Hot pot boss personally teaching female college students to start their own business

Chongqing snacks variety, and mention Chongqing, people will think of Hot pot, seems to be synonymous with Chongqing is Hot pot, and Hot pot shop in Chongqing, the great pressure of competition, if not their own characteristics to survive.

"to Hot pot in Chongqing city business, this very deep inside Zhongxian, the small girl is really courageous!" "I want to break myself one day" tells of 1.35 meters of the female students Li Mi’s entrepreneurial story touched many readers, and we are also willing to help her through entrepreneurship the initial difficulties.

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hands to teach her bottom wok

"the soup is too dark, too much foaming, and taste fresh fragrant, this is not a good fried pot sake." After a taste of hot pot soup, Zhu Jiangyu immediately pointed out the flaws in the color and taste of the soup.