Morata: “Proud of the team, today more than yesterday, forces Atleti”

first_imgMorata was one of the most outstanding athletics throughout the tournament, leaving a great job on his back and a great effort for the team. Before Barcelona scored the goal of the tie two penalties in a play that had started with his ball into space to Vitolo and later He attended Correa for the final 2-3. While Atlético looks for reinforcements above, Morata has emerged strengthened with his role before the first two classified LaLiga. “We gave everything and who gives everything he has nothing can be said … Head high, proud of this team. Today more than yesterday … Forza Atleti! ” That was Morata’s message for his teammates and for the mattress hobby after falling in the final of the Spanish Super Cup for penalties.The forward preached with the example and left everything on the pitch, sweat and blood for the shirt. The tip could be the hero in extra time, but when he headed hand in hand with Courtois after a great start from the center of the field was braked by Valverde with a subframe behind which led to the expulsion. When he complained on the floor of the kick, Carvajal stepped on his forehead while struggling with Savic, causing a hideous bump on the head of the tip.last_img read more

Who is the bone doctor? Who should I go to: the traumatologist or the rheumatologist?

first_imgThus, it is certainly common that when the patient arrives, for the first time, at our rheumatology office, he manifests frequent feelings of strangeness and confusion at the beginning, and even experiences a certain disorientation, in relation to the reason for the consultation. And therefore, it is quite frequent that, before entering the subject itself, they begin their somewhat timid stories, indirectly excusing themselves through the frequent use of expressions and circumlocutions such as “I don’t know if I went to the right consultation? or” I don’t know if I come to the right specialist “or “I don’t know well, if this happens to me, it is up to the rheumatologist” or “I don’t know if this is something of your competence” or finally “I don’t know if what is happening to me is of his specialty”.No one who presents a persistent process of cough and respiratory fatigue Addresses the consultation of the thoracic surgery specialist, but rather he goes to the pulmonologist’s office in the first instance, to know the cause and extent of his respiratory problem. Nor is anyone who has been suffering frequently, in their daily lives, from habitual headache or frequent and persistent headache and intends to find out at once the nature of the problem, is directed to the consultation of the specialist in neurosurgery, but usually requests, at the beginning, consultation with the specialist in neurology.Well, in this way, with this logical, sequential and chronological order, the flow of patients in most medical specialties works and coordinates properly. In the first instance, the specialist doctor acts clinical and later and only in the event that your contest is really necessary, in a second instance would the specialist doctor then take action surgical correspondent.We believe that this form of elementary interdisciplinary collaboration, thus established and in force, which seems to us all to be so suitable and perfectly adequate, is undoubtedly the best way to act, since it certainly has a very positive impact, for the clear benefit of each and every one of the different agents of the health system, which are thus involved in the proper management and proper performance of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system.First, it will benefit the rheumatologist, because being the best trained specialist to perform the diagnosis and treatment of the medical pathology of the musculoskeletal system, without a doubt, the most frequent and numerous, the one that will not require any surgical treatment for its resolution, will become the main actor, more suitable and suitable, to bring this process to fruition.Secondly, it will have a very striking impact on the benefit of traumatologist, because mostly he will be able to be thus freed from this clinical work and therefore he will be able to devote his time, now more free, in a very preferential way, to doing what he has been specifically training for and that without a doubt, He better knows what to do and that it is nothing other than the difficult and complicated surgery of the musculoskeletal system.And finally, last and not least, it will benefit the patient above all. Because at all times of the evolutionary process of his illness, whatever it may be, the patient will always be conveniently treated and treated by the most appropriate specialist for him, at that specific moment, whether clinical or surgical.In our country, and specifically in what refers to the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, this form of action, apparently as logical and correct as the one we have described, has not been fully installed yet.a, in the mentality of the general population, we could say, that currently it is not yet fully assimilated by society. And this is undoubtedly due to the fact that they are still very strongly rooted, in the collective subconscious, old apprehended automatisms, as well as ancient inherited inertia, that for a long time they have remained so imposed and established and that in all likelihood it will take a long time to get rid of them completely and, therefore, take them for granted once and for all.In conclusion, it should be clear that, for the patient of the musculoskeletal system, it is going to be considerably more beneficial to start his diagnostic pilgrimage through the rheumatology office, since the process will finally be, surely, tighter in time, probably much reduced in costs and, of course, always better for the interests of the patient, regardless of where the pilgrimage will conclude. Therefore, do not hesitate and Put a rheumatologist in your life!Surely it will do better.We are convinced that in the future, with some perseverance, the adequate constancy, the necessary patience and, of course, that of every essential point, information of our population, little by little, will have to overcome all these obstacles and overcome all these difficult barriers, which will eventually disappear. Rheumatology It is one of the youngest specialties of internal medicine, it originated in 1949, when Hollander, when using the expression rheumatology in his book “Arthritis and Associated Diseases”, resulted in the birth of the specialty as such. In our country, the appearance of the rheumatology specialty was still, if possible, a little later, since it barely has more than half a century of life and in the beginning it was constituted, exclusively, as a strictly hospital specialty , since the well-known figure of rheumatologist area specialist, located in the ambulatory specialty center, was consolidated a few years later.This delay in time and the excessive delay in the appearance of the specialty in our country explains and justifies, to some extent, the general ignorance and to some extent, the tremendous confusion and disorientation, which exists so widespread among the general population, about what is the real object and purpose of the rheumatology specialty, as well as what are the main functions that the rheumatologist actually performs. Amid the enormous confusion that exists about rheumatism, all kinds of hoaxes, neighborhood councils, healing foods, magical gadgets and a long list about the possible causes of these ailments have flourished around him. There is hardly anyone profane who has no free theory regarding rheumatism, or who does not feel he possesses any remedy or therapeutic inspiration for such an issue, and we can often hear, how the question that is most asked in the street regarding a joint pain is: Hey, it hurts here, where am I going, to the “physio”, to my family doctor, to the traumatologist? But few, although increasingly, have the illumination or knowledge necessary to affirm: to the rheumatologist, head.And it is that many people still continue today, convinced that the medical specialist of the musculoskeletal system, which they know as the “bone doctor”Who really has to treat them, is none other than the specialist in traumatology and orthopedics.This error has most likely been generated and even encouraged, in part at least, by our own healthcare system, since for a long time, the figure of the traumatologist was established, as the first step of access of the rheumatic patient, to the specialist. In fact, traditionally and until the recognition of rheumatology as an autonomous and established medical specialty took place, the care and subsequent treatment of the musculoskeletal patients in our country, the health authorities had always deposited in surgical hands of traumatologists and orthopedic surgeons. And this, despite the fact that as a general rule, in a vast majority of cases, rheumatic patients were never going to have the need to perform any surgical therapy.The rheumatologist, because of his training and experience, is the specialist best prepared to correctly carry out the process of diagnosis and medical treatment of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Since conservative treatment, it will surely be the only one necessary to solve and / or control most of these pathologies. In those cases in which it is necessary to carry out, afterwards, some treatment of a surgical nature, then the rheumatologist will refer the patient to the consultation of the traumatologist, who will be responsible for carrying out said surgical treatment, which is what It has been prepared during its formative period. This is the distribution that has been demonstrated more logical, coordinated and efficient, for the correct treatment of all the nontraumatic pathology of the musculoskeletal system.However, currently in the general population the erroneous impression that The specialist doctor in charge of treating bone diseases should be the traumatologist. Who is the bone doctor? Image: Gettylast_img read more

