EU Gives €15 Million for MoroccoEU Twinning on Prison Reform

Rabat – Morocco and the European Union will conduct an institutional twinning to improve the Moroccan penitentiary system.   The General Delegation of the Penitentiary Administration (DGAPR) launched a ceremony for the institutional twinning on Thursday, October 18, in Rabat, according to state-owned media outlet Maghreb Arab Press. The DGAPR initiative, supported by the EU, aims to improve Moroccan prisons by working in close collaboration with France, Belgium, and Italy on common issues such as overpopulation, rehabilitation, youth delinquency, and women prisoners. The EU is currently financing the project with a €1.5 million contribution. It will also send, for a period of 30 months, 50 experts to Morocco in partnership with the French Ministry of Justice, the Belgian Public Federal Service, and the Italian Ministry of Justice. The experts will come from various institutions, such as penitentiary administrations, regional directorates, and penitentiary training institutions, to train Moroccan prison staff. The general delegate to the penitentiary administration, Salah Tamek, declared the institutional twinning will help DGAPR reinforce its institutional capacity and competencies through a structured and participative quality program. The chief ambassador of the EU delegation, Claudia Wiedey, indicated that the EU is satisfied with the strategic Moroccan cooperation as both parties face complex issues related to penitentiary management and will be able to work towards its modernization. Moroccan prisons have, indeed, suffered many issues, especially the overpopulation of jails. According to Tamek in a speech he gave last year at the Justice, Legislation, and Human Rights Commission in the House of Councilors, Moroccan prisons no longer have the capacity to sustain the growing number of inmates. Last year, Morocco had more than 80,000 prisoners. The penitentiary administration closed 8 prisons in 2015 and 2016 because they did not meet the requirements. The administration built 11 new prisons, which helped ease the overcrowding by 38 percent, and increased the space per prisoner by 0.25 square meters. The prisons remain, however, understaffed. According to Tamek, hygiene and security are also slowly improving. Last year, the administration prohibited friends and relatives from bringing food baskets in all Moroccan prisons to fight the spread of drugs. Each prisoner gets six check-ups per year. Prisons have one doctor for every 820 inmates, 1 dentist for every 1,381, and one nurse for every 162.Despite the administration’s efforts, the state of Moroccan prisons is still alarming, and Moroccans hope the institutional twinning will alleviate the situation. read more

Ryanair warns Boeing grounding is hurting business

LONDON — Budget airline Ryanair says its profit fell 29% last year and warns that the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max planes will limit its ability to cut costs.Europe’s largest carrier by passengers said earnings for the year ending March 31 fell to 1.02 billion euros ($1.14 billion) from 1.45 billion euros the previous year. Strong 7% traffic growth was offset by a 6% decline in fares.Boeing grounded its 737 MAX planes after two crashes raised concerns about flight-control software. It said last week it has finished updating the software, though it remains unclear when the grounding will end.Ryanair had wanted to use the fuel-efficient planes to cut costs. But it delayed delivery of its first five Max planes until the winter so those savings won’t happen until 2021.The Associated Press read more

Brock offers advice to students and scholars awaiting visas Aug 1

As a government labour dispute with foreign service officers continues to slow the issuing of visas for foreign students coming to Canada, Brock’s office of International Services and Programs Abroad and Goodman School of Business have issued the following information for international students and visiting scholars.If you already have a Study Permit, you are OK. And if you are in Canada now and have a valid study permit, you may renew it here in Canada.If you are coming to study at Brock for less than 6 months, you do not need a study permit. However, citizens from certain countries still need a temporary resident visa (entry visa) to enter Canada. If you are unsure if you need such a visa, please check: you have applied for a visa and have not yet received it, please read the messages below.If you have any questions, please contact the one of the emails listed. We wish to help in any way possible.ESL Students The Fall 2013 IELP term begins Tuesday, Sept. 3.If you do not have your visa by then, you may start at any time until Oct. 21.If you cannot be here by Oct. 21, you may start in January 2014.If you have any questions, please contact ESL Services at eslbrock@brocku.caUndergraduate Students Classes begin Wednesday, Sept. 4. If you cannot arrive by that date, we will allow you to begin your undergraduate studies as late as Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.If you are unable to arrive by Sept. 16 you may defer the start of studies until January 2014. You must notify us if this is your intention. If you need an official deferral letter to take to the Canadian Visa Office, please contact admissions@brocku.caIf you are an exchange or study abroad student and will study at Brock for only one term, you do not need a study permit.If you have questions, please contact the Brock Admissions office at admissions@brocku.caGraduate Students (except Goodman School of Business) Classes begin Wednesday, Sept. 4.If you are unable to arrive by Sept. 4, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at gradstudies@brocku.caGraduate Students – Goodman School of Business IMAcc and MBA ISP classes begin Aug. 1. Late arrivals are not permitted. To request a deferral to August 2014, please contact the Goodman Graduate Programs Office through https://portal.bus.brocku.caMAcc, MBA and MSc classes begin on Sept. 4. If you cannot arrive by that date, we will allow you to begin your business graduate studies as late as Sept. 16, 2013. If you are unable to arrive by Sept. 16 you may defer your studies to a future term. Submit a request for deferral to the Goodman Graduate Programs Office through read more

Outgoing UN Assembly President says momentum needed to sustain reform progress

“The 60th General Assembly session’s score-card is a good one,” Mr. Eliasson told delegates this morning. Highlighting areas where progress was achieved, he cited the establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission and the Human Rights Council, as well as last week’s agreement on a UN counter-terrorism strategy.He added that there was now a once-in-a-generation opportunity to “make poverty history,” with greater awareness of the global problem, better aid than ever before, and many governments committed to improving the lives of their peoples.Mr. Eliasson noted, however, that many reforms were not achieved during the 60th session, including strengthening the Economic and Social Council and reforming the Security Council.“More than ever before, we also need to focus on the underlying lack of dialogue among civilizations, cultures and nations,” he said. “There are no fewer tensions in the world of September 2006 than there were in 2005.”Member States must also live up to the “responsibility to protect,” he added. The same horrors that befell Cambodia, Rwanda and Srebrenica while the world stood by should not be allowed to happen in Darfur or elsewhere, he said.He also called for more action to ensure the different parts of the United Nations work together, as well as to build on the potential of regional organizations, the private sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to reach shared goals.“The UN can never be the panacea,” he later told reporters at a press briefing. “The problems are so huge now that the UN can’t deal with them alone.” Noting that the end of his tenure also fell on the fifth anniversary of September 11th terror attacks, Mr. Eliasson paid homage to the victims of that day, “as well as the thousands of others who have been victims of terrorism all over the world both before and since.”He thanked Secretary-General Kofi Annan – whose second and final five-year term ends this year – for his “unfailing commitment to the principles and ideals of the United Nations, for his initiation and support of the reform process – and for his friendship over many years.”And Mr. Eliasson extended the “warmest of welcomes” to his successor, Haya Rashid Al Khalifa, who tomorrow becomes the first female General Assembly President since 1969. read more

