How to run a spicy pot shop

on the spicy hot pot franchise? Listen to a small to say this to you: spicy hot pot is known as the fried food Hot pot argument, a pot flavor into the bone marrow, spicy and delicious taste wonderful. With the sweet white rice, the feeling is absolutely. Taste is not to say, the key is affordable, to meet the needs of the masses of consumers.

spicy pot is very popular in the moment, invest in a spicy incense pot shop is now very promising projects. So, how to open a spicy pot shop can make money? Of course, investors need to master the operating skills, a comprehensive management will allow the development of a more long-term store.

First of all,

, store address is very important. The choice of store according to the operating position of the hot pot restaurant to determine, according to the entrepreneur for the crowd to choose the most appropriate address, as much as possible to occupy a larger market. For example, entrepreneurs intend to open a small, simple management of spicy pot pot, you can choose in the community, commercial street, schools and other places. The size of the target consumer groups and has a strong spending power: the hot pepper pot store service area of the population is the key factor to consider location. In general, the spicy hot pot restaurant where the population is more dense, the most important thing is the more intensive the target consumers, and has a strong spending power.

secondly, distinctive features. Spicy hot pot franchise features not only reflected in the service, the product itself can also There is much fineness in. Spicy pot pot service quality, as well as the food environment also has a significant impact on the formation of spicy pot restaurant features. Provide quality service. Service is an important factor in the spicy hot pot franchise, and the consumer is always spicy hot pot franchise Yisifumu, especially the old customers, they can not only bring subsequent sustained consumption, more important is to spicy hot pot franchise bring a good reputation.

third, appropriate publicity. A lot of spicy hot pot franchise operators in the first shop, often can not grasp the correct operation method, to operate a spicy hot pot franchise, first to attract people and retain consumers, and even become loyal customers, this is a sign of franchise business success spicy hot pot.

fourth, accurate positioning. Entrepreneurs should grasp the principle of competition, to seek business characteristics:

1, first of all to determine the tastes of consumers, and according to the characteristics of the consumer’s consumption habits, tastes, preferences and other characteristics, targeted to design a variety of food, dining environment layout, thereby establishing operating characteristics.

2, market positioning should be dynamic, spicy incense pot shop in the course of business should also be adjusted according to market changes in a timely manner, the introduction of new varieties, new