Taobao renamed how to change

people have changed the name of the thing, shop renamed nature is also a common thing, especially Taobao renamed. However, for the current number of investors, how to change the name has become a matter of countless people. So, Taobao renamed how to change?

Taobao shop name is a lot of people encounter problems. Taobao personal name is generally to replace the registered mailbox or bound phone number, these operations are relatively simple, as long as the population can be found on the tip. Also a Taobao shop renamed. This is a lot of sellers will encounter problems. There are various reasons for the Taobao shop. Some because of the beginning of the name of Taobao shop did not play well, to be renamed, and some change the category of the Taobao shop to rename. Today Xiaobian to talk to you about the name of Taobao.

Taobao renamed how to change

Taobao renamed all Taobao users will encounter problems, whether it is the seller or the buyer will encounter. Every time the phone number, you will need to replace the phone number of Taobao binding.

but here to say is the registered Taobao account when the Taobao member name is not modified, the login account name can be modified.

When the

login Taobao mainly in the following ways: 1, 2, member name landing; binding mailbox name landing; 3, the mobile phone 4, bound to land; bound landing Alipay account name.

Taobao renamed steps detailed

1. landing Taobao official website home page on the right side of the home to find the landing".

2. point login to enter their user name and password.

3. log in, select and click on the top left corner of the account management.

4. into the account management page, select the security settings, and then in the security settings can be modified before binding the mailbox can also bind the phone.

5. binding mailbox to enter the address of the new mailbox, and then Taobao to send a new e-mail verification code, and then log in to the new mailbox, open the mail to find the verification code input binding page on it.

6. binding phone click on the phone binding, enter the phone number, the system to your mobile phone verification code, in the binding page to enter the phone to receive the verification code, it is bound to succeed!

after this, you can use the new binding mailbox and the new phone number to do the login user name, landing Taobao, of course, the login password is the same.


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