How to open a clothing store to make money novice shop

opened a clothing store, in addition to pay attention to the product itself, there are a lot of attention. Perhaps many entrepreneurs also want to ask, now open clothing store to make money? Novice how to shop? How to operate a clothing store business good? Today we will bring you together to analyze.

opened a clothing store, the most difficult thing is the operating varieties selection problem, the second is the supply problem.   in the former case, your business variety determines the style of your store. Do men or women’s clothing or shoes?? is formal or casual? Go high-end route or the civilian route? Do brand or no name? Is woven or knitted? Is pure clothing or clothing matching? These questions are not fixed or is not clear, it is congenitally deficient!   failure can hardly be avoided! The second is the supply problem.

summary, now the clothing store is already saturated, if you want to shop, to prepare the premise to capital, the 0 investment is not possible, the funds can think of other things, but more or less, fine or popular, do business to make money, if you can find a hand it can save a lot of manufacturers wholesale funds. Can also do a good job in the second hand, net sales. But the sale must be refined, and now the women’s clothing and money to earn money to make money.

in the downtown section of the investment is high, but the income is high, this is inevitable, whether popular or boutique will receive a considerable income! Personality in foreign trade clothing is very popular now, young people’s consumption level continues to increase, the dress requirements are very offbeat, like a young woman to buy a popular dress up, saw a middle-aged woman wearing the same clothes yourself, you say what is the woman’s idea of

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