Zhou Dabing innovative ideas for greater breakthroughs

blindly inheritance, blindly conservative, now there is no way to meet the needs of the new era, the business is more and more difficult to do. Therefore, to business is more popular, natural we also need to innovate, to strive for greater breakthroughs, will let the business get greater development, create more profits, this is the week’s business philosophy has always been private.

week Soldier: I think in the current situation, the retail business to do a good job of cigarette sales, must be innovative ideas, and strive to break through." The so-called innovative ideas, that is not to sell cigarettes in order to sell cigarettes, and can start from other aspects, or in the opposite direction. For example, I in cigarette sales, do good at running. For some of the better mood of the retail households, I will strongly recommend to him new products or prices, grades slightly higher, in order to promote brand sales.

for some bad mood, my first play emotional card, and they nag to small household affairs, quickly understand the inner world, for home or heart and unhappy things immediately calmed him, as soon as calm their mood, calm emotions, and then cigarette sales. So cater to them, can achieve better results.

remembers the fall of 2014, when a middle-aged man came to my shop with a worried look. I talked to him and learned that his wife uterine fibroids surgery in the hospital. So I told him this problem is very common, no matter what, reassured him. Then remind him best to buy a Chinese tobacco to the surgeon (the doctor smoking), he finally accepted. Inadvertently sold cigarettes. Therefore, the retail sales of cigarettes in the process to be sure to think, think of ways. Innovative ideas, and strive to break through. In particular, the current situation is even more so, to make extensive use of connections, the use of modern network tools (QQ, WeChat), in order to achieve better results.

said that although now the entire business environment, business more and more bad, but the competition is still in constant increase, therefore, if we cannot innovate, can not break through in the market, I am afraid it is difficult to stick to it, naturally difficult to do business. So, if you want to have been able to get hot business development, Zhou Dabing’s business skills may wish to draw on.

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