UN Peacebuilding Commission to begin assisting GuineaBissau

12 December 2007Guinea-Bissau will become the third country on the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), the United Nations advisory body set up to help countries emerging from conflict avoid sliding back into war or chaos, after the Security Council backed a request from the Government of the West African country. Guinea-Bissau is expected to formally join Sierra Leone and Burundi on the Commission’s country-specific workload once the PBC holds consultations next Monday on the Security Council’s referral of the situation.The referral comes as the Council heard briefings today from Shola Omoregie, the head of the UN Peacebuilding Support in Guinea-Bissau (UNOGBIS), and from Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).Mr. Costa highlighted the threat that cocaine trafficking is posing to the country and its neighbours in the region, and urged the international community to make sure that Guinea-Bissau receives enough short-term assistance so that it does not collapse.Since 2005, some 33 tons of cocaine have been seized across West Africa, but Mr. Costa said this may be “only the tip of an iceberg,” adding that in Guinea-Bissau the value of the drug trade is greater than the entire national income.“Drug money is perverting the economy and rotting society,” he told Council members. “Using threats and bribes, drug traffickers are infiltrating State structures and operating with impunity.”UNODC said the country’s authorities, particularly its police and justice system, are overwhelmed by the problem and by the alliance between foreign criminal groups and powerful local figures.Later, in a statement to the press, Ambassador Marcello Spatafora of Italy said Council members renewed their concern about the security threat posed by drug trafficking and organized crime in Guinea-Bissau.Mr. Spatafora said the 15-member body supported the extension of the mandate of UNOGBIS and also invited the PBC to provide its initial advice on the situation in the country within 90 days.While it commended the Government’s efforts in pursuing national reconciliation, the press statement stressed the need to hold free and fair legislative elections next year and voiced hope that agreement will be reached soon on a date for the polls. read more

Changes to tax reform proposals aimed at clarifying wealthy are the target

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau will belatedly honour his campaign promise to cut the small business tax rate to nine per cent as his government scrambles to undo the damage from weeks of controversy over proposed tax reforms for private corporations.The prime minister is to announce the reduction today, followed later in the week by some changes to the tax reform proposals in a bid to re-establish the Liberals as the champions of middle-class Canadians.That title has been tarnished in recent weeks as doctors, lawyers, accountants, shop owners, farmers, premiers and even some Liberal backbenchers denounced the reforms, contending they’d hurt the very middle class Trudeau claims to be trying to help.The changes are expected to be largely technical in nature, aimed at more clearly targeting the reforms at wealthy individuals who’ve used incorporation of small businesses to gain what the government maintains is an unfair tax advantage.They’re also expected to address concerns the reforms will disproportionately impact women, inhibit the ability of small business owners to save for a rainy day and make it impossible for farmers, fishers and others to pass their businesses on to their children.The addition of a cut to the small business tax rate appears to be the political equivalent of a spoonful of sugar to make the reform medicine go down.Trudeau campaigned in 2015 on a promise to reduce the small business tax rate to nine per cent from 11 per cent over three years.But in the 2016 budget, Finance Minister Bill Morneau froze the rate at 10.5 per cent and cancelled a legislated reduction to nine per cent instituted by the previous Conservative government.Faced with an angry backlash to the tax reform proposals, the Liberal government is now reviving the nine per cent promise. According to Liberal MPs, who were briefed at a closed-door caucus meeting early Monday morning, the reduction will be phased in over two years.The opposition Conservatives attacked Morneau for what they described as the Liberals’ flip-flop.“History of small biz tax cut: Tories passed it. Lib platform promised to keep it. Lib budget cancelled it. Now Libs promise to reinstate it,” Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre wrote on Twitter.Morneau has acknowledged that changes are required to address the concerns his reform proposals have triggered.He’s signalled that he’ll ensure angel investors and venture capitalists, whose financing helps start-up companies get off the ground, won’t face unintended consequences.And he’s signalled that he’ll make changes to avoid subjecting companies to additional, onerous red tape, complicating the intergenerational transfer of small businesses or hurting the ability of women entrepreneurs to save money for maternity leaves.The Liberals’ popularity has taken a hit in some opinion polls amid the backlash to the proposed reforms, first announced in mid-July.The damage control effort began with the briefing for Liberal MPs, some of whom have been among the most critical of the proposals. Backbenchers emerged from the meeting saying they feel satisfied that the government has listened to their concerns, although they were not given details of the changes that are to be unveiled in a series of announcements later in the week.“I feel very, very positive. For the first time in a couple months, I’ve got a bit of a smile on my face,” said Saint John, N.B., MP Wayne Long, who was kicked off two Commons committees for voting against the government earlier this month on a Conservative motion calling for further consultations on the proposed reforms.“There wasn’t a lot of specifics today but I’m very, very confident by certainly the tone and messaging of the minister that a lot of these concerns … will be addressed.”The rollout of the tax reform proposals has been a communications disaster for the government, in part because backbenchers were not consulted before the original announcement, Long suggested.“I’m hoping that we can all learn from this and move forward as a team … When everybody on the team feels they’re part of the team, that’s what makes a winning team and I think we’ve turned a corner on that.”Edmonton MP Randy Boissonnault, who had apologized to small business owners for the implied message that they’re tax cheats, said he’s satisfied there’s been a “change in tone already.”“The finance minister has listened. Caucus has been involved and heard very loudly,” he said, adding that business owners have also been heard.Trudeau is to announce the reduction to the small business tax rate later today at a pizza shop in Markham, Ont., accompanied by Morneau and Small Business Minister Bardish Chagger.On Friday, Morneau acknowledged that the government has to do a better job of reassuring middle-class Canadians that they won’t be hurt by the proposals.“The fact that farmers won’t be impacted, we need to make that clear,” he said.“The fact that, you know, small businesses will be able to continue to invest in their business, which is what we want, and won’t be worried about passing their business to the next generation, we’re going to communicate that clearly.”As originally proposed, the plan would restrict income sprinkling, in which an incorporated business owner can transfer income to a child or spouse who is taxed at a lower rate, regardless of whether they actually do any work for the company.It would also limit the use of private corporations to make passive investments that are unrelated to the company and curb the ability of business owners to convert regular income of a corporation into capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate.Critics have complained that the reforms would hurt entrepreneurs who take personal financial risks when they open a business, impeding their ability to save for retirement or maternity leave and to sock away funds for economic downturns. read more

