University of entrepreneurial success need to grasp the five principles of preparation

now, the employment pressure of college students is very large, many college students have their own business, shop is a good choice, small investment, do not need very professional skills, is a good choice. We shop, naturally want to succeed, so college students in business, or need to master some skills!

with the number of college graduates in China increased significantly in 2003, the employment of college students is facing a serious situation, the State Council issued a document to promote and support students to start their own businesses. Policy support has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of College students. But when they really want to start a business, but there are too many timid and retreat, lack of funds, do not understand the market, poor financial management, do not understand the management, all of which they have to face the problem.

graduation is approaching, a new generation of entrepreneurs should also have action. But if the venture than a war, your readiness and weapons and equipment really ready for it? How to play the first battle of entrepreneurship, how not to make themselves in the first place in trouble, the reporter visited the experts, so that they provide some useful suggestions for our entrepreneurs.

don’t put the eggs in a basket

as the saying goes: to put to death, and then. But in an interview with reporters found that, for the first time entrepreneurs is not feasible, whether people have entrepreneurial success or experts, are not in favor of college students in the early days invested all his money in savings, even big debt.

they think, the students themselves due to lack of market experience, management ability and other aspects of the success probability of the first venture of only 20% – 30%, this is largely a stage of their self exploration and learning, if excessive investment, once failed, will have a huge impact on the future development of the. For those who do not have to start a business, it is not worth promoting on the day to think about where to get more loans, or even seek help from venture capital institutions.

first, as entrepreneurial students from these channels to obtain funds the probability is very small, investment experts are not easily put money in a green hand those people, even if you think you have a very good projects and opportunities. Secondly, too much investment is likely to put things at the beginning of their own can not control the situation, so that increased risk.

expert advice: try to minimize the amount of venture capital. Choose those who need only a little cash, and can fully realize their personal talents and expertise to start, give yourself a process of accumulation of experience and capital accumulation.

don’t superstitious popular