Tongling tell you what farmers do business

when the pressure of urban employment continued to increase, more migrant workers and college students began to flee North Canton, began to return home to start their own businesses. What do you want to do? This is the time to play a leading role in the government, the city of Tongling this year launched a number of initiatives to help farmers to carry out scientific and technological entrepreneurship training.

the outskirts of the city of Tongling to carry out a wide range of policy to send, send jobs to send training three delivery service activities, and guide various types of training institutions and occupation school extended to rural areas, the training of farmers doorstep. In view of peasants’ Entrepreneurship in small scale, less funding, the district departments at all levels to collect all kinds of venture project information, the establishment of entrepreneurial projects database, to provide business information for more than 1 thousand and 600 farmers around entrepreneurial intention.

the area the relevant departments to actively organize public entrepreneurship through the series of actions, "hosted by the government, social collaboration", build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, the combination of online and offline combination, guide the innovation of entrepreneurial social personnel; founded the technology incubator District 1, the construction of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park 5, create grapes, vegetables, edible fungus, bamboo shoots, chestnut breeding base 6, set up various professional economic cooperatives and nearly 30, the realization of "one village one product" "one village one product".

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