Public comment ten years of bitterness is sad

this year can be said to be the merger boom, electricity supplier industry is facing great changes, in order to continue to survive, many companies have to choose to continue to operate in the form of consolidation, which has a public comment.

merger, finally have an uncovered the veil of the business world was full of tender feelings, cruel inside. In the United States announced the merger of the group just a month’s time, announced the company’s personnel adjustment, from the joint CEO system changed to Zhang Tao as chairman of the board, Wang Xing served as CEO.

Although with the industry more than

the adhere to ten years, the slow companies have prospects look shiny. Has been too close to the listing. 2008, Zhang Tao said in an interview that the company will achieve profitability in 2008, and in three years after the completion of the listing target. At that time, the company’s internal and external default 2011 public comment will be completed listing.

is a sudden change in the situation, in 2010 the rise of group purchase concept, the mobile Internet has gradually become the trend. Public comment decision-makers want to be able to introduce new business models in the form of the company, and look forward to double the market value.

after watching this, the company became the biggest flaw. Group purchase is Chinese business world first insight capital crazy when, in the capital under the support of thousands of war group swept, public comment is not adapt to the rhythm of the market, so from 2011 April to 2012 August, the public comment one hundred million dollar financing can’t won the first place in group purchase in August 2012 60 million. There is no support for too long dollar financing, financing strategy by February 2014 by Tencent.

accept Tencent shares, Zhang Tao still hold a hazy hope. He said: I am most afraid of other people think I sold the company. be recommended by someone