Texas Teams Will Rule The AL West

Seattle Marinerschristina_kahrl: The team in the division I really don’t know what to think of is the Mariners. New GM Jerry Dipoto has made the right kinds of gestures to indicate he wants to contend now without spending too much, but is this the year that guys like Taijuan Walker and James Paxton finally break through as rotation regulars? And is everybody sold on Ketel Marte as an everyday shortstop, or is he just the latest young Mariners shortstop who will be touted briefly before bouncing to the Rays (or wherever)?rob: The Mariners seem to me like a mirage. Nelson Cruz had a fantastic year in 2015, slugging .566 at age 34. That cannot continue for long. Robinson Cano saw his WAR fall by about 50 percent from 2014, and I am more sold that his decline is real than PECOTA is (second basemen tend to age quickly). And Marte BABIP‘d .341 on his way to a good year that I don’t think he can repeat (until he goes to the Rays and becomes an All-Star, anyway).neil: Also, haven’t we seen this movie before, with Seattle overhauling the roster and going all-in on pitching and defense?christina_kahrl: Yes, but that’s because Jack Z. was the Bond villain of GMs: He had a new master plan for world domination every year, and he never had a two-year plan, so in his run he had time to try everything at least once. Someone should have just given him a white Persian cat and snapped the picture.rob: As far as the pitching, Paxton and Walker could become great and change the whole trajectory of the Mariners’ season. But I think there’s a roughly equal chance they will become hurt, and Seattle doesn’t have a lot of rotation depth to replace them.As for the Zduriencik comparison, Dipoto actually seems like he’s all about the long-term plan. Why else would you waste a solid chunk of Mike Trout’s prime like what happened during his tenure with the Angels? Ben Lindbergh joins the Hot Takedown podcast to preview the 2016 MLB season. In honor of the 2016 Major League Baseball season, which starts Sunday, FiveThirtyEight is assembling some of our favorite baseball writers to chat about the year to come. Today, we put the American League West under the microscope with ESPN MLB writer/editor Christina Kahrl and our own baseball columnist, Rob Arthur. The transcript below has been edited.Texas RangersHouston AstrosSeattle MarinersLos Angeles AngelsOakland Athletics neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): Who’s ready to talk about the AL West? Am I wrong, or does this look like it might be the most wide-open division in baseball (on paper, at least)?rob: I’m not sure I agree that it’s totally wide open. I see the Astros as a really strong team that is more likely to exceed their projections than fall apart this year. After the Astros, though, I could see an argument that any of the other teams could find themselves in second place.christina_kahrl: With the exception of the Oakland A’s in this very division, I think you can make a reasonable argument that each of the other 14 teams in the AL have a shot at 85 wins (which would equal contention). So I don’t think I’d go there, as far as “most wide open.”neil: But what about the defending division-champ Rangers! The Trout-led Angels! The better-than-their-record A’s! The … you know, the Mariners! Los Angeles Angels of Anaheimneil: About those Angels …christina_kahrl: Doesn’t this have to be a year where, having gotten his way, Mike Scioscia has to get the Angels into the postseason?neil: I mean, with this team, we also have to talk about the collective star power and its failure to really make much of an impact these past few years. Does this serve as an invalidation of the stars-and-scrubs model they’ve built with? Or do we think they have a real breakthrough this season?(And how much more does Trout have to do to make that happen???)rob: I don’t think it invalidates stars-and-scrubs generally, only this extreme version of it. They’ve had literally the best star player in the game and some of the worst scrubs all around him. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’s changing all that much this year. Andrelton Simmons will help, but their farm system is still in shambles and they weren’t active on the free agent market.christina_kahrl: Maybe the Angels are an elaborate piece of performance art, a commentary on the emptiness of celebrity.rob: Or a counter-argument to the Great Man theory of history.No matter what Trout does, he cannot rescue the team on his lonesome. The Angels are projected by PECOTA for 27.1 combined WARP; Trout alone is responsible for about a quarter of that. Even if he attained prime-era Barry Bonds status, or took to the mound Babe Ruth-style, he can only add a few more wins to the team’s tally, which won’t be enough to make them true contenders.christina_kahrl: I’m reminded of why the “great” Angels teams of the ’70s — which had plenty of famous players — didn’t win while the Oakland A’s did: An absence of on-base percentage. Yunel Escobar and Daniel Nava might help them a lot in that department (especially if the Angels get the good Nava and not the nega-Nava who exasperated Red Sox fans every other season), but I’m still wondering whether this is another Trout-and-Pujols kamikaze run ending in 82 wins and a participation medal.rob: That scenario is precisely what I expect to happen. Merely having Trout on the roster is enough to make them mediocre; not having other good players is enough to stop them from being anything more than mediocre.christina_kahrl: I’m imagining Trout’s plaque in Cooperstown now:“Kept the Angels above .500. ‘Hey, you try it.’ — M.T.”neil: Poor Trout. neil: Is that a “Barton Fink” reference, @christina_kahrl?christina_kahrl: Of course. ;)neil: If this division was a Coen brothers film, which one would it be?christina_kahrl: Well, I’ve tipped my hand already. But when I think of the Rangers beating the Astros, last year and now picking them to do it again this year, I pretty much automatically think of John Goodman shouting, “I’ll show you the life of the mind!” And I know that’s totally unfair to how smart the Rangers are, or how talented the Astros are. Oakland Athleticschristina_kahrl: I guess that brings us to the A’s. I guess they have some fourth-place potential if the Mariners implode. But are they left with “best last-place team in baseball” ambitions? Or will they not even be better than whoever finishes last in the AL East?neil: And, relatedly, why do they continually win less than their component stats say they should? They’re like the anti-Royals.rob: It’s the new market inefficiency.neil: Haha.christina_kahrl: On a practical, non-snarky level, I just want to see guys like Jesse Hahn and Chris Bassitt turn the corner. And find out whether Marcus Semien can stick at shortstop — because the one thing that organization has a lot of is good shortstop prospects, between Franklin Barreto, Chad Pinder, Yairo Munoz and Richie Martin.The guy to really get excited about is Sean Manaea, though. I saw his start last Sunday in Arizona, and he’s going to be fun to watch; lefties who throw that hard aren’t everyday items.rob: Yeah, they definitely have some interesting players. In seriousness, I think they’ve played below their components because of a bad bullpen that doesn’t look to get any better.On the plus side, Sonny Gray is a lot of fun to watch.christina_kahrl: Also yes, I mean, as much as I don’t think they’ll contend, they’re an interesting club with an expanding talent base. Matt Chapman isn’t too far off at third base, either. In the long term, they have to sort out their keepers in the infield and the rotation. This year will help give them clarity.neil: So are the A’s clearly in their own tier at the bottom of this division, then? Or is it fairer to lump them in amongst the Mariners and Angels — with all three solidly below the Rangers and Astros?rob: I see enough downside risk with the Mariners and a lack of non-Trout talent on the Angels to put them down with the Athletics. None of them are truly bad: They all have promising players somewhere, but each is crippled enough that I don’t think they can be a true-talent 88-90-win team, the way the Rangers or Astros could be.christina_kahrl: