The second national college students entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended

now, more and more college students are willing to engage in entrepreneurial activities, in order to help more students in the entrepreneurial aspects of rapid growth, a variety of college students entrepreneurship contest has become a theory to create a show of strength.

1 17, the closing of the second national college students entrepreneurship contest finals in Peking University. The contest will be organized by the association of European and American Alumni Association, China Association of investment and entrepreneurship guidance, School Guide Network hosted, easy to push, school enterprise alliance contractors.

in the final scene, the Organizing Committee held a "winter capital under the youth entrepreneurship forum. AA members Miaoqi share investment team first, second, third industry business model concept; early heart capital field in Jiangchuan indicates the importance of forward-looking thinking of the founding team spirit and founder of the project in the selection process; the shell beam bridge member son points out that high quality projects should meet the market demand, market size and must be copied considering the market.

in the roadshow link from the Wuhan Institute of Technology "Internet plus education: College Students’ pre vocational skills education" the person responsible for the project as the first domestic social media word-of-mouth spread course team, how to achieve in 2015 turnover of 4 million yuan. From the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, e electric charge team, introduced the core technology to solve the problem of charging pile compatibility, the new energy vehicle owners and space charging pile parking spaces for a reliable docking. From the Peking University, extreme perspective team also shared the experience of millions of dollars to get angel investment.

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