How to effectively develop new energy vehicles in Henan

with the increase in the number of cars in the market, the use of natural energy vehicles, not only for the increase in the consumption of natural resources, the ecological environment has also caused great damage! The development of new energy vehicles, has become a major trend in the development of the times. So, how to effectively develop new energy vehicles in Henan?

Henan new energy vehicles to take the road, when at home can enjoy the convenience of charge for electricity services? In June 23rd, the opinions of the general office of the provincial government issued "on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and industrial development" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), our province will focus on the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, popularized in the key city and the industry, encourage social capital to participate in the production of new energy vehicles and charging facilities construction and operation.

efforts to promote the purchase of individual subsidies are not limited to the purchase line

Henan new energy vehicle promotion plan has been set. 2016 to 2020, the province’s promotion of new energy vehicles will not be less than 18 thousand, respectively, 22 thousand, 28 thousand, 38 thousand, 50 thousand.

"opinion", government agencies, public institutions and the public transport industry to actively use new energy vehicles. Over the next five years, the province’s new and replacement of the bus, the new energy buses were significantly more than the important, respectively, 40%, 60%, 70%, 80%. Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinxiang, Xuchang City, Jiaozuo City, as the city focused on the promotion of new energy vehicles, public institutions to buy new energy vehicles accounted for not less than 35%, other provincial cities of not less than 30%, after increasing year by year. Individuals to buy new energy vehicles will not only be able to obtain the relevant state subsidies, but also enjoy the purchase, unlimited convenience.

charging worry free, so that the new energy vehicles to buy a good

good not to buy new energy vehicles, charging facilities is the primary reason, don’t worry about, with the construction of new residential parking spaces to 100% construction or pre charging facilities, new large-scale shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and public parking lot parking lot with the construction according to the ratio of not less than 15%. Public services in the field of public transportation, sanitation, airports, car parks and other units also need to build charging facilities.


drove the electric car running speed is not afraid, highway, fast track service area will build intercity fast charge station, by 2020, to achieve the province intercity fast charge network coverage, to meet the demand of new energy vehicles intercity travel.

"opinions", will be charged for the construction of electricity facilities and supporting the construction and transformation of the grid into the urban and rural planning. 2016 the city to build the city’s 15 filling power station, mobile charging station (car), public charging recommendation of the 10

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