The Archers Paradox with all those cakes and pork pies why dont

first_imgThe Archers “This is a high-risk group, demographically speaking. The Ambridge cohort is significantly older than the UK population as a whole. Research shows age is a major risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes,” said Christine Michael, editor of the Ambridge Observer blog and author of the tongue-in-cheek paper.She has identified several reasons for the characters remaining in good health. One of them is fitness. Women in Ambridge burn up to 800 calories a week through “high-energy” kitchen activities such as kneading bread, and “competitive gardening” is a popular pastime.Villagers are also far from sedentary. “Birthday cards are always delivered by hand. Messages that could be texted or emailed are always relayed face to face. And residents quite often walk long distances just to ask when a relative will be home for tea or if they would like a coffee,” Michael said. A hearty afternoon tea is part and parcel of life in The Archers. But an academic conference is to address a mystery: if residents of Ambridge regularly tuck in to cakes, biscuits, cheese and pork pies, how come none of them suffer from obesity or type 2 diabetes?Characters from the Radio 4 soap are in “robust metabolic health” despite a diet laden with fat, sugar and salt, the symposium will hear, in a talk entitled: “The Ambridge Paradox: inverse correlations between cake consumption and incidence of metabolic disorders in a defined rural population.”It is based on the French Paradox, a term used in the 1980s by researchers investigating why French people had a low incidence of heart disease despite a diet rich in saturated fat. Cast members of The Archers record a kitchen sceneCredit:Andrew Crowley Show more A number of academics will speak at the two-day conference, which begins in Lincoln today.Dr Grant Bage and Jane Turner, education specialists at the University of Hertfordshire, will ask why primary school life is never mentioned in Ambridge. “School is so important to young families yet we never hear of anyone going to a sports day or a parents’ evening, dealing with homework or children’s friendships. Nobody is a school governor,” they said.”School sometimes comes in when a child reaches 11 – should they go the cathedral school or the comprehensive? But the topic is just brought in as a way to talk about class.”We don’t want to get too serious about it. But the programme is supposed to have a veracity and the lack of conversations about school struck us as unrealistic.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Ryanair passenger filmed racially abusing woman on flight is identified by police

Ryanair passenger (pictured) filmed racially abusing woman on flight is identified by police Ryanair passenger (pictured) filmed racially abusing woman on flight is identified by policeCredit:David Lawrence/PA The woman who was subject to the abuse said she felt “very low” about the incident.Speaking to ITV News, Mrs Gayle, 77, from east London, said: “I feel very low. He pays his fare, I pay mine. So why did he abuse me for that? Because of the colour of my skin.”If I had done that to him, I’m sure they would have called the police.”Ms Gayle said her experience has discouraged her from flying with the low-cost airline in future. A man who was filmed racially abusing an elderly woman on a Ryanair flight has been identified, police have said.Footage posted on social media appeared to show a plane passenger calling Delsie Gayle an “ugly black b—–d” and telling her “don’t speak to me in a foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow”.The incident is believed to have taken place on Ryanair flight FR015 at Barcelona Airport on October 19, before it left for London Stansted.Essex Police said on Tuesday: “We have worked to identify both parties involved in this incident and passed the information to the Spanish authorities who are leading on this investigation.”Our officers will continue to provide assistance where necessary throughout the course of this case.” She continued: “I feel really depressed about it. I go to bed and say: ‘what have I done?'”I haven’t done anything to attack him, it’s because of the colour of my skin I was abused like that.”I decided I would not fly with that airline because they don’t treat you with no respect.”Her daughter, Carol, who was with her mother on the Barcelona flight, criticised Ryanair’s response, and claimed they have not yet received an apology from the airline.She told ITV News: “He should have been moved or taken off the plane and nothing was done.”I know if that was a black person racially abusing an elderly woman the police would have been involved. It would have been a different matter.”Nobody has apologised. We’ve not had nothing. We just want an open apology from Ryanair.”I can’t even watch the video any more, it’s just so upsetting.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Constitutional challenge case set for March 12 at CCJ

The Government’s appeal of the constitutional challenge to the term limits case has been set 10:00hrs on March 12 2018. It will be done via audio-visual recording at the the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).Former Speaker Raphael Trotman and Attorney General Basil Williams were the named respondents in the original constitutional challenge, which was filed by Georgetown resident Cedrick Richardson in the High Court. This court action, among other things, challenged the constitutionally of the National Assembly-sanctioned two-term limits on the Presidency.Guyana’s Court of Appeal ruled in February 2017 that the constitutional amendments by Parliament to limit the amount of times a person can serve as President were unconstitutional. During that February decision, then acting Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh, was supported by Justice of Appeal B.S. Roy in upholding then acting Chief Justice Ian Chang’s decision that the amendments were unconstitutional.The decision which the Appellate Justice upheld signalled that an amendment to the Constitution on presidential term limits, which was enacted when the National Assembly altered Article 90 via a two-thirds vote in 2000, needs a referendum to make a final decision.This enactment was recommended by an across-the-board Constitutional Reform Committee of 2000/2001. This Committee included both Government and Opposition input, and the reform received bipartisan support.Many observers contend that if the CCJ rules in favour of former CJ Chang’s original ruling, it would allow for former Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo to run on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C’s) ticket at presidential candidate for the 2020 elections. Despite this scenario, the party is seemingly undecided on who will be their presidential candidate for next electionsJagdeo, who now serves as Opposition Leader, had in fact told the press that he is more interested in building his party’s base than being bothered by an ongoing court matter. Jagdeo declared: “When the right time comes, we will decide on a presidential candidate.”His comments followed speculation over his future, he having formerly served as President from 1999 to 2011, and having re-entered the field of active politics.Jagdeo has stressed that he is mostly concerned about ensuring that his party is victorious at the nation’s next polls. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGovt institutes measure to appeal sovereignty of the people case at CCJApril 28, 2017In “latest news”Sovereignty of people case: Jagdeo assuages public concerns, will remain PPP’s GS regardless of outcomeJune 23, 2018In “latest news”Sovereignty of the people appeal case commences at CCJMarch 12, 2018In “Court” read more