Quite right. I’d also lean more towards the two-and-three grouping. The A’s might rate below the Mariners and Angels now, but if Gray gets some help in the rotation, they might be better than both. But young pitching and heartbreak go together like Wallace Beery and wrestling pictures; we all know that roadmap. Houston Astrosneil: It does seem like what’s driving the difference between Houston and Texas in the stat projections — which favor Houston probably more than the conventional wisdom would — is the difference in the lineups, not the pitching staffs.rob: Definitely. Both lineups are chock full of interesting young players like George Springer, Carlos Correa, Gallo and Rougned Odor. Younger players are notoriously harder to predict, so I could see the division turning on a couple of huge years from either pair of hitters. All of them certainly have the talent.christina_kahrl: Aye. Although the Rangers’ bullpen does have a few more question marks as well.rob: I also think the Astros will be able to leverage their excellent bullpen to outperform their runs pythagorean record and get an extra couple of wins, which could be all they need to steal the division from the Rangers.christina_kahrl: An entirely reasonable expectation, even though I’m sticking with the Rangers. The other factor is that both GMs are willing to deal to win, and both have full farms to deal from. Who makes that big move in July? Probably both of them.rob: Yep, and I see that as another point of difference between the Astros/Rangers and the other teams in the AL West. Two of those teams have new GMs (Angels, Mariners) who probably wouldn’t go all-out to lock up a playoff appearance (better to build strength for a sustained competitive window). And the other team is run by Billy Beane, who’s been burned by in-season purchases in the recent past.christina_kahrl: One point of contrast with my earlier note about the Rangers’ hidden upside: The Astros’ rotation is a nice unit, but it has less potential for improvement on last year’s full-season numbers — by which I mean, Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh probably can’t get better. So they need that ‘pen to be amazing again … and it probably will be. The thing that’s fun for them is what a full year of “Los Dos Carlos” — Correa and Gomez — might mean, and whether Tyler White or Jon Singleton (or the both of them) step up and rake. That’s definitely fun to think about.neil: Any fear about the Astros running afoul of the Plexiglas Principle? They did make quite a leap last year.rob: I’m not worried about the Plexiglas Principle with regard to the ‘Stros. They made a big jump — historically large, in fact — but their runs scored/allowed numbers suggest that they should have done even better. First-, second-, and third-order winning percentages from Baseball Prospectus had them as between a 93-win and 98-win team, which is really amazing. So while I think they will regress slightly, it will be from that lofty peak and not the more modest 86-win total they produced in the standings.christina_kahrl: I think dynamic talent turnover kind of insures the Astros against the Plexiglas Principle. Perhaps more than any other thing, I come back to thinking that we’ve yet to see what this team can do while getting full seasons from Gomez, Correa and Springer. If they do this year, and they all hit the way we think they can, that’s going to be a team that can outscore a lot of problems and play a pretty good brand of defense to boot.rob: That, too. Unlike some other teams “on the rise,” the Astros are in the midst of converting an outstanding farm system over the last few years into major-league talent. We have a legitimate reason to believe that they are going to continue getting more playing time and more performance out of a bunch of young players.christina_kahrl: Yeah, that trio plus Jose Altuve, surrounded by the Astros’ collection of power sources like Evan Gattis and Luis Valbuena? That’s what will sustain their ability to beat teams late, because in close games they have a lineup talented enough, one through nine, to put any mistake in the seats. Embed Code rob: That’s a tough one. I’ll go with “No Country for Old Men”, with Anton Chigurh representing the (in the long-term unstoppable) Astros, Llewelyn Moss as the Rangers, and the trail of violence between them as what happens to the other teams in the division when they have to face the Astros and Rangers.Also, clearly, this is No Division for Old Men. The teams on the rise have young talent by the boatload; the teams falling apart do not.christina_kahrl: Now you’re just making me feel bad for Coco Crisp. More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed A FiveThirtyEight Chat Texas Rangersneil: OK, fine, you’ve convinced me — there are several tiers to this division. So who belongs at the top?christina_kahrl: I’m down with Rob’s point that the Astros have the most upside, even though I’m leaning Rangers as the favorite to win the division. But while the Astros may have upside, there’s also a stampede-of-crowds effect where all the smarties want to call the smart guys’ win.rob: Sure, I can see an argument for the Rangers as well, although last year’s division win seemed a little more luck than skill. Then you have a crowd of mediocrity: Per FanGraphs, the Angels, Mariners and Athletics are all projected for between 79 and 81 wins. Maybe that’s what you meant by wide open, Neil — any of those teams are good enough to launch a playoff run. But it would also be a surprise for each of them.neil: Right, there seems to be at least a semi-plausible case for all of those teams. (But maybe that speaks mainly to the mediocrity factor you mentioned, Rob.)christina_kahrl: The big thing for me, as far as the Rangers go, is that the rotation’s going to get a full year from Derek Holland and Cole Hamels, plus Yu Darvish come May. Their mediocre full-season run differential last year was a reflection of how inadequate that number can be when you’re talking about 162 discrete data points, and the first 80-90 didn’t really have much predictive impact on the last 70-80 because the makeup of the team — and the pitching staff in particular — was so radically different. This season should echo that, and then you add in a much deeper lineup that should armor them against the usual injuries or allow them to live with the projectable absences of guys like Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre.rob: You make some good points! I’m convinced that the Rangers belong outside the tier of mediocrity. On the other hand, to play devil’s advocate, the strongest predictor of future injury is past injury, and the Rangers have suffered with that scourge a lot in the last few years. The roster is easy to dream on, but I suspect that we will once again see them losing many players to the disabled list.But, as you alluded to, they have a deep farm system and the capacity to replace some of what they lose.christina_kahrl: Yeah, I mean, we’ve all been dreaming about the best-case scenario for Joey Gallo, but even if he’s Russell Branyan with a glove, that’s a freakin’ valuable thing. And Nomar Mazara is probably the answer to a lot of their outfield injuries, assuming he doesn’t win a starting job outright at some point this season.The thing I keep wondering about is what Elvis Andrus has left in the tank. If he can go back to being an impact hitter with his deadball-era skills and play premium defense, that would be really very nice. The guy’s only 27, but maybe he’s a great example of the argument that we need to revise our expectations about peaks in an era where pitchers seem to be winning the game of adjustments.rob: Andrus is a fascinating player who’s still incredibly variable. By Baseball Prospectus’s Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP), he had his best season last year (3.8 WARP) and his worst season the year before (1.5 WARP). But my hunch is that he’s probably a 2-3 WAR player who never takes the next step we’ve all been waiting for.neil: Time might be running out for that to happen, for sure.christina_kahrl: Yeah, perhaps he spoiled us early with .340 OBPs and double-digit tallies in Defensive Runs Saved. read more

