Signed a franchise contract should pay attention to the following items

is now a lot of people want to go to business, many people will choose the first venture to join the form of entrepreneurship, so there is a little more protection! Then sign the franchise contract notes, you know what? Xiao Bian here gathered a number, I hope you can help!



1. contract shall specify in detail the franchisor’s services to the project

2. has hidden unforeseen costs?

During the

1. length has no clear?

Is the

2. period compatible with the lease?

contract extension

1. after the expiration of the contract can be renewed?

Are there any conditions for the renewal of the

2.? If yes, what are the conditions? Are you sure?

join gold, royalty and other payments

1. gold in the end what are included in the project?

2. does it include inventory or new goods when it opens?

3. how much money can be started?


4. have to pay a periodic royalty? How to calculate? How to pay?

Does the />5.


6. have to join a cooperative advertising program? How to calculate the cost allocation? What products or promotional services are offered by the franchisor?

protection district

1. contract grant exclusive area?

2. is the exclusive area terminated at some point or end of a standard?

procurement office equipment

1. is making all of the tools must be purchased from the franchise? The price and conditions are reasonable?

2. does the franchisor provide loans?

location selectionDoes the />1.

2. who makes the final decision on the location?

3. is the blueprint provided by the franchisor?

4. is there a requirement for regular re decorating and refurbishing?

5. if it is necessary to apply for the change of the construction permit, who is responsible for the application and the cost of the burden?

6. lease terms?

education and training

1. franchisees are required to join the training