Xi’an girl open shop selling cosmetics million

everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams, to see if you are good at grasping! Seize every opportunity and success will be yours! Liu Lu, an ordinary girl from Xi’an, had a dream of starting a business at college. In the University during the continuous work to earn a living, and the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience.

2008 years after graduating from college, engaged in cosmetics sales, after this experience let her from a little girl some inferiority has gradually become a fashion girl, big sun, through 4 years of unremitting efforts and the help of my family, start the shop and carry it on the right track, reached a year into a million good income.

"ugly duckling" to become "white swan", requires efforts and efforts of many people is hard to imagine, but also a lot of people find it difficult to do. But Liu Lu did it.

4 years ago, Liu Lu was an unknown woman who had just graduated from college. But 4 years later, she not only sunshine fashion, but also has become an online cosmetics double crown shop female boss. So how did Liu Lu do it?

During the

after failure to

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