Ren Zhiqiang talk about entrepreneurship in addition to the four major inventions China has no innov

young entrepreneurs always want to get the secret and experience of success from the success there, Henan recently held in Zhengzhou through the Henan Hu second quarter finals, Jianye Hu, Ren Zhiqiang, Wang Chaoyong three chiefs have not the same message to the "double" in the era of a customer.

is obviously a hit off the roadshow activities, when four entrepreneurial small meat just finished roadshow and bear Ren Zhiqiang, "cannon", this topic at this time seems to be a deliberate, four roadshow hit off "warning". However, it also brought back all the audience’s curiosity, guess there is any artillery, said Ren Zhiqiang, this time in Henan, but what the bomb.

"I don’t make this topic ah, old Hu Ding, give you some warning. Now the whole society are mentioning entrepreneurship, but I think it is unlikely that public entrepreneurship, if the public entrepreneurship, 95% have to die. Said innovation, China is now only four major inventions, in addition to these inventions are no innovation in these four." Indeed as expected, cannon, Ren Zhiqiang, the opening of the first paragraph, almost all entrepreneurs to boom again.

"I is not a pure investor, I want to through this platform, success will come to the investment community, Henan local entrepreneurs dream show to investors all over the country." Hu said, "through Henan Hu" roadshow is he to create customized to the platform.

and compared to the first quarter of the project and the scale, to participate in the second quarter the roadshow project is more abundant, larger scale. Into the scene of the 4 projects are relatively mature, there is tyranny snoring health class, home maintenance car service, is committed to technology designed to do virtual scene class. Which was the writer Wu Xiaobo invested 20 million Yuanjian