend the Ezakheni Magistrate’s Court, where he was standing trial for theft and housebreaking with intent to steal. Read full story: Burglar convicted of housebreaking while already behind bars in Ladysmith4. Trump hopes for a win as US court mulls travel banA federal appeals court in Virginia is holding a crucial hearing to scrutinize a lower judge’s ruling that dealt Trump a blow by freezing his second attempt to close US borders to citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days. Read full story: Trump hopes for a win as US court mulls travel ban5. Indian students made to remove bra over exam cheat fearAuthorities issue strict dress codes to tackle widespread cheating on the entrance test for India’s prestigious medical colleges. But there is no mention of bras on this year’s prohibited articles list which includes dark clothes, long sleeves, brooches, badges, closed shoes and socks. Read full story: Indian student made to remove bra over exam cheat fearslast_img read more

Breezes Bahamas slashes winter prices by 40

first_img Share Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Posted by NASSAU – The winter season is definitely warming up, thanks to Breezes Resort & Spa – Bahamas’ new 40% off sale. Launched just in time for couples to book romantic Valentine’s Day getaways, and ideal for early planners looking to book their next Christmas holidays, the sale allows guests to enjoy Nassau’s first and only Super-Inclusive resort at nearly half the cost.To take advantage of the sale, clients must book by Feb. 28 for travel through Dec. 31, 2017.In addition, Breezes Bahamas has just introduced a new room category, the Deluxe Patio Room, including Deluxe Patio Garden View rooms and Deluxe Patio Pool View rooms, all on the ground floor featuring outdoor patio spaces for added privacy. Each patio space comes equipped with a table and two chairs or a two-person hammock. All guest rooms in this category have modern glass, chrome and marble bathrooms, mahogany wood furnishings, a work desk and chair, satellite TV and either one king size bed or two double beds.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaRegular rates for the new Deluxe Patio Rooms are US$290 per person, per night, but with the 40% off sale, starting rates drop as low as $174 per person, per night. A weekend surcharge applies to Thursday, Friday and Saturday night stays.For more information go to Tags: Breezes Resort & Spacenter_img Breezes Bahamas slashes winter prices by 40% Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Wind damages wing of solar plane sidelined in Japan

first_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Check your body, save your life The Solar Impulse departed Nanjing, China, on Sunday on what was expected to be the longest leg of the journey, a six-day, 8,175-kilometer (5,079-mile) flight to Hawaii.Instead, the plane landed late Monday at the Nagoya Airport in central Japan to wait out unexpectedly bad weather.Borschberg is flying without any fuel.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories center_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories NAGOYA, Japan (AP) — A solar-powered plane forced to land in Japan when it hit bad weather during its trip around the globe has encountered more challenges after wind gusts damaged a wing on the grounded aircraft.Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg says on the expedition’s website that the damage to the Solar Impulse 2 on Tuesday will “necessitate at least a week to repair.” It has delayed the journey further, but he says the damage is not a major issue. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous oflast_img read more

Norwegian takes cruisers on Breakaway

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: Natalie Aroyan ‘Project Breakaway’ started taking shape earlier this week with Kevin Sheehan, CEO Norwegian Cruise Line, presenting the first look of balcony and mini-suite staterooms for their two new ship builds.More than 1,000 travel partners were privy to the designs at’s annual conference in Las Vegas with thousands more observing via a webcast. Norwegian’s two new next generation ‘Freestyle Cruising’ ships are scheduled for delivery in April 2013 and April 2014 and will offer capacity for up to 4,000 passengers. Dubbed ‘Project Breakaway’, the ships are set to incorporate the best of the best from Norwegian’s current fleet of ships. “The overall design theme for Project Breakaway’s staterooms is ‘modern boutique hotel meets the sea’. We strongly considered the overall needs of our guests when designing these staterooms and wanted them to be greeted with an ambience that is warm and inviting and have a very contemporary feel with clean, modern lines,” said Mr Sheehan.“We also wanted to maximize the use of space within the staterooms, so that our guests are as comfortable as possible and storage space is well planned throughout.”Each ‘Project Breakaway’ ship will offer 1,024 balcony staterooms and 238 mini-suites accented with a hint of colour, rich paneling and warm tones. Balcony staterooms will feature a king-size bed complete with pillow top mattress and leather tufted headboard along with a sofa bed. Storage is paramount in the designs presented with touches such as lighted recesses above each bed conveniently sized to fit books for those still reading the ‘old fashioned way’ or even electronic reading devices for those hi-tech aficionados.Additional storage is also available beneath the 26-inch built in flat screen television, in the vanity area and via the full-size wardrobe accessibly via sliding doors. Ambience is created via the LED lighting surrounding the ceiling perimeters and energy efficiency is ensured with key cards controlling lighting in each stateroom. Balcony bathrooms are generously spaced with ample shelving and an enclosed vanity beneath the sink offering an additional storage option. Mini-suites will offer passengers a more spacious version of the balcony stateroom with a larger bathroom incorporating a double sink, additional storage space and an oversized shower complete with rain shower head, multiple body spray jets and separate handheld shower head. Norwegian Cruise Line has clearly been listening to their fans in regards to the changes with many complaining of such features as the clouded-glass bathroom doors on their newest liner, Epic. UK design group Priestmangoode will be working alongside Tillberg Design of Sweden to design the staterooms after they won several awards for their design of the first staterooms designed specifically for solo travellers on Norwegian Epic. View the complete gallery of the ‘Project Breakaway’ stateroom impressions herelast_img read more