High tech Zone to create public entrepreneurship innovation habitat here is very attractive policy

rare earth hi tech Zone was a very limited resource place, now is the good place for business, why here is a good choice for business, which has the advantage of business, let us work together to explore!

in the high tech industry of Rare Earth High-tech Zones incubator base, there have been 15 innovative enterprises in the incubator. Research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles and flight control system of Inner Mongolia Bo Eagle Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of. This is the reason why the company chose to settle in Beijing, is the country’s dozens of large and medium cities after careful consideration, layers of screening.

"this policy is very attractive, more than 1 thousand square meters workshop rent free for three years, the labor cost is relatively low, can also apply for 10-20 million to support the venture capital." Zhang Min, deputy general manager of the company a sum of money, companies settled here, compared to Langfang, Suzhou and other places, only a labor cost savings of nearly 20%. At the same time, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has a wide application in the field of agricultural plant protection, and the vast grassland in Inner Mongolia provides a good market prospect for the development of enterprises.

in terms of policy support, last year alone hi tech Zone formulated the "Baotou rare earth hi tech Zone Innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples opinions" more than 10 policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship, and for SME issued a "Rare Earth High-tech Zone Technology Innovation and 20 policy measures (Trial)", covering science and technology finance, equity incentive and achievements, the patent grants and awards, talent development and innovation etc..

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