Google VP Marissa Miller names Googles biggest mistakes DejaNews Wave and GMail

first_imgIf you had a chance to sit down with a head honcho at Google and have an honest talk about the search giant’s mistakes, you might expect them to be extremely apologetic about the recent Google Streetview privacy debacle. As it turns out, though, that’s not an incident that Google would identify as one of its biggest boners. In a video interview with Digg Dialogg, Google Vice President Marissa Mayer was invited to pick three of Google’s biggest blunders. What’d she say they were? The closing of DejaNews, the launch day of GMNail and Google Wave.AdChoices广告First, Google Wave, which is being shut down at the end of the year. Questioned about Wave, Marissa said that there were “certainly there are things we’ve learnt from that, certain things we would have done differently.” That’s a bit cagey, but Wave’s obviously an example of Google’s engineers designing something neat that they couldn’t figure out how to sell to normal users.DejaNews is a bigger regret. “Shutting down at 11am on a Monday morning, and not having anywhere to post to or browse usegroups was perhaps a mistake,” she said, in reference to the day in 2001 when the popular Usenet site was acquired by Google, summarily shut down and rechristened Google Groups.Finally, there’s GMail. What’s to regret about GMail? Simple: the boner of launching it on April Fool’s Day, which made millions mistake its (at the time) too good to be true storage capabilities as another stupid prank.Read more at The Digg Dialogglast_img read more