Mercy Rule

first_imgBy now everyone has probably heard about the high school football game in Texas that wound up 91-0.  Some parent on the losing team has brought some type of legal action against the coach for “bullying”.  I have not read the legal papers, of course, so the exact nature of the action is speculation on my part.  I certainly do not advocate running up the score; however, when kids practice all year round and make a varsity team, they deserve the right to play.  This particular team used their first string for only 21 plays (one-fourth to one-third of a total game) and the rest of the game they played their second and third string and then whoever was left also got to play.  The second half of the game used a continuous clock which means it only stopped for a called time out.  What else could that coach do to try to keep the score down?   If you do anything other than what he did, you have made a joke of the game.  You can’t tell players to stop running, stop trying, and stop doing what they are trained to do.  Losing is just as much a part of life’s experiences as winning.  The players on both teams understand this.  Unfortunately, one parent did not.last_img read more