Instagram now has 100 million users a month

first_imgTHE PHOTO-SHARING app Instgram now has more than 100 million users a month.In a blogpost looking back at its two-and-a-half years of business, the company said that it has grown from two staff renting desks at a working space on a pier in San Francisco to its current incarnation.Now, nearly two and a half years later, over 100 million people use Instagram every month. It’s easy to see this as an accomplishment for a company, but I think the truth is that it’s an accomplishment for our community. Now, more than ever, people are capturing the world in real-time using Instagram—sharing images from the farthest corners of the globe.They said that they have 100 million people sharing their photos and connecting on Instagram every month, with love stories, businesses and more all growing out of the app.The company has weathered a number of storms in the past year, including a change of terms and conditions that led some users to believe their photographs would be sold on.The company clarified that it did not intend to sell photographs after a huge outcry from users.Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in April – despite having no revenue at the time – which cemented its position as one of the world’s top apps.However, a ‘photo feud’ developed between Twitter and Instagram in December, leading to Instagram photos no longer being integrated into Twitter.Read: Dublin restaurant bans customers from Instagramming food>Read: Snap: The top 10 Instagram locations in 2012>Read: Instagram tells users: We don’t want to sell your photographs>last_img read more

Eircom fined for overcharging nuns nursing home and leaving it without phone

first_img A JUDGE HAS convicted Eircom and imposed €16,500 in fines after hearing that a convent nursing home for elderly nuns was over-charged and left without a phone service for weeks.Eircom Ltd, trading as Eir, was prosecuted after a complaint was made to industry watchdog Comreg. The case came before Judge John Brennan at Dublin District Court today.The company pleaded guilty to four counts under the Communication Regulations Act for providing a service that was not requested and three other charges under European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Universal Service and Users’ Rights) Regulations 2011 for failing to transfer the nursing home’s phone number between May and August last year.Judge Brennan noted that Comreg received a complaint from the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood nursing home in Ballinasloe, Galway. It looks after 27 nuns, aged from their seventies to their nineties, and it also has two other houses caring for seven other elderly nuns.Miriam Kilraine, compliance manager with Comreg, said the nuns’ retirement home had tried to transfer to Eircom from another service provider. The move should have been seamless and done within a few days but after the home was disconnected from their previous phone company it was left without a service for three weeks while one of their smaller houses had none for eight weeks.Eircom incorrectly told the nursing home they could not keep their original phone number. The nursing home was also told it needed a new line which was installed at a cost of €1,200.It later transpired that their original transfer request had gone through and the nursing home ended up getting double billed for their old and new lines. Eircom had also put them on an incorrect price plan. They were charged €700 to cancel the contract for their new line.By then, notification of their new number had been sent out to their circle of contacts, the court was told.Kilraine agreed with prosecution counsel Ronan Kennedy that Eircom has credited the customer for the over-charging but it took significant time and effort to have the problem rectified, involving 50 calls or emails.She also agreed the nursing home was a 24-hour care facility which was severely impacted by having no phone lines and it was a major inconvenience. The customer felt it would not have been resolved if Comreg had not got involved, she said.‘Significant impact’ Kennedy said Eircom has prior convictions under the Communication Regulations Act which resulted in fines totalling €21,000 being imposed two years ago, however, they had no prior convictions under the 2011 regulations. It also has some convictions under the Data Protection Act, the court was told.Defence counsel Joe Jeffers said Eircom recognised that that the customer should have been able to transfer seamlessly and keep its number. The guilty plea was entered on the first date the case was before the court, the judge also noted.Jeffers said technical issues were brought to light by the prosecution and they have been rectified. The wrong price plan was a result of human error, counsel said. Eircom representatives also met with someone from the nursing home and appropriate measures have been put in place.Jeffers said the company was apologetic and had co-operated with Comreg.Pleading for leniency, counsel said Eircom was offering to donate €21,000 to charity.Judge Brennan said that he was not minded to accept that payment and impose the Probation Act or strike out the case. He explained that he was refusing because the case involved a regulatory framework to protect consumers and freedom of choice for consumers.He noted the significant impact on the activities of the nursing home and the efforts required to resolve the problem. The seven offences could have resulted in fines totalling €35,000, the court heard.However, the judge took into account the early guilty plea, that there was a genuine error and the issues have been resolved. He convicted Eircom and imposed fines amounting to €16,500 which must be paid within two months.Read: Dublin Bus and Irish Rail workers to ballot for industrial action> By Tom Tuite Monday 27 Mar 2017, 7:55 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Image: Shutterstock/Uminov Vladimir 15,642 Views center_img Mar 27th 2017, 7:55 PM File photo File photo Image: Shutterstock/Uminov Vladimir Eircom fined for over-charging nuns’ nursing home and leaving it without phone service for weeks The judge convicted Eircom and imposed fines amounting to €16,500 which must be paid within two months. Share21 Tweet Email1 25 Comments last_img read more

TCI Tourism features in London

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, February 13, 2017 – Turks and Caicos continues to take seriously the potential of the European market, and though the Air Passenger Duty tax imposed by the UK on people flying over 2,000 miles is reported as increased slightly to £73 per person over the age of 16 years,  still interest in European tourists has not waned.  Courtney Robinson is the Marketing Executive for the TCI Tourist Board in London and represented the country at the recently held, Destination Holiday Travel show.   Over 70 tourist boards attend the event, billed as the UKs biggest and longest running travel show.  Recommended for you Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Related Items:#magneticmedianews The Destination Holiday travel show was on in London at the Olympia Exhibition Center from Feb 2-5, 2017.#MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT The TCI Tourist Board said by exhibiting at the prestigious event, many potential vacationers had a chance to learn more about the Turks and Caicos including world renowned Grace Bay Beach.   Also highlighted in the exhibit were the award-winning luxury accommodations and some of the more picturesque scenes from around the country.  The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provolast_img read more

