How to open a tea shop hand to teach you shop

tea market demand, many investors are optimistic about. Open a tea shop, good prospects. So, how to open tea store? Choose a mature tea brand to join, you can greatly reduce the risk of investment. How to open tea store? Let’s take a look.

1, location choice. How to open tea store? No matter how well-known brand, place of business is very important to the surrounding, can’t have too many competitors, must have the proper distance between regional business district from the same franchise system, only in the case of an ideal site to invest. You can check the tea market to determine the best area you want to choose.

2, the choice of tea. Second, to confirm what kind of tea to sell. In the tea industry, each tea prices have their own focus on the operation of tea. Determine their own want to sell tea, and then select the category in the more advantageous to join the tea enterprises. If you do not know the classification of tea and tea prices information can be found in tea portal.

3, the choice of tea prices. In the selection of a number of well-known tea industry in the industry, you can join the information on the Tea Portal online tea prices. Choose to join, you need to carefully investigate and collect relevant information, do not impulse, one-sided to listen to some exaggerated advertising.


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