Qingdao urban and rural entrepreneurship policy will be launched to the public

double play, to venture into a "niche" behavior from the "public", in such a good time, three generations have the sea, a business support policy shunfengchuan way forward, more and more people through the innovation to achieve the dream of life.

it is reported that 1-11 months of this year, the city’s policy support entrepreneurship 21 thousand, growth of 5% over the same period last year; the city’s total of 11504 people enjoy a one-time payment of 57 million 930 thousand yuan subsidy policy entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship subsidies, growth of 3% over the same period last year; the city’s total of 3887 people to enjoy the business loans and discount policy, an increase of 91.4% over last year. Issued a total of 488 million 400 thousand yuan loan guarantee. Issuance of venture capital loans discount 25 million 120 thousand yuan, an increase of 53.7% over the same period last year. In the near future, with the integration of entrepreneurial policies and improve the degree of awareness, so that each entrepreneur has a real chance of a dream come true.

create policy fundamentals of equity

to pave the way for entrepreneurs

to build equity in urban and rural areas, development of entrepreneurial environment as a basic condition to promote the public enterprises, since 2013, the city’s employment and entrepreneurship policy to break the bottleneck, get rid of urban system of two yuan, issued "on the further integration of urban and rural employment policy notice", break the urban-rural division and the boundaries of identity, to achieve employment and entrepreneurship the city with the same standard treatment, establish the system of urban and rural employment policy equal, create conditions for public entrepreneurship. In market access, reduce costs, expand the scope of tax cuts, increase subsidies, open space, strengthen training have launched a groundbreaking initiative, for example, will launch Small and micro businesses subsidies increased from 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan, business incubators will create the subsidy standard increased to up to 10 million yuan, the business loan guarantee the amount increased to a maximum of 3 million yuan. On this basis, the scope of the scope of entrepreneurship subsidies from the household registration to apply for adjustment to venture to apply to achieve full coverage of the city’s various entrepreneurs.

create "government +" business incubator model

for entrepreneurs to open up position

to establish a "government + platform" hatch pattern. Encourage governments at all levels, units and individuals to build business incubator platform. Combined with unemployed people, college students, students studying abroad

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