Men’s store decoration design skills sharing

‘s market has been very good, a lot of people think entrepreneurs are in such industry, the industry competition pressure is great, opened a men’s clothing store, in addition to enter the good goods, men’s clothing store decoration design is most in need of attention. Men pay attention to taste and quality, so in the selection of men’s clothing, will also look at the store decoration and furnishings. The following is about men’s shop decoration design tips to share, interested entrepreneurs to look at it!

1, men’s sign design

a good image of the store from the men’s signboard design, good sign, character name, clean the window, often can represent a feature of the store. Men’s shop signs design to be simple and unique. The name of the men’s clothing store design to the atmosphere and strength. Color can be deep, but the font must be clear.

2, men’s shop store channel settings

a good men’s shop decoration shop channel settings, the absolute can improve men’s sales. Men’s clothing to take into account the men’s consumer psychology and women are not the same. Men have a broad mind, but also pay attention to the bright and spacious when shopping. So do not design too many decorations on the channel, you can do some articles in the rest area. It is easier for men to shop than women, and a comfortable sofa will provide a good shopping environment for men. In life can be considerate of customers, will make them feel that you are very high.

3, men’s brand positioning

different brand positioning is not the same, the way the product is not the same, there are differences between the requirements for decoration. If it is run by the amount of profit of the Volkswagen brand, will be used to show the desktop, neatly placed a lot of clothing, it will give the customer to Taohuo feel so, this kind of popular clothing store in the decoration to make enough desktop. Lattice type shelves are often used, like UNIQLO there are a lot of lattice type shelf for the display of different types and styles of clothes. This will enable them to find the benefits of shopping.

4, men’s shop main colors to dark

is now recommended as the color of the men’s clothing store, the main choice of black, white, gray, so the main tone, will not take the style of clothing, but also to ensure that men’s calm. A lot of men’s use of coffee can also achieve good results. In the decorative materials, paint glass is a cheap and good material, even some big, will be applied to. The principle is in line with the brand style and positioning, do not grab the limelight man.

in addition to the above said that the last point is also very important, that is, the store’s tone, different colors give people the feeling is not the same recommendation