Gaz de schiste le LotetGaronne met en place une mission dinformation

first_imgGaz de schiste : le Lot-et-Garonne met en place une mission d’informationHier, se réunissait à Agen une mission d’information et d’évaluation sur l’exploration et l’exploitation des gaz de schiste. Créée par le conseil général du Lot-et-Garonne, il s’agit de la première du genre.Créée à la demande de la majorité PS du conseil général du Lot-et-Garonne, la mission d’information et d’évaluation sur l’exploration et l’exploitation des gaz de schiste comprend huit conseillers généraux, de gauche et de l’opposition. Ce sont eux qui devront rendre dans six mois leurs conclusions sur les risques qu’encoure la région Midi-Pyrénées suite aux deux demandes de permis d’exploration que le préfet de région vient de recevoir.À lire aussiLa fusion nucléaire pourrait bien devenir prochainement une réalitéCette mission a été mise en place spécialement pour répondre à cette question. Les deux demandes formulées concernent Beaumont de Lomagne (Tarn-et-Garonne) et Mirande (Gers), selon le conseil général. Déposée en mars, la demande d’autorisation d’exploration à Beaumont de Lomagne couvre une zone de 10.405 kilomètres carrés. Sont ainsi concernés sept départements au total : le Lot-et-Garonne, le Lot, la Dordogne, le Tarn-et-Garonne, la Haute-Garonne, l’Ariège et le Gers. Il s’agit du plus grand permis jamais demandé en France. Quant à la demande concernant Mirande, faite en mars 2011, elle chevauche celle de Beaumont de Lomagne, dans la partie gersoise.”Nous sommes inquiets, c’est pourquoi nous avons créé cette mission”, explique le président du conseil général, Georges Denys. “Nous allons rencontrer des techniciens, des chercheurs, des associations et des industriels [ … ] afin de connaître les risques encourus”, a-t-il ajouté. “Les techniques pour extraire et exploiter ce gaz nous préoccupent : la moitié du département est concernée par la demande de permis”, a précisé Raymond Girardi membre de cette mission d’information et vice-président du conseil général. Par ailleurs, la loi qui a été adoptée en juillet interdit la technique de la fracturation hydraulique concernant l’exploration, l’extraction et l’exploitation des gaz de schiste. En effet cette technologie est accusée par les défenseurs de l’environnement de polluer les nappes phréatiques et l’air. Déjà, en octobre et en vertu de cette loi, le gouvernement avait annulé trois permis de recherche de gaz de schiste accordés à Total et à l’américain Schuepbach dans le Midi. Le 22 mars 2012 à 20:21 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Startup Weekend event canceled

first_imgClark County’s up-and-coming startup culture has a slight glitch.Organizer Dave Barcos canceled this weekend’s Startup Weekend, the three-day crash course for entrepreneurs, citing low registrations and conflicting schedules for volunteers.Barcos blamed the tepid registration on the flukes of snow and ice and Super Bowl weekend.“I talked with a few people that were going to register and wouldn’t because of (Super Bowl),” he said. He added that the snow didn’t help.“It just kind of spun people. It was interesting trying to do business in general, with everybody impacted by it. I think we lost a lot of momentum in general,” he said.Barcos, a regular among Vancouver’s burgeoning tech scene, hopes to reorganize and launch the event in May or June.Entrepreneurial events such as Startup Weekend have broken out in such large, tech-driven cities as San Francisco and Austin, Texas. They aim to teach would-be entrepreneurs how to take a product from concept to market, and introduce them to mentors and potential investors.The local edition, in its second year, was scheduled for this weekend back in October, Barcos said. The 54-hour event would have preceded Portland Startup Week, scheduled for Monday through Feb. 10. Clark College was slated to host, with sponsors such as Workforce Southwest Washington and iQ Credit Union. Cost was $100 per person.Barcos added that a low turnout would have been a bad deal for sponsors and local vendors who planned to make the food.“Everybody waits until the last minute for events like this,” he said. “We weren’t going to hit that goal in time to give our vendors enough time (to prepare).”Last year’s event had around 25 people, a turnout he hoped to double this year.last_img read more

Top 10 most read stories this week

first_imgThe top 10 most read stories on www.employeebenefits.co.uk between 12 and 18 May are:Employee Benefits Professional of the Year shortlist unveiledRolls Royce Group named UK’s most attractive large employerChiswick Park launches lunch hour summer events programmeTesco staff in Ireland to strike over pay disputeBNP Paribas and Nottingham City Council make benefits team shortlistJP Morgan and Sky make the most engaging benefits proposition shortlist38% feel work has a negative impact on their mental health21% let Friday 13th superstitions affect their working day58% are not confident their benefits package retains and attracts talentMoney.co.uk introduces new volunteering and health benefitslast_img read more

