Suzhou purchase policy after the purchase of enthusiasm is still not reduced

in the face of rising prices, in the face of the investment behavior of a lot of investment, the Suzhou government has adopted the policy restriction in real estate, but after the purchase of the policy introduced, developers purchase enthusiasm remains unabated. Like relay race, the final day of the online auction of land in Nanjing, Suzhou, a new round of online auction also kicked off. 22, -23, Suzhou will be sold on the Internet for a total of 27 plots, sold a total area of 1 million 757 thousand square meters, the initial listing price of $26 billion 550 million.

Suzhou, the purchase of the new deal after the first big shot of soil, after nearly 9 hours of fierce battle, the first day of the transfer of the 15 plots were sold, suction gold 15 billion yuan, the overall floor price exceeded 20 thousand yuan / square meters. One of the highest floor price of 38745 yuan / square meter, a new high local premium.

this is the first purchase of Suzhou in August 12th after the purchase of soil. In August, Suzhou in the country’s first land auction rules that set the highest price is set to guide the market price, if housing prices more than 25% market guide price auction, online auction suspension to the web a quotation, with a quotation in the closest to the average price of all the first offer is to determine bidder, which is no longer the highest bidder, to suppress the price rising. The earth shot, 27 plots of land there are 8 sets of the highest floor price and market guidance price, high attention. The 22 day of the first auction of 15 plots, 6 pieces of commercial land easily are the opening price, but 9 residential land prices has led to "fight".

prices continued to soar, although the implementation of the policy, but the price of the land was the higher the future price of the house is naturally built immeasurable. Although after the purchase of Suzhou market turnover has cooled, but did not affect housing prices in the future is expected, especially foreign housing prices into the Soviet Union mood urgent. For the first time to enter the Suzhou, Zhengzhou green twice won, will be located in Suzhou District, No. 42 and No. 43 plots are into the arms. Wuzhong District is located in 50 and No. 51 plots are also foreign housing prices in Beijing, Beichen won.

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