Key university master home business started from cattle

in the vast rural areas can be said to be a huge market and business opportunities, at the same time in life, there are many now see a person with breadth of vision, a future society in rural areas have begun to business prospects, so the eyes to the vast rural areas.

master when the "cowherd"

Unitary Zhen Ma Jia Cun, Longsheng County, Huayuan

"from dawn to dusk, live frugally, hard disk out of a college student. I didn’t expect him to come back to the cattle." Longsheng’s new father does not agree with the beginning of his breeding.

in his lead, the village has more than and 60 households, cattle, 20 more than the size of the 6 households. "Now to solve the problem of grassland construction. I hope the relevant departments to support the transfer of barren hills, expand the scale of grassland and farming, to help more villagers income." Longsheng said.

"boss" when the "village official"

1996, Ma Shaochi graduated from the National Institute of education, has to Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places of business careers, back home also served as director of Huayuan county and other mineral company, Songtao xiushan. 2011, he ran the Huayuan Jinshi building materials Co., Ltd., assets of more than 5 million yuan.

however, in March 2014, he was in peace as a "village". A multi million "boss" ran back as one small corner "village", some people really do not understand, "come back in the end figure what?"

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