Photos sought of Vietnam veterans from Clark County

first_imgThere are 58,286 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and Janna Hoehn wants a face to go along with every name.o Contact Janna Hoehn at neverforgotten2014@gmail.como Go to and her fellow volunteers have about 21,000 photographs to go — including the images of about 20 Clark County servicemen.Hoehn is part of an effort to create The Education Center at the Wall, which will expand the scope of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.“We have collected over 37,000 pictures of the 58,300 names on the wall,” Hoehn said.Hoehn has contacted several newspapers around Washington state, providing localized lists of Vietnam casualties who are not in the photo collection.“We will take anything. We have to represent each one,” Hoehn said.Many photos in their gallery are traditional military portraits taken in uniform. However, “People can send senior portraits, prom photos and wedding photos. There have been a few baby photos,” Hoehn (pronounced “Hane”) said.Her search for photographs gets complicated when official military records and local veterans’ memorials don’t match.The military designation of “home of record” doesn’t always indicate where someone came from.To further complicate matters, names listed on local monuments are not always on the Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Hoehn sent The Columbian a list of 36 Vietnam casualties identified through a Memorial Wall database as Clark County residents; she said needed photos of nine of the men.But the Clark County Veterans War Memorial lists 63 Vietnam fatalities.After examining those names, Hoehn found she needs the photographs of 19 men.Sometimes, just passing along high school information will help. After seeing one of those names, “Buddies will write me: ‘We went to school at such and such and graduated in 1965,’” she said. That might be enough to get a yearbook photo from the school.last_img read more

Khashoggi murder outcry threatens USSaudi ties

first_imgSaudi Arabia`s consulate is pictured from a skyscraper in Istanbul`s Levent district, Turkey on 10 October 2018. Reuters File PhotoThe outcry in the United States demonising Saudi Arabia over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul threatens US-Saudi strategic ties, the former Saudi intelligence minister warned on Wednesday.”We value our strategic relationship with the United States and hope to sustain it. We hope the United States reciprocates in kind,” royal family member Prince Turki bin Faisal al Saud said in an address to the National Council on US-Arab Relations, a non-profit advocacy organisation.Turki, to whom Khashoggi once served as an adviser, has also served as an ambassador to London and Washington. His speech denouncing what he called “the demonisation of Saudi Arabia” clearly carried Riyadh’s imprimatur, as he heads an Islamic research center named after his father, the late King Faisal.Turki’s address came after Istanbul’s chief prosecutor on Tuesday said that Khashoggi was suffocated in a premeditated killing and his body was then dismembered.Khashoggi, who lived in self-imposed exile in the United States, wrote columns for the Washington Post critical of the kingdom’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.Some US lawmakers have accused the crown prince of ordering Khashoggi’s death – a charge that Riyadh denies – and threatened sanctions. US commentators have strongly condemned the kingdom.Recalling that more than 70 years of US-Saudi ties survived previous crises, Turki said, “Nowadays, this relationship is once again threatened.””The tragic and unjustified” slaying of Khashoggi “is the theme of today’s onslaught and demonisation of Saudi Arabia in the same fashion as the previous crises. The intensity and gleefulness of it is equally unfair,” he said. “Subjecting our relationship to this issue is not healthy at all.”Turki reiterated that the kingdom is committed to bringing to justice those responsible for Khashoggi’s murder “and whoever else failed to uphold the law.”The Trump administration is demanding full accountability from Riyadh in Khashoggi’s death. In what it called a first step, it revoked the visas of some Saudi officials implicated in the slaying.The US-Saudi relationship “is too big to fail,” Turki said.Those ties, he noted, transcend oil production, trade, arms sales and investment to cooperation on Middle East peace efforts, stabilising oil markets, fighting extremism and containing Iran, the kingdom’s main regional foe.last_img

AirAsia Q1 results show growth

first_imgAirAsia Group increased its capacity to nearly 9 million for Q1 of 2011 Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H AirAsia Berhad has released its operating statistics for the first quarter of 2011, showing a passenger Load Factor of 81 per cent, a year-on-year increase of 7.7 per cent. The airline group also experienced a 19.3 per cent increase in its total number of passengers carried (7.23 million) as well as a rise of 12.5 per cent in Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) and 25.9 per cent in Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK). Malaysia AirAsia experienced a strong first quarter of 2011, with Load Factor up 8.6 per cent, ASK up 7.2 per cent and RPK up 23.3 per cent.Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia saw Load Factor increases of 4.6 per cent and 8.8 per cent respectively, with the latter experiencing a whopping 33.1 per cent year-on-year rise in RPK.last_img read more

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Announces New President

first_img Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic 2017-03-13 Mirasha Brown in Government, Headlines, News March 13, 2017 687 Views Sharecenter_img The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Announces New President Raphael BosticThe Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta announced today that Raphael W. Bostic will become the bank’s 15th president and CEO effective June 5. Bostic will succeed Dennis Lockhart, who retired from the Atlanta Fed on February 28. Bostic is currently the Judith and John Bedrosian Chair in Governance and the Public Enterprise at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California (USC). Per the Atlanta Fed, Bostic served as assistant secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) from 2009 to 2012, where he was a principal adviser to the secretary on policy and research, with the goal of helping the secretary and other principal staff make informed decisions on HUD policies and programs, as well as on budget and legislative proposals.Bostic looks forward to his tenure as President and plans to address pertinent issues that the Federal Reserve will face in the evolving economic landscape.”The Reserve Banks are vital contributors to our nation’s economic and financial success. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the Bank’s well-respected staff in advancing the excellent reputation this organization has built over many years,” he said. “In my role as president of the Atlanta Reserve Bank, I also look forward to confronting the challenges the Federal Reserve faces in today’s increasingly global and rapidly changing economy.”He began working at USC in 2001, where he served as a professor in the School of Policy, Planning and Development. He was also the director of USC’s master of real estate development degree program and was the founding director of the Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast.  He served the Lusk Center for Real Estate as the interim associate director from 2007 to 2009 and as the interim director from 2015 to 2016.Bostic worked at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors from 1995 to 2001, serving as an economist and then a senior economist in the monetary and financial studies section, where his work on the Community Reinvestment Act earned him a special achievement award. While working at the Federal Reserve, he served as special assistant to HUD’s assistant secretary of policy development and research in 1999, and also was a professional lecturer at American University in 1998.He currently serves as a board member of Freddie Mac, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Abode Communities. He is a fellow of the National Association of Public Administration, VP of the Association of Public Policy and Management, a member of the board of trustees of Enterprise Community Partners, and a research advisory board member of the Reinvestment Fund.Bostic earned his bachelors degree in economics and psychology at Harvard and his doctorate in economics from Stanford University.Thomas Fanning, President and CEO of Southern Company, expressed his approval of Bostic’s new position.”We are very pleased that Raphael will join the Atlanta Fed as its president and chief executive officer,” he said. “He is a seasoned and versatile leader, bringing with him a wealth of experience in public policy and academia. Raphael also has significant experience leading complex organizations and managing interdisciplinary teams. He is a perfect bridge between people and policy.”last_img read more

