How to cultivate the innovative design of college students in HeFei University of Technology

in the modern society, the number of our students is more and more, but most of the time is the only number, how reasonable to stimulate college students’ potential, give full play to their own advantages, is not only a problem of college students need to think about, but also the whole society for personnel training a need to think about. In the school of automotive and traffic engineering, HeFei University of Technology, there are two star team renowned throughout the school, even in the international auto show also emerge. They’re Formula One racing, the shadow team and the cloud.

these two teams are designed and manufactured by HeFei University of Technology, racing drivers are also school students. Among them, the shadow of the team was founded in December 2009, is a group of students who have a crazy love for motor vehicles in HeFei University of Technology. Members are mainly from the school’s various colleges and professional, including vehicle engineering, industrial design, machinery manufacturing and automation, grade span from the two year of undergraduate students to graduate grade two. As the only province participating oil team, it has good performance in the "formula car contest" Chinese college, in 2015 at the sixth session of China automobile formula student competition, the shadow team won the two prize, the most unusual and easy car network dissemination award award.

cloud electric team was founded in October 2012, now has a team of more than 50 people, the year will be independent of design to produce a pure electric car racing at home and abroad to participate in events: "cloud power generation" car won the 2013 formula one car race China college national championship, won the first individual economic individual awards at the same time; "the two generation" cloud electric cars in 2014 went to England, in the British Formula SAE, and 37 countries around the world the 106 teams play together, successfully finish the race and get a total score of twenty-eighth; "three generation" cloud electric car in the game to get around the second single character.

at the end of September this year, the HeFei University of Technology held a new conference, the shadow of the "seven generation" and "the four generation" cloud electric car debut. The shadow team captain kill jade, the shadow of the "seven generation" car technology to achieve four major innovations: powertrain, chassis, engine more stable; strengthen the car handling stability; electric vehicle tuning, more convenient; aerodynamics, vehicle negative lift upgrade. Electric cloud team captain Xu Xiaokang introduction, technology innovation "four generation" cloud electric car is mainly embodied in the high polymer lithium battery, car data acquisition and wireless transmission, a full set of aerodynamics, wheel spokes integration and horizontal stabilizer, a new type of electric machine and modified Cusco differential in five aspects.

shadow team members, the school of mechanical engineering students Wang Dewang told reporters, because of love of the car, he joined the shadow team to become a racing driver. After joining the team, Wang Dewang

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