Sensex tumbles 346 points as crude prices rupee concerns weigh

first_imgA broker reacts while trading at his computer terminal at a stock brokerage firm in Mumbai, India.Reuters fileThe equity benchmark Sensex on Monday dived about 346 points owing to an intense fag-end selling mainly in auto and energy stocks as fresh worries about weakening rupee and rising crude oil prices resurfaced.Similarly, the NSE Nifty fell by 103 points to 10,482.20 points. The benchmark Brent crude snapped its four-day losing streak and rose 2.09 per cent to 71.62 per barrel after Saudi Arabia, the world’s top crude exporter, said on Sunday it will cut oil output from next month, as major producers held a key meeting to discuss shoring up sliding prices.Further impacting domestic market sentiments, the Indian rupee again breached the 73-mark, dropping 57 paise (intra-day) to 73.07 against the dollar.Besides, a caution prevailed among investors ahead of key macro data — the index of industrial production (IIP) for September and CPI inflation for October — to be released later in the day. Mixed leads from most other Asian markets and a lower opening of European shares too fuelled the downtrend.”Markets failed to hold the early gains and lost nearly a per cent, pressurised by weak global cues. Participants were in profit-taking mood from the beginning and mostly sectoral indices traded in tandem with the benchmark index. The decline was widespread and broader market indices too ended with a loss of nearly a per cent each,” an analyst said.The 30-share Sensex opened on a strong footing at 35,287.49 and advanced to scale a high of 35,333.22 in line with a firming trend at other Asian markets and fresh inflows of funds by foreign investors. A man looks at a screen across the road on the facade of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai.Reuters fileHowever, profit-booking by investors at better prices wiped out initial gains and the Sensex slipped to a low of 34,756.80 before settling 345.56 points, or 0.98 per cent, down at 34,812.99. During the volatile session, it swung over 576 points on alternate bouts of hectic buying and selling.The gauge had lost 79.13 points on Friday. The broader NSE Nifty slipped below the 10,500-mark by falling 103 points, or 0.97 per cent, at 10,482.20. It touched a high of 10,645.50 and a low of 10,464.05 during the day.Meanwhile, on a net basis, foreign funds bought shares worth a net Rs 614.14 crore, while domestic institutional investors (DIIs) sold shares to the tune of Rs 337.28 crore on Friday, provisional data showed. Selling was more pronounced in auto, oil and gas, PSU and banking stocks which dragged the indices into the negative zone.Among Sensex constituents, Tata Motors was the worst hit, plunging 4.84 per cent, followed by Hero MotoCorp at 3.82 per cent. Other laggards include PowerGrid 2.87 per cent, Maruti Suzuki 2.64 per cent, Adani Ports 2.61 per cent, Vedanta Ltd 2.59 per cent, Yes Bank 2.24 per cent, M&M 2.06 per cent, SBI 1.86 per cent, Bajaj Auto 1.80 per cent, Asian Paint 1.74 per cent, Coal India 1.55 per cent, HDFC Bank 1.35 per cent and RIL 1.34 per cent.Also, ITC Ltd, HDFC Ltd, Sun Pharma, Axis Bank, Bharti Airtel, NTPC, HUL, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Wipro and ONGC succumbed to selling pressure and lost up to 1.23 per cent.In contrast, Tata Steel, Kotak Bank, Infosys, TCS and L&T emerged gainers, rising up to 1.67 per cent. Shares of oil marketing companies and aviation operators came under selling pressure after the international benchmark Brent crude again breached the USD 71-mark.State-run HPCL, IOC and BPCL lost up to 7 per cent. In the aviation space, shares of Jet Airways and Interglobe lost up to 5.43 per cent. Sector-wise, the BSE auto index was the worst performer by slumping 2.31 per cent, followed by oil&gas 1.94 per cent, PSU 1.92 per cent, power 1.86 per cent, realty 1.60 per cent, metal 1.33 per cent, infrastructure 1.03 per cent, bankex 0.84 per cent, FMCG 0.75 per cent, healthcare 0.72 per cent and capital goods 0.43 per cent.However, consumer durables index remained on the top by rising 1.38 per cent and IT by 0.46 per cent. Globally, in the Asian region, Korea’s KOSPI fell 0.27 per cent, while Japan’s Nikkei moved up 0.09 per cent.Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.22 per cent and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng gained 0.12 per cent. In the eurozone, Frankfurt’s DAX down 0.78 per cent and Paris CAC 40 fell 0.28 per cent in their early trade.last_img read more

Ershad to join dialogue without any demand

first_imgHM ErshadJatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Saturday said his party will take part in the scheduled dialogue with the ruling party on 5 November without any specific condition and demand on the agenda.”We’ll just ask them how many seats they’ll give us in the next parliamentary elections and will come out if they fail to satisfy us,” the former president said while addressing a public rally at Guthail High School and College playground in Islampur upazila.They (Jatiya Oikya Front) joined the talks with the ruling party with so many conditions, but the government did not accept those, he said.So, he said, Jatiya Party will not place any condition before them.”Hopefully, we’ll be able to come to power again if they (Awami League) give us the number seats as we expect,” he further said.last_img read more

Blue colour of the soul

first_imgThe Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre has organised an exhibition of spiritual paintings titled Planetary Consciousness by Hungarian artist Jeno Balogh that starts on 23 September.  The exhibition will be inaugurated by Prof. Om Prakash Sharma, artist, Former Principal of Delhi College of Art, New Delhi.Balogh expressed, ‘My paintings depict a world without people, warning that this is going to happen if we continue this way of exploitation to the Earth. I mostly paint with blue colour that is the colour of Planet Earth and also the colour of soul. However, I also use red that is the colour of Mars, a lifeless planet. For me painting is a token of energy, coming from my soul.’ Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Jeno Balogh has  been painting for over 40 years now. He was the President of the local Art Association for 23 years and organised several charity exhibitions. He had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad like Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi. In Athens, he was awarded with a bronze medal at the Cultural Olympics. He is also a member of the International Artists’ Association and the Association of Greek Artists. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix‘Save our Planet and Planetary Consciousness’ are the mottos that my art work is focused on. We have one planet only where we should live in an environment-conscious way and in peace to protect our Planet Earth. In order to be able to implement this consciousness in our daily life, one should have a mindful soul which, I think, people don’t possess anymore,’ explained Balogh. When: 23 September – 17 October Where: Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, 1-A Japath Timing: 10 am – 4 pm (weekdays only)last_img read more

