The second Jiangxi nternet innovation and entrepreneurship summit held tomorrow

Internet is the most rapidly developing field of innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote the management of activities continued to move forward, will not be ignored in this industry. Last year, the first successful innovation and entrepreneurship summit in Jiangxi, the second summit in 2016 to tomorrow.

this conference for Jiangxi, the value of great and far-reaching significance. Last year in Jiangxi Province in the management of activities have emerged in more than 400 public record space, tens of thousands of Internet entrepreneurs in Internet plus the business on the road. Nanchang City, Jiangxi province to become an Internet venture heights, last year, a national demonstration base of entrepreneurial innovation base. Pioneer Angel coffee is Jiangxi’s first public space for the development of the Internet in Jiangxi, the creation of a positive exploration of space. From tools to strategy, the development of the Internet in Jiangxi, has been living in an extremely important and critical position. Good shape "Internet plus" the engine for Jiangxi’s economic and social transformation, upgrading, plays a very important role.

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Cao Huabin will make clear that the next three years will invest 10 billion in Nanchang to build the nation’s largest energy Internet research base, to help Jiangxi entrepreneurs and enterprises to carry out innovation in the energy field of the internet. Zhang Hong, chairman of Shanghai science and Technology Co., Ltd. to share the block chain technology and block chain town plan, Minsheng Bank Jiangxi branch president Zhu Dongyong introduced the latest trends in Internet banking. To explore the five sub forum will block chain from the Internet the most cutting-edge technology to VR and Internet, Internet banking, Internet entrepreneurs, and the public record space transformation and development of multi orientation, lBM, HUAWEI and other large enterprises on behalf of and was run, graduate students help entrepreneurs like the same exchange, big coffee share the wisdom and grassroots.

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