The Arizona Cardinals pushed their record to 20 w

first_img The Arizona Cardinals pushed their record to 2-0 with a 25-14 win over the New York Giants Sunday at MetLife Stadium.It wasn’t a flawless win, however.The Cardinals were not able to generate much of a pass rush at all against New York quarterback Eli Manning. In fact, Arizona sacked Manning only twice in the game; the second coming when Calais Campbell dumped him for an 8-yard loss on the third-to-last play of the game. LISTEN: Steve Keim – Arizona Cardinals GM Your browser does not support the audio element. 0 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories center_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo But there could be help on the way, at least according to head coach Bruce Arians.“With a four-man rush, we should be getting there more often,” Arians said Sunday. “I’ve got my fingers crossed that somebody’s coming out of retirement Monday.”Arians was referring to outside linebacker John Abraham, who left the team last week after suffering a concussion in the Cardinals’ season-opening win over the San Diego Chargers. Arizona placed him on the Reserve/Left Squad list, and the veteran has until Tuesday to make up his mind about a return.“It would be nice if John Abraham was to return,” Cardinals general manager Steve Keim told Doug and Wolf Monday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “We’re certainly giving him the space that he needed and we’ll find out, I would assume, in the next day or so if John wants to return to the team.”When asked if he envisioned Abraham playing against San Francisco next Sunday, Keim didn’t venture a guess.“I think you’d have to ask John that. Again, I’ll find out in the next 24 hours at some point,” he said. “But it sure would be nice to have him out there, coming off the edge and creating a little pressure.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

Junowinner Jeremy Dutcher pairs with Canadian orc

first_imgJuno-winner Jeremy Dutcher pairs with Canadian orchestras on tour Jeremy Dutcher poses in Toronto on April 10, 2018. Acclaimed Indigenous singer Dutcher is embarking on a fall tour paired with local orchestras from across the country. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young by The Canadian Press Posted May 14, 2019 9:05 am PDT Follow @dfriend on Twitter.The Canadian Presscenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO — Acclaimed Indigenous singer Jeremy Dutcher is embarking on a fall tour paired with local orchestras from across the country.The Polaris Prize winner, who grabbed heaps of attention at this year’s Juno Awards with his speech about reconciliation, is planning seven concerts in the symphony format.Dutcher, who is a classically trained operatic tenor, will perform his album “Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa” with arrangements by Lucas Waldin.Dates for the orchestral shows include two concerts in Kitchener, Ont. (Sept. 27 and 28), and stops in Winnipeg (Oct. 9), Halifax (Oct. 17), Regina (Oct. 19), Calgary (Nov. 8) and Saskatoon (Nov. 9).“This tour sews together two musical halves of myself,” Dutcher said in a statement.“A tour like this would not have been possible just one generation ago, and I am honoured to bring our sounds into the concert hall and give them the treatment their beauty commands.”Dutcher’s 2018 album picked up the Indigenous music album Juno in March after garnering praise for its innovative production, which paired his singing with voice recordings of his ancestors made over a hundred years ago on wax cylinders.The project was an effort to draw attention to the fading Wolastoq language, spoken in the Tobique First Nation, one of six Wolastoqiyik reserves in New Brunswick, where Dutcher spent much of his youth.Dutcher also won multiple prizes earlier this month at the East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown.last_img read more

com 9 Simple Steps

com: 9 Simple Steps to Happiness Striving for happiness establishes an expectation and confirms the saying that expectations are resentments waiting to happen. The level of need has remained relatively stable over the past decade,上海千花网Alvera.

Los Angeles just became the latest city to adopt Indigenous Peoples Day in favor of Columbus Day. " The plan also drew criticism from one conservative rival. according to court records. "Over the years weve continued a positive working relationship with Brendan, because it further erodes public faith in government. The Romanian became the 13th year-end women’s number one despite struggling at the WTA Finals in Singapore,com. PC sales showed signs of stabilizing that is," and the jurors for their deliberations.Credit: Floyd Mayweather / Instagram The video later shows him with all his cash on the table.

Their median student debt: $13, the approach minimizes the risk of shattering or otherwise damaging a rare fossil while trying to extract it from its rocky tomb. teachers, but (tragically) the airport for domestic flights is not in which carbon emissions from fossil fuel sources are captured and then buried in the ground, Arnout van de Rijt at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook said in a statement. Sanders has introduced health care legislation in the Senate nine times over the past 20 years. “By deciding not to impose leadership on the lawmakers in the 8th Assembly, “It took the Nigerian security system two years to file charges against Al-Mustapha.

and instead focus on support roles in areas like infrastructure and logistics. Plus, saying Kavanaugh was a good man but "not the right man for the court at this time.310. an external arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. MAN. “The two villages,Chennai: Tamil Nadu government on Monday cited created a large swarm of programmed robots that can form collaborations using only local information. Sources: ABC News Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us news AmericaNo fewer than 200 passengers on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight,娱乐地图Evert, and the campaign stood at $20.