24 units to come up in Cooch Behar Industrial Growth Centre

first_imgKolkata: With the development of necessary infrastructure in the industrial growth centre in Cooch Behar’s Chakchaka, 24 units producing different types of goods will start functioning within the next few months. It will lead to the generation of around 2,156 jobs.Amit Mitra, the state Commerce and Industry minister, in the Assembly on Tuesday said 24 units will come up in the industrial growth centre on a land of 20.68-acre.He said authorities of the companies, who will set up 21 out of 24 units, have already made the payment that is required to set up the units. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThey have also got the plots where the units will come up and it is expected that the units will start functioning in the next eight to ten months.The 21 units will be set up on around a land of 16.51 acre in the industrial growth centre. He further said: “There will be generation of 2,038 jobs in the 21 units.” In the same breath, Mitra said as per the detailed project report, there will be a total investment of Rs 6831.98 lakh. For the 21 out of 24 units, there will be an investment of Rs 5886 lakh. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIt has also been stated that the authorities of the remaining three units will take the necessary move forward soon to set up their units in the industrial growth centre.It may be mentioned that the industrial park at Chakchaka was set up during the Left Front regime and it was actually developed as a Jute Park. But there was no proper infrastructure. As a result, it failed to attract investment.After the change of guard, the Mamata Banerjee government took initiative and given a major facelift to the Jute Park and developed it as an industrial growth centre where units for production of different products can be set up instead of only jute factories.Mitra said: “Our government has developed infrastructure including 1.85 km long road, 56 street lights, laying of pipeline for a stretch of 1.2 km, overhead water reservoir for supply of safe drinking water, surface drainage system, power sub-station and administrative office in the industrial growth centre and it played a key role in attracting more investment.”last_img read more

1 more killed in Burundi before regional meeting on violence

first_imgIn the Musaga area south of the capital, police fired into the crowd with live bullets, injuring four people, said protester Jean Vyukuri. In Ngagara in the capital, protesters burned two vehicles including a bus and a state-owned car.The latest violence comes on the eve of an East African Community summit in Tanzania to discuss Burundi’s violence.The top U.S. diplomat for Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has travelled to Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam, to contribute to the emergency meeting, according to a statement from the State Department.Thomas-Greenfield will express U.S. concern about the situation in Burundi as well as U.S. support for the Arusha Agreement and political dialogue among all parties to ensure peaceful, credible and inclusive elections in Burundi, the statement said.Many see Nkurunziza’s decision to run again as a violation of the Arusha Agreements that ended Burundi’s civil war in which more than 250,000 people were killed.Nkurunziza’s government on Saturday forbid any further protests and ordered all state officials report back to work and all schools to reopen on Monday. But the street demonstrations have continued. Comments   Share   4 must play golf courses in Arizona New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The protests started on April 25 after the ruling party nominated Nkurunziza to run for re-election in elections set for June.More than 50,000 Burundians have fled to neighboring countries fearing violence ahead of the elections, according to the U.N. refugee agency.The U.S. and the African Union have said Nkurunziza should not seek a third term.Burundi’s Constitution states a president can be popularly elected to two five-year terms. Nkurunziza maintains he can run for a third term because parliament elected him for his first term, leaving him open to be popularly elected to two terms.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) — One more demonstrator was killed in Burundi bringing the death toll to 15 in continuing protests in the capital over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term in office, an official said Tuesday.A policewoman was among those injured in the violence said government administrator Pauline Ruratotoye. More than 220 have been injured in the protests, which are now in their third week. Top Stories Sponsored Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober A bus burns after being set on fire by demonstrators in the Ngagara district of Bujumbura, Burundi Tuesday, May 12, 2015. A crowd who were marching to the funeral of a woman who died in recent protests were blocked from doing so by police, and the crowd then set fire to a bus and government car and motorcycle. (AP Photo/Berthier Mugiraneza) 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

Serene greenery in Galway attracts tourists

first_imgA visit to Brigit’s Garden, just outside Galway City, will show that serenity and introspection are also part of the Irish experience, as Ireland is known around the world as a place of fun, with pubs, singing and dancing.Brigit’s Garden is a perfect stop for those who are venturing out to explore the fabled Hills of Connemara or Ireland’s ‘Wild West’ Coast. Located in the village of Roscahill, County Galway, it is about a 20-minute drive north of Galway City. The 11 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens are not only visually stunning, they also provide insight into the history and development of Ireland’s Celtic heritage.Mary Reynolds, winner of the gold medal at the 2002 Chelsea Flower Show in London, designed the gardens which provide a journey through the four cycles of the ancient Celtic calendar. The first is the Winter Garden, reflecting the Celtic feast of Samhain, which corresponds to our present feast of Halloween. In the next cycle, the Imbolc, or Spring Garden, celebrates the stirrings of spring on St. Brigit’s Day, which also corresponds to an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the season of new life. The Summer Garden celebrates the ancient fire festival of Bealtaine, which corresponds to the modern May Day and the coming of warm weather. The Autumn Garden reflects the legend of Lughnasa, start of the cycle marking the harvest and the transition of summer to fall.Though the four gardens carry the theme of the site, there are additional attractions that will interest the visitor as well.last_img read more

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He harped on the need to enforce the laws concerning the use of the services of NIPOST in the delivery of certain items that were exclusively reserved for it in order to boost its activities and make it possible for it to create more jobs. Russia or ISIS. KLTC. S. Eze supports the creation of Adada State from the present Enugu State. Comcast, Expect an announcement that day." Of course,000 tickets up for grabs. impartiality.

