nternet plus to inspire young people entrepreneurial passion

after Premier Li Keqiang proposed to "Internet plus" concept, all over the country like a swarm of bees began to talk about the internet. In this context, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young people are strongly motivated, a wave of entrepreneurship is constantly one after another, forming a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"is only 17 years old, Hebei Xingtai guy Zhao Yingzhe micro business business is booming, a year can have more than 100 thousand of the net profit." Zhao was born in 1998, is Jingdong’s pat micro shop, the first sellers, but also the youngest seller. He liked the car since childhood, and now opened a car on WeChat shop around the product. One shop, not only do the boss, and customer service, also as a salesman, and the family grandparents who help do packagers.

and this kind of young "family business", it is "Internet plus" era "micro economy" a true portrayal of the development.

"do not start on the old!" This is a voice of the present age. In the public venture, the highly innovative tide, with sensitive and the youth of the new technology of the Internet of passion, more and more young people to join the "Internet plus" labor force, many "80" "90", even "after 00", into an entrepreneurial tide of learning to swim".

"Internet plus" era, many young people are rushing to take the ride, "as soon as possible in the first pot of gold" the tide of entrepreneurship to earn the life. While the number of "80" "90" through the micro business venture, 1 million a year to achieve beautiful story of life is no longer as a fairy tale, the reality version of "the swan" gradually into the lives of ordinary people, and "derivative" is the agitation of entrepreneurship.

the "derivative" is the industry that is China economic take-off of the next outlet. And many   sea entrepreneurial young people are micro business economic gathering at the door.

"as an important platform for micro business", "pat" group is a Jingdong wholly owned holding company, mobile social business platform is the leading domestic. Data show that pat micro shop on the line only 66 days, the average daily sales exceeded $20 million, the largest single day peak reached 60 million. Just six months, the opening pat micro shop business has reached about 1100000, of which 90% are individual stores.

grassroots, popular, is a significant feature of the youth entrepreneurship tide, and the "low threshold" success is precisely this mass of start-ups. Over the past decade, entrepreneurship is usually labeled "tall" and "high starting point" label, but with the current "Internet plus" era of entrepreneurship, embarked on a "small fresh line, business is" life".

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