Hubei rural youth electricity supplier entrepreneurship contest is fiery

21 in the new period, e-commerce as a new thing by a lot of people’s welcome, at the same time, the whole society also has a large number of e-commerce entrepreneurs, around also held a series of e-commerce entrepreneurship competition constantly.

the Tiguan link registration deadline to October 14th, the specific application details can be consulting the Organizing Committee QQ:770108793.

Tiguan rules:

in 64 prepared through Auditions (Hubei province) and the results of publicity, not to enroll in the audition players, such as the preparation of 64 (Hubei province) in the same industry against a rival player, can be designated registration off, PK, the Challenger must unconditionally accept the challenge. If the Challenger wins, it will replace the original players get into the semi-finals, the Challenger will exit; otherwise, the Challenger Challenger eliminated the winner. In order for the players to play a high level, familiar with the events and processes. Contestants will also receive elite training from October 12th to 14. Practice, training network operators to combat the actual methods and techniques, and how to choose products, offline negotiations, packaging design, baby on-line, promotion methods and other skills.

10 15, the fierce competition will start the challenge. The next day, into the semi-finals of the top 64 (Hubei) players list will be announced, and get the corresponding prizes and benefits.

background links:

8 3, by the provincial Party committee, province finance office, provincial poverty Alleviation Office, Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial radio jointly organized the 2015 "Chang Bai Cup" Hubei rural youth entrepreneurship contest and mountain revolutionary youth entrepreneurship Invitational in Wuhan.

the contest based in Hubei, Anhui, Henan, invited the Dabie old revolutionary base areas of youth representatives in entrepreneurship. The person in charge of the project for more than 40 years of age, in particular, to encourage college-graduate village official home business college students, members of the organization, the association of agricultural youth at all levels of rural youth rich leaders at all levels, good rural youth group competition. The competition is divided into the start-up group and the growth group, the establishment of the first prize 1, two prize, the three prize, Anhui, Henan, the contestants set up the rural youth electricity supplier Pioneer Award in the field of the 2. Winners will receive bonuses and investment and financing, entrepreneurship platform and other business support.

9 25, the successful completion of the contest auditions. The results of the election in September 28th foreign publicity: 5 members of the jury members of the project by reading the introduction and presentation of the site presentation, from the start-up group and the growth of the group of the selected 32, a total of 64 excellent projects recommended

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