Wage earners to become owners can get involved in what little industry

at present, Chinese workers in addition to their own work, spare time busy doing their own small industry. At a friend’s party,   is now the most popular topic is how to own a small industry". Do a "owners" is considered to be the most respected business   type.

earners so small owners project recommended:

180 degree donut

180 doughnuts, not only to meet the "low low price card" that is the introduction of the concept of DIY as the first French doughnut Hugh   leisure snacks brand, the high calorie sugar image break, for white-collar Li people solve thin troubles, more popular, slightly to   in total; aftertaste! 5 square meters of shops, million yuan of investment, no experience can be operated, 4 times as large profit space, let wealth duang  duang!

mango crepe

for city drinking

for city drinking as a cream tea brand leader in wind China traditional flavor tone for every cup of fresh tea in the inheritance of techniques to   processing, no cream, low carbon health. The use of computerized accurate, quantitative standards, fast out of the meal, 15 square meters stalls point, the 2 people love tea honey   Italy, a taste of tea products to grab gold. Open a city to find fresh stalls stalls, two people will be able to operate, the continuation of romance, enjoy the wealth!

The owner of a

salaried tips:

the above three projects, the investment threshold is low, the venture is small, suitable for wage earners. When more and more wage earners into the "small owners" era