Nanjing 51 more than 1 thousand and 700 sets of real estate enterprises embrace gold 1 billion 322 m

three days of real estate of the 1700 sets, Xiao Bian see this figure really surprised. When I was just thinking about the tourism consumption, I did not expect some people are taking advantage of this golden holiday mercilessly Crazy Fishing, Nanjing property market is now so hot?

"four establishments" sales burst table Nanjing property market, still can not stop in the May Day holiday. Modern Express reporter according to online real estate statistics found that during the small holiday this year, more than 1 thousand and 700 sets of real estate in Nanjing, rose nearly 5 over the same period last year. According to the monitoring data of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, small holiday period, the 50 monitoring sample companies achieved a total sales of 1 billion 322 million yuan, an increase of 11.7%.

three days to sell more than 1 thousand and 700 units, up nearly over last year,

online real estate shows that in April 30th and in May 1st, Nanjing new home subscription volume was 823 units, 404 units, close to 9 points yesterday, has subscribed for a set of 516. Modern Express reporter found that since the May Day holiday in 2008 changed to 3 days, Nanjing’s May Day holiday sales volume last year for the first time more than a thousand sets, reaching 1181 units. This year’s small holiday real estate record refresh rate, is the most recent 9 years of fire.


in art, Ping City, Kingland Jinqiao Washington, artall Shang cloud Di, long haired gentlemen, regal and other real estate choice Tianyu opened in the small holiday period. From the developers to upload data, the amount of selling in art, Kingland Jinqiao Washington is large, a small holiday before the opening of the park, Silver City Vanke emerald blue Creek County, GuanShanYue and other real estate also contributed more subscription data.

corresponds with the sales fiery, although the price department released the price of the wind, but the price of real estate is not ambiguous. In a small holiday before the opening of the Zhengrong Runfeng as an example, although the building declared price is 35983 yuan / square meters, but the 4 – 18 floor price is 37630 yuan, 39169 yuan / square meters, 1 to 3 floor of the declaration price is very low, thus greatly lower the overall price.

but for most people to buy a house, the actual payment of the purchase price is far more than the average price. The opening of the small holiday period in the Jiangbei Real estate value, part of a building housing price exceeded 30 thousand yuan / square meters, the highest was approaching 40 thousand yuan / square meters – Jiangbei prices are to be pulled to a new height.

May Nanjing property market still has a lot of purchasing power needs to be released." Nanjing, a real estate research agency said that at present there are still a number of Hexi, Jiangbei to popular real estate listed in May, expected prices will still be high, although the purchase price and volume hold continued to rise, but in the second half of this year the property market turnover will probably continue to rise, coupled with the price department under limit tightening recommended

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