Seen from a dry cleaning business story

now has a variety of entrepreneurial stories, there is bitterness, tears, laughter, joy, a dry cleaners entrepreneurial story is the case, let us all come together to taste it.

however, life does not believe in tears. In the face of growing elderly parents and one day tall son, she knew that her husband unit efficiency is not good, he alone a person may be a monthly salary of RMB, life will not go. Helpless, after several twists and turns she finally in the northeast of the village in the downtown area rented a less than more than and 30 square meters of shops to start a dry cleaning business. The purchase of dry cleaning equipment, procedures, customer reception, and every day to deal with a variety of people, which makes her introverted personality, a loss of time. But now the most popular "customer is God" mantra forced her to play the spirit. She knew that in order to retain customers, you can not work hard face. No matter how heavy the burden of life, as long as the customer into their own door, it should make the customer feel kind.

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