Shun Shun opened the chamber to escape high income

now the people are very love new and exciting things, also let takagisms similar industry development is very good, there is a female college student, saw this opportunity, also opened a room escape, business is very good, the income is very high, so she is how successful this kind of store? Let’s go and have a look!

2011 years, Shun had admitted to the Sichuan University, majored in radio and television. "I am a person who likes to talk. I like to tell stories. I also like to write stories. When I was a child, my ideal is to become a good communicator. But when I went to college, I found that I was more interested in doing business."

finally invested a total of 13 individuals, each of the thousands of dollars together, a total of 50 thousand yuan, but the main thing is that there are 4 people, the other with the recommendation of