Preferential policies can be applied to 200 thousand of the poor labor loans

in the past is a rich thing to start a business, or rely on the poor labor force to eat. However, with the development of China’s economy, the improvement of entrepreneurial policies, Wuhan launched the independent employment of poor labor, can apply for 200 thousand discount loans, to solve the problem of funds for entrepreneurship.

It is reported that

enterprises that newly hired poor labor and signed more than 6 months of labor contract, approved by the Department of human society, can carry out pre service training, training of qualified to continue to fulfill the labor contract, according to professional training, training time, in accordance with the provisions of each enterprise can enjoy 200 yuan – 2000 million pre job training subsidies.

labor-intensive small enterprises (including science and technology enterprises, Small and micro businesses) to attract the poor labor employment, may apply for the maximum amount of 5 million yuan, more than 2 years of business loans, and enjoy financial discount to the benchmark interest rate 50%.

of poor labor in the city first started Small and micro businesses or self-employed, receive a business license the normal operation of more than 6 months, given 3000 yuan one-time start-up subsidies in accordance with the provisions of.

of poor labor founded and settled in the city and above incubation demonstration base of the enterprise, to rent, utilities, broadband is recommended according to the provisions