Yancheng tornado hail disaster has caused 98 deaths in Jiangsu

recently, although there are many places in the country have heavy rainfall, there are many places affected. However, the afternoon of 23 tornadoes, hail caused by the damage is still shocking to many people. Rescue work is still being carried out throughout the country, but hurt.

the work of the CPPCC meeting at the beginning of 9, presided over the meeting, Shi Taifeng bulletin, Sheyang Funing tornadoes hail especially serious disasters have caused 98 deaths, 800 people were injured, suggested comrades stands up for the disaster victims compatriots.

is reported that around 2:30 in the afternoon, the sky began to turn black, followed by the storm, hail also down, the big egg so big. The tornado, houses collapsed, trees and some middle guaduan, some have sprung up. The poles were blown off.

villagers said that the sky suddenly darkened, thought that early summer thunderstorms near, then withdrew the house. In less than a moment, the roof was suspended, the bricks scattered, the house collapsed instantly. She is still suffering from the shock, climbed out of the rubble.

another villager witnesses, this short more than and 20 minute is simply "doomsday", seeing the telegraph poles were blown down, two agricultural vehicles own blew three or four times, he was stunned! At this time, a faint sound of help to wake him up, the original neighbor’s mistress buried in the house under the concrete beam.

according to a staff member of the Funing County propaganda department, the most affected is the Chen Liangzhen, Jinsha Lake area, most of these places can not get through the phone.

according to the intersection of the news of the disaster, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun and governor Shi Taifeng instructions to rescue the wounded, properly handle the aftermath of the dead, to minimize casualties. Quickly organize rescue teams to help ensure the normal life of the affected people. Strengthen the early warning of extreme weather, reduce losses caused by natural disasters.

Yancheng municipal government attaches great importance to disaster relief, Yancheng municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Kejiang rushed to the disaster area, the scene command, organization and coordination of disaster relief work. At present, Yancheng City has launched two emergency response mechanism of natural disaster relief and disaster relief plan, Yancheng City disaster relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Funing disaster scene: trees uprooted, rescued more than and 40 people

we just arrived in Funing County Board town. We see the trees on both sides of the road, basically have been broken down the middle, some also uprooted. Damaged part of the cottage. In the town, a lot of debris on the road and all kinds of garbage. Telegraph poles also recommended

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