How to successfully run a small clothing store for you to weapon

for investors, the choice of industry needs to be careful, we must conduct market research. Clothes are worn by everyone, and Taobao’s first quarter of 08, shop statistics, clothing sales far ahead of other industries.

as the general store, may be more than one thousand yuan a month. Do not look too cheap, because that place may be less than the flow of people, together with other aspects of the decoration of the funds may be used ten thousand to thirty thousand or so, there may be less. So you can be happy to be your boss.

started as a garment, maybe some people do not understand the clothing. How to solve this? I don’t think there is one step to learn. Investment advisers recommend that you can find some people who have done before the clothing exchange, of course, it is best to find some fashion designers to communicate, because they are the most professional knowledge of clothing.

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