Seven public barbecue join questions

1, what do you charge for the fees and what is the cost of training?

answer: barbecue cooperation fees include technical training, brand and professional equipment and the use of open items donated; Beijing Jiahe taste food technology development Co., Ltd. to provide free training.

2, before opening the shop also need to deal with what procedures in the local


answer: should apply for industrial and commercial business license, health permit and tax registration.

3, what are the features of your barbecue?


market compared to the general public arena is seven barbecue, barbecue features: one is the product appearance beautiful, shiny brown. And through our curing agent and then grilled, will not shrink, the appearance is very full. Two is rich in variety, all kinds of barbecue taste, you can maximize the needs to meet the needs of different consumers, but also on a wide range of business, unlike some barbecue shop only one or two kinds of products, easy to make people tired. Three is a good taste, repeat customers. Seven male bladder repeat barbecue shop accounted for a large part, and word of mouth, taste is not good if the product is unable to achieve this point. Four is our brand of old people for having heard it many times, intimacy, how Chinese several people don’t know "Master Hongqi"? And not a few love and admiration "Master Hongqi"? So say that we have a natural basis of the masses.

4, what are the advantages of your barbecue barbecue


answer: Beijing Jiahe taste food technology development Co. Ltd for laid-off workers, retirees, graduates, demobilized soldiers, disabled, can I enjoy the cooperation documents related to fee concessions, cooperation cost of concessions in the range of 5-10%.

5, how about opening a barbecue shop?

answer: a barbecue shop operating margin of more than 50% in general.

6, open barbecue shop needs much area? Barbecue store choice is generally in what lot right?

answer: barbecue store selection is divided into two types: one is the high traffic areas like commercial street, shopping malls, supermarkets and other snacks City, store more than 5 square meters can operate, take out; another is the storefront, generally recommended in more than 20 square meters, can also eat you can take away; according to the present already opened the store location, involving commercial street, residential areas, shopping malls, supermarkets, food city, around the school and the alley, basically are ideal business.