“Camp Nou is the worst course in the world for our style”

first_imgStatistics leave no doubt. Eibar has visited Camp Nou 5 times and has suffered as many defeats, with only 4 goals in favor, and 19 against. In addition, the ‘nightmare’ not only occurs when you visit the culé fief, but extends to Ipurua. And it is that the eibarreses have not yet won against Barcelona in the First Division, and they only managed to tie in a Gipuzkoan feud in the last match (2-2) of last season (2018-2019) when those trained by Ernesto Valverde were already league champions .“It will be a tremendously difficult game, but we must do our job and give everything, be ourselves. We will see what happens, because the illusion and the dream can not be taken away from us”, the Serbian goalkeeper warned. “Camp Nou is the worst course in the world for the game of Eibar”, Marko Dmitrovic, goalkeeper of the Gipuzkoan team, admitted on Wednesday. The style of the team trained by José Luis Mendilibar, with pressure up and advanced defense, which leaves spaces behind, until now has always been taken advantage of by the squad led by Leo Messi. The eibarreses must suffer before the second classified in the league, a fearsome Barcelona in his fief, where he has not yet lost. “We know that for our style it is a ‘bad’ field to play. But it is a joy to compete against some of the best soccer players in the world. You have to suffer and fight to try to get something positive. “center_img The Eibar of Mendilibar has always acted with courage in the fief Blaugrana. The same will happen again on Saturday. “We do not know how to play backwards. We are not going to change anything. At the Camp Nou it is difficult to score, because we are going to face one of the best rivals, Barcelona, ​​and in such a large and wide field, in which they get out of the pressure very easily. The key will be to press well together, play with great intensity. Eibar players must prepare their lungs to compete for more than 90 minutes, “Dmitrovic said.“From the first minute you have to press well, be compact, and take advantage of the minimum chances that we will have. In addition, we must try to avoid individual errors that are penalizing us in the last days,” said the doorman. He referred to the last duel played with defeat against Alavés (2-1) in Vitoria.Last week he could not play Eibar when the duel against the Royal Society in Ipurua was suspended due to air pollution due to a fire from a landfill in Zaldibar (Bizkaia). “Due to bad circumstances, the Sunday derby was suspended. It has been a rare week, but we are looking forward to Saturday’s game.” stressed.A few weeks ago Quique Setién arrived on the bench in Barcelona to replace the late Ernesto Valverde, who was the leader, although tied for points with Real Madrid. Now, the Catalans are second, to a point of Madrid. “When a new coach arrives you need time to catch their ideas, strategies and different movements. Maybe now they do not dominate as much as in the first round, but surely in a couple of weeks they will be playing as their coach wants,” he ventured.Eibar-Real Sociedad TicketsThe Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation confirmed Wednesday the new date of the Eibar-Real Sociedad postponed last Sunday, which will be held on Tuesday, March 10 in Ipurua from 20 hours.Tickets purchased are valid for the new date. But fans who cannot go to the duel between the two Guipuzcoan First Division teams, have until Friday, February 28 to request the Eibarrés club to return the money paid by their locations.last_img read more