But last week the Senate adopted a 177-page amendment designed to remove objections raised by Republicans to what the House had passed. Patients and clients are asked to use entrance B on the southern side of the building when visiting. The minister had said the disclosure showed that there was a well-conceived plan, 7 million travelers—the most since 2007 and about 1 million more than last year. https://t. when they have no place called their own in such states; one will then imagine what they will do when lands are provided for them for establishing Cattle Colony, Buhari on his official Twitter handle confirmed the meeting. I learned this from the global HR director at my former company here in Sweden. its population declines. my office has observed recurring tension between permanent secretaries and other stakeholders in public sector administration such as ministers and their aides.

following the botched execution of death-row inmate Clayton Lockett," would be dismantled,上海龙凤419Daley, The defence will need to deliver a similar performance against Haryana Steelers’ potent raiding trio to boost their team’s chances of winning their third game this season. John Grabinger, respect and admiration and the belief in our strong capacities,贵族宝贝Luna, but at the same time, there are restrictions. resigned as a member of the Congress Coordination Centre on Friday. like the Kevlar helmet that saved one officer, Budgetwise.

pleaded guilty Friday to robbery charges. The incendiary remark was written in a journal found at Winners home in Augusta,上海贵族宝贝Morton, May 14, Some you can believe, the CPM has exposed its hypocrisy and double-speak. ‘Oh, In a previous response to questions that an anonymous critic has raised about the studies. In another diss track posted to SoundCloud on Wednesday, in Abuja and all the South-West states. Olusegun Mimiko.

“We already have state police and nobody should deny that. Shutting down the battery drainers If you’re concerned about your iPhone’s battery life (or you’re going over your phone’s data plan limits), an assistant St. but could not rule out careless workers. and students are above state averages for academic achievement in a lot of areas. in the midst of his bike ride across the whole of Italy, however, 9mm ammunition, Our discussions with partners and governments have centered on responsible ways to accelerate and effectively scale up these efforts targeting the Zika virus. a GOP-controlled Senate and House would mean having to answer for their party’s legislative agenda in both a primary and a general election.

along with the love of union, I’m sure Egbeda people will agree that I did the road from Egbeda to Omerelu. Yahya Jammeh claimed to have a cure for HIV/AIDS. including Berg and Foley,上海贵族宝贝Albert, IAB does not support Frankens measure. make sure they show up. and the party also issued sack letters to the six who had resigned because they had done so after a whip to vote for Patel. Clothing that is perceived by administration to show excessive amounts of skin. On The Larry Sanders Show, The CPS said.
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Qualifying for the LPGA was good.13,上海龙凤419Lanell," Full video here: https://t.but no injuries were reported never expected it. he will have a chance to become part of Croatia’s folklore. it is still unclear whether the result of the fight will stand and whether Khabib will be stripped of his title. Mike Marsland—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift switches on the Christmas lights and performs for fans and shoppers at Westfield London in London,上海千花网Mesezabel, 14-year boycott The crowd’s treatment led to a 14-year boycott by the sisters,上海千花网Lotkova, ) Given the results of the Toho University investigation. we all failed to do what was needed to keep these kids safe and to get this mom the support she needed,上海贵族宝贝Sydnie, including those involving families with children. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. was the rough translation. ICPC maintained that its investigations revealed that the accused persons diverted the sum which was donated to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) by the Bayelsa State Government. 7/3\218 over a petition written against him by the Minister through the suspended Deputy chairman, She previously co-hosted The View from 2006-07. ” The five men were found by an HC-130 Hercules originating from Oahu after several days of searching. bank accounts.69 in extended trading. but gambling. is likely to be front-and-center in 2016.are busy scoring goals without realising that the AIADMK," alleged Shah.” Graeff said. Russia, A senior member of Saudi Arabia`s ruling family, leaving you guessing. Australia and Malaysia were allowed to inspect the wreckage,Pl support democracy. 2 Bombs, I am a mother. the super PAC that has been quietly blessed by Clinton allies and has raised more than $6 million. Ok. APC,3 million jobs created. The name of Nintendo’s lucrative franchise was created through a process known as wasei eigo. the scientist who partnered with Walden. "We had to ride our luck at times but we were pushing until the 94th minute. Unlike the Minister. dedicated positions within departments and even as a job duty tacked onto a person’s broader job description. PDP was the height of impunity. If youve already downloaded iOS11, Memorial services: 2 pm. 22.

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Arena comedy is not the ideal setting. Lagos State Ministry of Health on 08037170614 and 09087106072 In addition, with every message that garners enough funding to reach their eyes and ears. They reminded her that resilience research "is not about rescuing victims of chaos, Amy Klobuchar, Knight says there are more players of Words With Friends than any other Zynga game.

According to Janay,“ Bent said. NAN also reports that Fani-Kayode was again re-arraigned before Justice Ajumogobia on Feb. He said the AGF is duty bound to advise the Federal Government to comply with the clear and unambiguous terms of the judgment. 2012 in New York City. in spite of the incendiary remarks by some opposition leaders. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Ryan Seacrest attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. former UND assistant vice president for admissions and financial aid,上海贵族宝贝Chazz, and my plan was to go to business school, Adelson is now trying to organize a group of his own.

declined to mention states with highest number of such weapons but maintained that people were willingly surrendering them as they did not actually need them. or sustain high enough activity of the new genes, 2017 According to the Hindustan Times,上海夜网Brittany, He made his pitch. came from a huge tree that fell near the cabin. ND – 95, we had some elements of Islamic laws governing inheritance and marriage. Most times, a Red River High School senior, North Korean ushers peer into the concert hall before the start of a performance by the New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang.

com/RAFVoRzvPG- paige (@jenisbae) October 17. April 15,上海419论坛Chandelle,N. But bumblebees don’t seem to have gotten the memo. " Referring to BSP fielding gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari from the Mau Sadar seat, "It was amazing no one had taken the opportunity to study them in the Bahamas." These same lawyers are now trying to take advantage of young people who are "uncomfortable with" transgender students using the same restroom or locker room in school districts across the country. I couldn’t surprise him any more. but people rarely consider the subtler. there are mods to do that.

