Student Government announces new chief of staff

first_imgSenior Dan Sehlhorst stepped down from his position as chief of staff at Wednesday night’s student Senate meeting, and it was announced that student government secretary sophomore Sibonay Shewit has replaced Sehlhorst. Siboney Shewit, a sophomore and former student government secretary, has taken over the role of chief of staff from senior Daniel Sehlhorst.Senators had previously been informed of Sehlhorst’s decision to step down, but the announcement was formally made at the meeting. “It’s a result of a combination of personal things and family things that all converged at the same time,” he said. “It came to the point where I realized I would be in a better place, student government would be in a better place and all of you would be in a better place with someone who would probably be less distracted for the next semester, so I decided to change roles.”Sehlhorst said he will remain involved with student government during the semester.“I’ll still be around in an advisory role — I’ll be talking to Bryan [Ricketts, student body president] and Nidia [Ruelas, student body vice president] about my thoughts, strategies, next steps, that sort of thing,” Sehlhorst said. “That sort of management role, though, the kind of stuff that takes more time, will be better served with someone much more talented than myself.”Ricketts nominated Shewit to fill in as chief of staff for the remainder of the 2015-2016 student government administration. “Sib has served as Secretary this year, and proved to be an exemplary team member for Senate, Executive Cabinet and Campus Life Council,” Ricketts read from his nomination letter. “She has taken impeccable notes and promptly distributed them, benefiting both the Student Union and the entire student body by allowing us to function with transparent records.”Shewit also had a major role in launching Onward, the student government moderated online forum created to implement student-suggested initiatives, and in relaunching the student government website.“I am certain Bryan and Nidia will be well served with Sib at their side,” Selhlhorst said in an email.student government did not announce a replacement for Secretary at the meeting.Later in the meeting, sophomore Sullivan Curry was sworn in as the new student Senator for Morrissey Hall. Welsh Family Hall Senator Kathleen Flavin announced that the printing queue has been extended from six to twelve hours, an initiative that had been suggested from Onward.Tags: Chief of Staff, Onward, Student government, student senatelast_img read more

Bulldogs Wrestling Results At Milan 6-Way

first_imgThe Batesville High School Wrestling team traveled to Milan to wrestle in the annual Milan 6-way. Competing in this event were: Milan, Lawrenceburg, Rushville, South Dearborn, Union County, and Batesville. South Dearborn came away on top defeating all teams today for a 5-0 record.The Bulldogs struggled on the day regarding team scores but competed well individually. Team scores were: Rushville 46 Batesville 30, Union County 42 Batesville 21, Lawrenceburg 75 Batesville 6, Milan 42 Batesville 27, and South Dearborn 65 Batesville 18.Individual win/loss records on the day were:  Michael Deal 5-0, Jon Kurtz 4-1, Xavier King 3-2, John Moody 2-3, Jon Vincent 2-3, Miguel Ramirez 1-4, Mitchell Thomas 1-4, Chris Schene 0-5, and Abram Garcia 0-5.Courrtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Deal.last_img read more