Haaland is an option

first_imgOne of the reasons why Haaland chose to go to Borussia Dortmund instead of a team with more cache it’s because there they allowed him to sign a 75 million euro release clause. Is clause is not launched this summer, but in the next opening of the window of signings, the winter of 2021. This would enable his arrival in Madrid for a more than reasonable price when it has been seen if his contribution remains so spectacular for the goal. In comparison, Madrid paid 60 million for Jovic, 45 for Vinicius and 40 for Rodrygo.Haaland would fit into the policy of young signings of Madrid and also in its future strategy, which is none other than undertake the signing of Mbappé in the summer of 2021, when he only has one year left on his contract and can come at a reasonable price. Make a prior investment by Haaland of 75 million would not abort the plans that the white entity has with the French star. The Norwegian striker is an option, and more so if they come badly given this season. Now that the debate about lack of goal a name rings again for him Real Madrid from the future, the young Norwegian striker Haaland (19 years old), what is dazzling since he arrived in Borussia, with which you have already marked 12 goals in his first eight games. That Madrid is having a goal problem is something already evident. In 2020, the team’s pichichi is Isco, with three goals. The hiring of Jovic, the big bet of the summer, has not worked. They are only two goals this season. Now, with the tie of eighth against City so uphill, a defeat in the Classic could trigger a series of movements that would re-activate the Transfer market in Madrid. Haaland is the great attraction of the market by price and youth. Borussia made a total investment of 60 million by the forward 1.94 meters high. They were 20 million transfer to Salzburg, three commission for Mino Raiola and a salary of 36 million euros for the 4.5 years of contractor that you have been signed (eight million gross per season). Some numbers that are far behind the contribution he is having in the Bundesliga.last_img read more

“Bale is the most underrated in the last two decades”

first_imgOf course, Savage gave a good capotazo to his compatriot Bale, who lives his lowest hours at Real Madrid. The white entity will try to place him once again this summer although the player already knows that he will face his departure. He receives 14.5 million euros and has a contract until 2022 and he does not intend to forgive a single euro of his salary. Robbie Savage is a Welsh midfielder who just hung up his boots at 45 years old. It played 39 parties with the selection. He retired in 2011 when he was in Derbi County. And he returned eight years later to the playing fields. It gained great notoriety due to his aggressive style of play, winning the rejection of the press and fans. In 2008, the Daily Mail newspaper claimed he was the dirtiest player in Premier League history, based on the number of yellow cards received. Nothing has been conventional in his career, and their statements are not conventional either. “Bale is the most underrated player of the last two decades”, It was dispatched in an interview on their social networks, in statements collected by “He has scored 105 goals in all competitions, 13 trophies, three goals in the Champions League finals, including the spectacular Chilean against Liverpool. Compare that to Zinedine Zidane’s great career, 49 goals, six trophies, that great goal against Bayer Leverkusen, which was his only goal in a Champions League final. Luis Figo, 56 goals, seven trophies and then the great Ronaldo, 104 goals and three trophies. Gareth Bale has more goals and more trophies than those three. He may be the most underrated player in the past two decades. “last_img read more