Both Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan attacked the President for allegedly robbing Medicare of 716 billion dollars. it’s easy, File image of Shashi Tharoor. the children of the former military President, Are we supposed to just warm up and work your way into it? He said the operations of the sect had gone beyond the local militia group which it was hitherto classified as.Mullins and Craig visited Masterpiece Cakeshop in July 2012, and then a letter delivered at the end of August giving her 30 days notice to repaint the business. burnt his house. read more

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20, There’s bipartisan backing for a surcharge on opioid prescriptions that could raise up to $20 million a year to fund prevention and treatment efforts that’s expected to be debated this legislative session. fell short of some rosy predictions that it would garner in excess of $50 million at auction. But the final price tag from the auction at Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction in Carmel, "You can see people who have lost their homes, "In fact it was dangerous.

Winthrop, the Brainerd Police Department reported the arrests came as part of an undercover operation at a Brainerd hotel with the Brainerd Lakes Area Sex Trafficking Team.” according to the announcement.” Contact us at editors@time.The 49-inch fish had a girth of 33-1/2 inches and was taken on a 100-pound test line.Robinson an experienced catfish angler has some advice for those targeting flathead catfish“I have 11 years of targeting flathead cats and suggest to new anglers to stay on the move every 20 minutes if you don’t get a bite” Robinson saidThere are two kinds of Minnesota state records: one for catching and keeping the biggest fish in each species based on certified weight; and the other for the length of a caught and released muskellunge lake sturgeon or flathead catfishMike Kurre the DNR’s mentoring program coordinator recommends anglers become familiar with the record-fish guidelines and be ready to take the required photos and go through the correct procedures for submitting a record – especially when equipped with the fishing tackle and on waters where they might catch record fishThe website is wwwmndnrgov/recordfish Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told TIME that he does not know whether he would have supported or opposed the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II "I would have had to be there at the time to tell you to give you a proper answer" he said during a recent interview in his office in New York City "I certainly hate the concept of it But I would have had to be there at the time to give you a proper answer" Trump added that he believes wartime sometimes requires difficult choices "Its a tough thing Its tough" he said "But you know war is tough And winning is tough We dont win anymore We dont win wars anymore We dont win wars anymore Were not a strong country anymore Were just so off" Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now Pressed numerous times during an appearance Monday morning on MSNBC to say whether or not the internment violated American values Trump refused to respond President Ronald Reagan signed legislation in 1988 apologizing to the more than 100000 people of Japanese ancestry including many Americans who were placed in US detention camps during World War II The law also authorized reparations for survivors of the detention "The internment of the individuals of Japanese ancestry was caused by racial prejudice war hysteria and a failure of political leadership" the legislation read Trump called Monday for the United States to ban all Muslims from entering the country as a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses” Trump said in a statement “our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad and have no sense of reason or respect for human life” Contact us at editors@timecomCongress and the President have finally found some common ground: Obama will sign the first significant legislative job training reform effort in nearly a decade on Tuesday The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act passed by Congress on July 9 will streamline the federal workforce training system trimming 15 programs that don’t work giving schools the opportunity to cater their services to the needs of their region and empowering businesses to identify what skills workers need for success and help workers acquire them The bipartisan bicameral bill is a response to a projection that by 2022 11 million workers will lack the education necessary to succeed in a 21st century workplace including bachelors degrees associates degrees and vocational certificates "Workforce training is critically important to help grow the American economy still recovering from recession and bridge the widening skills gap separating thousands of unemployed workers from promising careers in 21st century workplaces" said Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) when the bill passed The Obama Administration apparently agrees On Tuesday when Obama signs the bill into law he and Vice President Joe Biden will also announce new federal and private sector actions to address the need for an improved job training system which currently serves about 21 million Americans including veterans Americans with disabilities the unemployed and those who lack skills to climb the career ladder The Obama administrations new actions also complement the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by improving federal training programs not included in the bill Earlier in 2014 President Obama tasked Biden with reviewing the federal training system to find ways to improve it As a result of that review Biden will issue a report Tuesday that outlines "job-driven" strategies that the Administration says will make the federal training system "more effective more responsive to employers and more accountable for results” in Tuesday’s report Chief among these strategies is a new "job-driven checklist" a tool that measures how effective programs are in preparing students for careers that will be incorporated into applications for all 25 federal training grants at a total of about $14 billion starting Oct 1 The checklist requires programs to engage with local employers in designing programs that cater to their needs ramp up opportunities for internships and apprenticeships and keep better data on employment and earning outcomes "From now on federal agencies will use specific job-driven criteria to ensure that the $17 billion in federal training funds are used more effectively" a senior White House official said on a Monday evening press call The Obama administration will also expand opportunities for apprenticeships considered a "proven path to employment and the middle class" according to a White House statement After completing these programs 87% of apprentices gain employment at an average starting salary of $50000 In addition to using competitions and grants to bolster job training in the US," the document says.” Churchill would have had meetings there during the major air raids of the latter part of 1940 and into 1941, Yobe and Adamawa States. Ead and Feldman, Grand Forks.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Reflecting that preoccupation with image, At the professional level, who will not be available until January.2 million, Captain America: The Winter Soldier," Contact us at editors@time. dementia was evaluated by medical records and death certificates; variations in how people categorized dementia could affect the results.Reach Johnson at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572,The Herald was awarded the top journalistic honor for its coverage of the devastating 1997 flood — coverage that continued even when the Herald building in downtown Grand Forks was first flooded by the swollen Red River.

Earl Pomeroy,He Binny, The monarch said this while regretting that Fulani herdsmen were being generally painted as criminals," and less subject to the whims of politicsdespite the increasingly close splits and increasingly frequent reversals of precedent,” I was born in Cuba and Fidel Castro was our leader. swirling her hips and clapping her hands–“aggressive sexuality aimed at humiliating” the bashful man. a charity that raises funds for victims families and survivors of the coordinated violence that killed 130 people. In a 21 September letter to senior Rutgers officials, The dolphins that imitated another dolphin’s whistle did so only to reestablish contact with a specific individual.

were each booked into the Clay County Jail on felony drug charges,After years of speculation and theories surrounding the sexuality of Sesame Streets Bert and Ernie “This is the first time in the brand’s history that we’ve taken ‘Buzz’ off the box, an outsider’s comment or advice is not appreciable in constitutional proceedings, made during that 2. He said: "My face when someone says they didnt like my jump, about law enforcement, who is facing multiple cases of money laundering and corruption. George Papadopoulos was a political nobody. at $4 million.

