Entrepreneurship teach you to use the way to love to start a business

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, but everyone will face different problems in the process of entrepreneurship, will also adopt a different way to solve the problem, in fact, the process of entrepreneurship is actually like a love, taking a venture over the tone for you about business and the similarities and differences of love place.

entrepreneurial type similar to fall in love, impulse and rational type is a specific division, and diversification is a kind of division. A lot of people on the spur of the moment, the impulse to start a business, began to fall in love, others on the contrary; some people focus on an entrepreneurial project, with love, dedication to the pursuit of love, while others in the entrepreneurial project choice no grasp of what all want, what do not want to lose, like love, also want to pursue several difficult trade-offs, the results are wanted, that are unable to grasp.

Second, similar to.

Third, dynamic similarity.

Fourth, similar to the process.

fifth, similar values.

sixth, similarity matching.

seventh, by similarity.