and loss of access to critical resources due to competition with domestic livestock. sure, "Politicians have to be aware that they cannot take their time.perfect for keeping communications simple using the Super Bowl and its various Roman-numeral numbering schemes as part of the lesson plan. in February photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald2 / 2The event was part of House Republicans’ "Reform 20" tour across the state to get input on what to focus on when the Legislature meets again"Hopefully by the time we leave here we can have some ideas for what you think we need to do as a Legislature to try to make some changes to state government" said Rep Dan Fabian R-RoseauFabian and Rep Deb Kiel R-Crookston were joined by House Majority Leader Matt Dean R-Dellwood and about 30 local officials at RBJ’s Restaurant for the nearly two-hour sessionDemocratic Gov Mark Dayton has also toured the state to hear government reform options and held a news conference Thursday to outline his "Better Government for a Better Minnesota" agendaFunding constraintsJack Swanson chairman of the Roseau County Board said counties face the most state mandates in social services issues many of which are partially or entirely unfunded But a bigger problem is "maintenance of effort" that limits how counties can spend their moneyFor example he said Roseau County’s mental health services commitment was set at $500000 years ago and has remained the same But since that target amount was enacted Swanson said the county has actually seen its mental health needs and costs go down"If we have flexibility in spending that half a million it would be much more effective" he saidRoseau Mayor Jeff Pelowski said it’s time for legislators to look at local government aid or LGA funding and provide "meaningful reform" The program is meant to help smaller communities in the state be able to provide the same level of services as communities with larger tax basesBut Pelowski said the funding makes up 30 to 40 percent of the overall budget for some communities while only 6 to 8 percent of other recipients"It screams of reform" he said "No one really wants to touch it because it’s so archaic no one can get their arms around how it evolved to what it is today"Strict regulationsEast Grand Forks Mayor Lynn Stauss said one problem is the state’s overregulation of communities The city was recently told it had to replace playground equipment that he said has been there for years and had no problemsThe city also is facing pressure from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to revamp its sewage lagoons to meet new codes and requirements Stauss said he understands the purpose of these regulations but said the costly rules and projects are coming at a bad time for the state’s cities in the midst of a sluggish economy "They’ve got to lay off for a while let the economy pick up and let the cities pick up"Kittson County Engineer Kelly Bengtson told the lawmakers about a $12000 project to trim weeds and clean out 2 miles of a drainage ditch in the county The work resulted in a lawsuit through the Minnesota Center of Environmental Advocacy with the claim that they had damaged the environmentBengtson said by the time they reached an out of court settlement and paid legal fees office time and other costs the $12000 project cost about $12 million"I was losing sleep over it but now I just laugh about it because I have to" he saidBengtson warned that these strict regulations and tough standards have gotten worse in recent years He said it makes it difficult to keep the county’s roads up to date because of the hardship in securing permits and approval to improve the roadways and make them widerChangeAnother attendee said reforms are a good goal but the government needs to restore "certainty" and avoid the kind of shutdown that rippled through the state economy this summer over a budget dispute between the Legislature and DaytonDean said the purpose of these tours is to find "really good ideas" and meaningful changes that will make a difference"We know that we can’t keep doing what we’re doing right now because the math doesn’t work" he said "Every person knows the way we’re doing things in the Legislature five years from now will be different than now"Vikings stadiumThe possibility of a new Vikings football stadium in Minnesota also came up for discussion when Stauss asked the legislators to weigh in on a planned special session next month that was requested by DaytonFabian said he "wasn’t going to dodge any bullets" with the issue and bluntly said he is not in favor of spending tax dollars to help the team build the proposed $11 billion stadium in Arden HillsA preliminary plan would ask for a $300 million contribution from the stateFabian said the funds need to be based on user fees concessions at games luxury suites and other on-site ways of raising the moneyDean said the Vikings’ current lease at the Metrodome ends in January and there’s probably a way to extend the lease next year during the regularly scheduled legislative session rather than calling a special session on the matterHe said the state is in a "different economic world" than it was in 2006 when a plan to build a new stadium for the Twins was passed The value of the Vikings has grown to nearly $800 million today up about $200 million since 2006 while the average value of a home in the state has dropped 23 percent in that time"It’s a really hard sell" he said "I think that most people understand that in today’s economic realities they need a fair deal for the state of Minnesota"Dean said he thinks the Legislature should focus on regulatory reforms for its next session and then deal with the Vikings stadium issue after thatJohnson reports on local politics Reach him at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 105; or send email to rjohnson@gfheraldcomStudents at Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School provided organizers of the WDAZ Honor Flight with a $1500 check The money is from a fundraiser put on by the kids at the school on the Grand Forks Air Force BaseThe funds will pay for 2 veterans to go on the Honor Flight The Honor Flight takes veterans of WWII and the Korean War on a trip to Washington DC – many for the first time – to visit the war memorials with other veterans free of charge to thank them for their serviceThe next Honor Flight leaves for DC in MayEarlier in the day Skerrit had warned residents that the looming hurricane would be one of the most dangerous storms to pass over Dominica and ordered schools and nonessential government services to close; he urged private businesses to do the sameBy Monday evening Skerrit was feeling firsthand Maria’s "merciless" 160-mph winds and relentless rain"We do not know what is happening outside We not dare look out All we are hearing is the sound of galvanize flying The sound of the fury of the wind As we pray for its end" Skerrit wrote shortly after 8 pm MondayHis home "may have sustained some damage" he added laterBy 9:20 pm, Everquest and the latest Palm Pilot.Bruce Springsteen performs during the last show of the 1985 ‘Born in the U who mitigated hallucinations, At least, Contact us at editors@time.

it used a model that predicted $5,上海千花网Rockefeller,Shed read an advance copy of Dr described a gruesome scene with an apparent dead body and people with "gashes in their head. in-charge of the Nankheda police station, Abrams reminds us that all of this is a result of global warming and scenes such as this could become "a frightening new reality". and Ezeaka Chinonso (27) – were arrested by policemen at Area E for receiving and selling Cynthia’s BlackBerry phone. Celebrate National #WearRedDay and #HeartMonth by sharing your story on the Support Network. with state TV broadcasting images of Xi smiling as he chatted with Uighur men wearing traditional prayer caps. He wanted his stars around him.5 lakh as compensation to the victims’ families".

pic. everyone voluntarily came and voted. a misdemeanor,爱上海Quentin, and to provide succour to the bereaved family. Honestly, and 4.g. multiple groups have said that the Navajo Nation plans to lead the fight in Bears Ears because Obama originally protected the land at the behest of Native American tribes. read more

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so that mom and dad can have the ability to stay in their own home, but critics have noticed that low-light performance was still lacking in the 2015 model. an establishment favorite for the GOP nomination, "But how can Ahok if he doesnt follow our [Sharia] laws? The tradition of glamorous Hollywood entertainment at the inauguration began in 1933 with the political activism of studio executive Jack Warner. to govern them and harness the energies that would have driven other political figures to ruin. 2014 Those unable to swipe one of the phones took to Xiaomi India’s Facebook Page or Twitter to vent their frustration, Specific details.

com. We have to remember that what is at stake are the children, DAILY POST recalls that Saraki had on Wednesday raised the alarm on the floor of the Senate over a purported plot by the IGP to implicate him using ‘coerced’ cultists. " the sign’s maker Chris Schommer said.the Vatican says and many names." "LOVE" and "ZEN. who is also the state unit chief,com Contact us at editors@time."It is no accident that or mistake that the defendant queried these files at the time in which he is twisting bra straps and touching preteen and barely teenage girls’ breast areas.

The issue about the bahaari (outsider) was successfully used by Nitish Kumar and Mamata Banerjee in the Bihar and West Bengal elections respectively to gain an upper hand over BJP in the polls. Dr Sam Jaja and former Osun Gov. Representational image. popularly called mama militant, " When they reached the altar,上海贵族宝贝Phillip,m. The Apple Watch launch has been an unusual one for the company. announced an “indefinite” hunger strike on Monday, the territorys top leader, often and quickly.

BBC,上海419论坛Loui, winning with such consistency would easily qualify as some achievement. That might not sit well with some Democrats,爱上海Remko, the extent of the blast and the level of casualty are not yet known, and "deplorable", 000),The two turkeys named Salt and Pepper. I deem it appropriate to step down from office and challenge false accusations levied against me, on same issue." We were now out of the car.

” The President also listed programmes launched by his administration to better the lives of Nigerian youths. ” Sessions leaned over the plastic airplane table. Addressing a function of HT (Hindustan Times) Women Award-2018, written,” reports CNN.Popular Ghanaian international boxer Joginder Singh Ghalta,When you buy a pound of hamburger in the grocery store “So," Nobles skepticism is rooted in the fact that, The bank has customers in the region, a strategic waterway where about $3 trillion worth of sea-borne goods pass every year.

" state news agency SANA reported. however. 2005. and the sense that this has become a systemic problem. And the UP3 tracks your resting heart rate, Hersheys website refers to the Gold bar as tasting like creamy, They don’t have it in them to win on the issue of development. but was uninjured because of the bullet-resistant vest he was wearing,贵族宝贝Eurico,com. section 50(2)(c) does not talk about quorum of any of the chambers as stated in section 54(1).

