“Non-conducive” QC labs still awaiting restoration

first_img3 months later…despite Ministry’s promisesPromises made by the Education Ministry earlier this year to restore the dilapidated wings and Science laboratories of Queen College have remained unfulfilled as students and teachers are still awaiting the rehabilitation, which was promised since August of this year.Speaking with Guyana Times on Wednesday, several employees, who requested not to be named, explained that no rehabilitation work was done on the school’s infrastructure and questions were raised as to whether the Ministry will keep their end of the bargain.After reports were carried in the media of the school’s dilapidated structure, the Education Ministry had issued a statement, informing that education officers from the Department of Education along with an engineer appointed by the Education Ministry would have visited the school and assessments were conducted. Upon examination, it was revealed that the institution indeed needed a restoration project.As a result, $11 million was allocated to the works, which should have begun during the last August vacation. The project included routine repairs and maintenance works which are needed. Additionally, the roofs of the East and West wings and the administrative building will be repaired.The Science laboratory, which was considered by the teachers as “not conducive” to laboratory experiments, will be repainted, cupboards will be installed, and the dilapidated walls and ceilings will be repaired.Guyana Times had reported earlier that students and teachers were raising complaints about the difficulties they faced on a daily basis, as a result of poor facilities. Calls were made for the labs to be redone, which was one of the main challenges faced.Sources had revealed that with respect to the quality of students produced every year, the institution requires at least one state-of-the-art laboratory.It was revealed that in the past, moderators that are dispatched to the school would comment on the state of the laboratories which were being utilised by the students.Additionally, the unmaintained playgrounds were one of the main reasons the school’s sports activities were held at the Guyana Cricket Club (GCC) ground. Presently, maintenance has been scheduled to fix the ground and sources have indicated that those works have begun.last_img read more

BET Awards Tyler Perry Shades Oscars So White

first_imgLast night, Tyler Perry received the Ultimate Icon Award  at the BET Awards. He gave a powerful speech that took many people to church but it was a mention of “Oscars So White” that had some people giving him the side-eye.See Also: This Colin Kaepernick Retweet Says Everything You Need To Know About The NFL Players’ Anthem Grievance Entertainment, News and Lifestyle for Black America. News told by us for us. Black America’s #1 News Source: Our News. Our Voice. 5. Tyler Perry; “Oscars so white” pic.twitter.com/dQUDPKnhzR— USTILLH82CIT (@seabethree) June 24, 2019 1. Mr. Perry, a Black Woman can shine the light on #OscarsSoWhite while you build your studio. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. #BETAwards pic.twitter.com/E6bUxNmPPh— Trill Auntie (@AmethystLane) June 24, 2019 2. . I felt like Tyler Perry could’ve made his point another way . Hollywood needed to be called out and you stepped up and did that with Oscars So White. Thank you.— Miz Kp (@MizKpoto) June 24, 2019 10. THE IRONY…..Tyler Perry a Black Man made his money playing a Black Woman.And now to talk negatively about #OscarsSoWhite which brought awareness to the industry is just WRONG!!!Talk about getting the Big Head & forgetting where you started. It’s Black Women supporting him— IDoWorship (@IDoWorship) June 24, 2019 9. His shot at Reign of April was valid because Oscars so White has only increased HER visibility. Tyler Perry may be flawed but his brand has helped A LOT of Black Hollywood. https://t.co/AG0Ndskukb— Rebranded Mamí (@LaCienegaBlvdes) June 24, 2019 6. You don’t respect Black women Tyler Perry. Mo’Nique deserved SO MUCH BETTER.— n o r a (@slaylongloveyou) June 24, 2019 The 49-year-old told a story about when he was kid a he helped a man cross the street at a six-lane intersection, “I helped him cross the street… we became good friends, his name was Mister Butler. That moment reminded me of my mother, bringing her out of her pain with laughter, helping her cross.”He went into his impact in Hollywood, “When I started hiring people like Taraji, Viola Davis and Idris Elba, they couldn’t get jobs in this town, but God blessed me to be in a position to be able to hire them. I was trying to help somebody cross.”He continued, “When I built my studio, I built it in a neighborhood that is one of the poorest Black neighborhoods in Atlanta so that young Black kids could see that a Black man did that, and they can do it too. I was trying to help somebody cross. The studio was once a Confederate Army base, which meant that there was Confederate soldiers on that base, plotting and planning on how to keep 3.9 million Negroes enslaved. Now that land is owned by one Negro.”The audience rose to its feet as he continued, “It’s all about trying to help somebody cross. While everybody else was fighting for a seat at the table, talking about ‘#OscarsSoWhite, #OscarsSoWhite,’ I said, ‘Y’all go ahead and do that. While you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own.’ Because what I know for sure is that if I could just build this table, God will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies,” he stated.Perry ended by saying about the Ultimate Icon Award, “Rather than being an icon, I want to be an inspiration. I want you to hear this, every dreamer in this room. There are people whose lives are tied into your dream. Own your stuff, own your business, own your way.” See the clip below: SUBSCRIBE center_img 3. Tyler Perry: While y’all were fighting for a seat at the table, talking about Oscars So White..I was down in Atlanta building my own Will and Jada:#BETAwards pic.twitter.com/NMDuUjSGCL— Xavier Jonté (@_LeadByXample) June 24, 2019 4. Yes!! He has it broken down in an outline!! Ima start takin notes cause he came with a word! He said WHILE YALL WERE DOIN OSCARS SO WHITE, I WAS BUILDING MY OWN TABLE ON ATLANTA. pic.twitter.com/gtQJIh5nhy— Ponder On That (@PonderOnThat) June 24, 2019 Thanks for signing up! Get ready for Exclusive content, Interviews,and Breaking news delivered direct to your inbox. Get ready for Exclusive content, Interviews,and Breaking news delivered direct to your inbox. 8. I’m confused @ Tyler Perry’s shot at @ReignOfApril. So we can’t call out the lack to diversity in media AND create our own avenues #AtTheSameDamnTime? Pretty sure as a culture we’re capable of both.— #TrashterpieceTheater (@VisionPoet) June 24, 2019 7. The more I think about Tyler Perry’s dig at #OscarsSoWhite, the more it irks me. It’s important to do both. Fight for a seat at the table, while still working to build our own. He didn’t have to downplay the important work done by a Black woman to create greater representation.— Lisa Bee (@leebee4life) June 24, 2019 #TYLERPERRY PREACHED!, 2019 #BETAwards! “While everybody else is fighting for a seat at the table, talking about ‘#OscarsSoWhite, #OscarsSoWhite,’ I said, ‘Y’all go ahead and do that. While you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own.'” pic.twitter.com/FbcMPpjayt— Cultured Focus Mag (@MagCultured) June 24, 2019Oscars So White by social media personality April Reign in 2016, which did help the Academy to change rules so there was more diversity. Black Lives Matter co-founded Alicia Garza wrote, “Ahem. You love Black women but you use your platform to shade a Black woman? K.”When someone said April Reign would write an “angry think piece” about Perry’s comments, she wrote, “I’m really not.”See the other reactions below. 11. Shading #OscarsSoWhite is some bullshit. Anybody on that side of the fence never got what it was about in the first place.— tall girl summer (@msmarypryor) June 24, 2019 12. (he ain’t have to throw Auntie April under the bus with that #OscarsSoWhite dig, tho…)— lex (@lexnichelle) June 24, 2019last_img read more