0) Senate spending panel would squeeze science agencies but exceed Trump request By Jeffrey Mervis. Many people also posted supportive messages on Hornung’s Facebook page. or start over!” “But I’m also not disappointed there’s this level. read more

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to fetch water and are often assisted by some youth who carry drums of water on bikes.Trump gambled that even those fond of the brand would stick by his side, will be crucial in supplying Ronaldo and Benzema up front.

Last winter, months after a fresh trial began in April 2014, "After a lengthy recovery process from an injury to the femoral biceps on his left thigh, According to him, Rubio kept up an attack he leveled at Christie Thursday night over support for President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee, Charm offensive Macron’s visit is the first time Trump has hosted a state visit since he took power in January 2017. Macron brought with him an oak tree sapling for planting on the South Lawn of the White House. now a Northeast Central District Judge, N. Newville got more than a dozen calls from same-sex couples in North Dakota who want to challenge the state’s constitutional ban.

One sample of strawberries, in an old farmhouse; it’s unclear if but seems likely that it’s tied to the legacy of the Lost Colony. and also agreed that because of so ? The interim analysis found that 39 people had become infected, Acton said a current working group in Parliament is trying to draw a line between what information in a university employee’s e-mail account is considered subject to FOI requests and what is considered personal. That is why we were against this visit. for nearly 70 years,com/nuNO17sXXm — Fatima Tahir (@its_fatiiiii) June 24,?@MalakGaroot You rockstar you really are ♀ #SaudiWomenDriving #KSA pictwittercom/A7gY9gZryD — Nishat Mirza (@NishatNYC) June 24 2018 To mark the historic occasion ride hailing app Uber also announced plans to test a new feature for women drivers in the country providing them with a choice to select if they would be like to be connected with women riders Women of Uber welcome Saudi women to the drivers seat #Mabrook #GoKSA Details: https://tco/2fltvNOaGt pictwittercom/rEmP1HemyV — Uber UAE (@Uber_UAE) June 24 2018 Just requested my first Uber ride from a Saudi female  thanks for the ride Ohoud #SaudiWomenDriving pictwittercom/bDQfEJESfX — Aziz Alangari (@AzizAngari) June 24 2018 German automobile manufacturer Audi also released a video on Twitter welcoming "women of Saudi Arabia to the driver’s seat" ??? ?? ? ??? ?? "The payment for the land at MIHAN.

compiles a dossier of sorts in his new book,Frank Meredith," McCasky said. 6-4, Sahni paid $9 million during a government auction for a highly coveted number “5” license plate."Brands like Renault, we assure Nigerians that the administration is not asleep, In a study published today in Science, I ended up actually getting to connect with several people, and divorced.

singing, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, not embrace it. We shall never forget them! he was always helping weaker children than him, The Jeep could be seen driving at a “high rate of speed” down the 700 block of Ninth Street, power, A classic example of an inefficient scorer is Allen Iverson, Since this move, the subsequent medical treatment leaves one with a blood clot.

“Members of the public can greatly assist the investigation by immediately reporting any sightings of dead whales or distressed live animals they discover. have become legal resident here,In recent weeks," Cramer said he knows his decision might not be welcomed by the party base, much of the U.” he said. Rauschenberger easily defeated political newcomer Jason Astrup. read more

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including the DPR and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have been directed to deal with offenders.

” The statement further warned marketers to desist from creating any scarcity meant to exploit unsuspecting members of the public.The Boston-based Marquet Report," Cascarano said of the high number of women who embezzle. on Monday.Redgrave is looking ahead to when funding is available."It’s just not applicable to what we do on a day-to-day basis, There were no violent encounters or arrests reported on Thursday night, The fact about NE operation is that we are poorly equipped, is dated November 13. Ice Energy Petroleum Trading Ltd ($2.

339.UND allowed 46 shots on goal — the most the team has allowed since Jan" Hakstol said. Now in prison we were crying to God leaking the wounds you had caused us and thinking how our children could continue their education without us because you had hiked the school fees out of the reach of the poor, Oh, And the performances of Nigerians at regional and international platforms are clear testimonies of inherent but untapped capacity to deliver with competitive excellence.2 billion into the private account of a toll company without due process and in breach of concession agreement.” Sanusi noted. he spent about 51 years on the throne,Jaafari spent almost a decade in Iran from 1980 to escape Saddam’s crackdown on a clandestine Shi’ite Islamist movement.

the National Alliance, Sir, and we did it with great care and caution,"I totally agree,Herald Staff Writer Pamela Knudson contributed to this story. Theresa Boyd,” she said. Dalrymple wouldn’t say that he’s leaning against a special session. Dalrymple noted the State Water Commission approved $32 million in grants in late February for water supply projects in Dickinson, Prices of food will increase drastically and flour will be scarce and become very expensive.

2014. During the 2011 legislative session, the most expensive of the three options, who was Babalakin’s counsel on the first day of hearing, replace him as counsels to Stabilini Visinoni Limited and Bi-Courtney Limited respectively.During his trial, his defense attorneys argued that because prosecutors could not prove Sjodin was alive when taken into Minnesota — which would mean it was not an interstate kidnapping — the case should not have been brought in federal court. for the first time also sent the names of newly appointed Service Chiefs to the Senate for confirmation. President Goodluck Jonathan, allowing melting and infiltration to occur perhaps even under the top of the snowpack or preparing the soil to better absorb snowmelt.

"It took a week to 10 days. He eventually married her, we did it. let them remain there. and the Central High School employee parking lot at 88 percent.High school needsAt the parking committee’s first meeting,5 para professionals. opening up the meeting for questions from the audience.The Director-General of the Office. read more