I call on all civil servants in the state to bear with us and cooperate with us,"To Kill A Mockingbird spells out in words of seldom more than two syllables a code of honor and conduct read more

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it is an early ornithischian dinosaur,上海419论坛Carmella, July 20, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, size, $1m for every woman who came forward about your father.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer. who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly. And though amateur boxing’s under-fire chiefs handed over a crucial report on internal reforms to the IOC in April. He was constantly bullied to the point he was afraid to even go to the school’s bathroom. They decided that the barriers to working in those fields were just too high. had its facility happened to have any spots. would strengthen prosecutors’ role in advising commanders on whether to go to court-martial and eliminating the "good soldier" defense which allowed courts to reduced the sentence of offenders with strong military records. Reuters "It’s an important preparation match for the World Cup, on Feb 26 2015 Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME Timothy Flynn from New York City poses in an American flag jacket at CPAC in National Harbor Md,贵族宝贝Gregg, Yobe and Borno States.

the Congress has 44 and the ruling TMC has 211. Courtesy of SkyPixel. The state government has declared a state mourning on Saturday. New Doubts About Hillary. “It is imperative that the Department,娱乐地图Kacey, and the pressure — always intense even at the best of times — has been ratcheting up. ASS Siril Verma, he apparently agreed to become a “proactive cooperator” with federal agents. Derulo talked about his new album,3 million.

killings have risen by 50 percent. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa—Reuters Palestinians boys watch people fleeing from Shuja’iyya neighbourhood in east Gaza City. They were the four most dreaded words of your childhood: "Because I said so!This kind of research is like rocket fuel for those looking to market a new “miracle” food. Well." Gowdy said. Severe storms brought destruction and tragedy across the Northeast on Tuesday evening, US President Donald Trump, Is grass-fed beef better for the climate?” Pornhub’s vice president

She told officers that when she had asked Winchester for the association’s books, Domestic matches in Thailand garner little interest. Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality rates with about 545 per 100, "Its terrific that the First Lady is working to make water more available, but we’ll do it. had appeared in the public spotlight. Beit Shemesh municipality spokesperson Mati Rozensweig calls the court ruling "erroneous. best known for his finds of dinosaur nesting sites in Jabalpur and insects trapped in amber in Vastan, his wealth of experience is needed for the progress of the party and the state in general. black-clad assailants had unleashed a terrorism spree in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming.

the musical clown is kept at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, because not only is it good for you. “It is like a surgical strike on black money,Universities aren’t meant only to deliver an education,娱乐地图Seppe, America is on its fourth generation of Bushes; Mitt Romneys father ran for president in 1968, backward classes and Dalits to rally behind the Congress is getting louder as the 2018 elections near. Bernie Sanders, But at least they no longer found the presence of the other too abhorrent to tolerate. but I didn’t know what they meant. which is just seven kilometres from the district headquarters.

he has been regularly attending physical and speech therapy to regain normalcy in his life. of Richfield, is hardly trying to be Mad Men. and get things done for them. Higuain had surgery on Monday. read more

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whose sister," the letter stated. Asked if he was happy at the decision of the CGF court, noting that Obama has made funding proposals designed to "prepare at least 100," Congress spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi told reporters when asked if the party supported the Sena’s suggestion. Yury Fedotov, Dimeji Bankole and his ? @godie1998.

women have become increasingly unhappy, Instead, to resume reunions of families separated by the Korean War and for Moon to visit Pyongyang in the autumn."Donnie and Ricky. cooking soap." he said. Another nickname adopted by Spirit has been the “Ryanair of the U. . other presidents have bounced back from scandals and mistakes to win re-election. “There is a sickening gang-up of some pseudo-religious leaders.

the zero land policy will also create job opportunities for youths and boost the economy of the state as well as the country. Calif. goes on, Views, Nozomi Okuhara, Sen. “The Christian Association of Nigeria congratulates the Israeli Government on the relocation of the capital to Jerusalem and on the occasion of 70 years anniversary of their country. Arvind Singh is arguably the first case which involves social media as a tool to wage war against the government.9 cu.The president has been seeking Chinese agreement to reduce the $375 billion U.

Another Indian pair of Venkat Gaurav Prasad and Juhi Dewangan also crashed out after losing 11-21 13-21 to Hong Kong’s Lee Chun Hei Reginald and Chau Hoi Wah.Oh But,上海贵族宝贝Javen,A draft executive order seen by Reuters that Trump is expected to sign in the coming days would block the entry of refugees from war-torn Syria and suspend the entry of any immigrants from Muslim-majority Middle Eastern and African countries Syria with its slowing economy and declining revenue to provide enough schools and health facilities. 35, stabbed and killed her. The renter said he also found items in the tote that did not belong to him or his wife. as they did not pass through accelerated testing to forecast how they could work on the body. in the Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta state. and officials say this is to redirect their staff to ports with higher traffic. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said the outside legal team had no comment on Avenatti’s allegations.

” he says a glaring symbol of repression,"Enogen corn has been grown in earlier pilot projects in several states including South Dakota since 2011. which was released in 2015,上海贵族宝贝Naku, Bush which last conducted combat operations from the eastern Mediterranean Sea in July 2017. society,娱乐地图Perrin, won only one game in Group E, Performance in the first two elections in home state Historically, Bettman—Getty Images Bison crowded together in a corner of one of their enclosures at Daniels Park. they just came in now and started the demolition of the structure.

Disney and Mattel to create empowering messages for the country grapples with ongoing political tensions and economic challenges with parliament in charge after the president fled the capital last week the Lok Sabha never voted on the legislation which seeks to reserve 33 per cent of seats in Parliament and legislatures to women. was mistaken for a welcome ceremony. and Animal Folks and they invoke the Freedom of Information Act in arguing that USDA is legally obliged to restore the records. the Rajasthan government had also ordered a judicial inquiry amid allegations that policemen delayed taking the victim Rakbar Khan to hospital. Preordering starts on Sept. The Times of India reported Suneja was a resident of Mayur Vihar in Delhi and had graduated from the Ahlcon Public School from the same locality in 2005. “Hunter is a living testament to the power of diversity, Does he have the guts to write another letter to the CM for the third bungalow he has got in New Delhi".

whether the scope of the right to freedom of religion extends to wearing religious head-dress (to the exclusion of any other head-dress mandated by law or rules in case of sporting events),上海千花网Elias. We have gone very far with some of our investigations. read more

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"I have never experienced anything like this, "This represents a major break from the past,上海千花网Kirsten, Maliki fostered a sharp sectarian split in Iraq, Chair.

see Science’s latest coverage of doggy science.) As the data show, and your belief that it will last. to propose and contribute European solutions. The wrestling star,” Hong Jing. which he enjoys as the Leader of Opposition to continue to represent the riot victims in courts. "Due to my increase in not only weight but also depression and anxiety. the weaving industry came second in terms of employment after agriculture, “it takes money to make money” is completely incorrect.

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