Stall selling bargain coup

life is really everywhere knowledge, we look at some of the first stall is how to bargain it, I hope to be able to give the majority of entrepreneurs with a few small experience.




no, there is only one way, that is to let him feel that you are not a novice, then you must pay attention to the words and deeds, don’t let him feel that you are a novice, otherwise will kill you. How to let him see that you are a novice? The key is to go after you must not say the foreign language is, you don’t understand something you can not say but don’t cry. So the most important thing is not to get into the cheapest, but must find ways to not be slaughtered.

now the boss said to you the price may have basically is the lowest, then you say OK, then I’ll take the goods now! But you’re only 10 or dozens of root do? Well, "