Suzhou District will focus on the selection of 100 entrepreneurial projects

is now in various parts of the business process, held a series of entrepreneurial activity has become very important, at the same time around the entrepreneurial activity is constantly held recently in Jiangsu, Suzhou has held the "charity music to help hundreds of Suzhou entrepreneurial elite support action".

yesterday projects review is Suzhou District People Club Bureau and the Suzhou municipal Charity Federation jointly launched the charity music to help hundreds of Suzhou entrepreneurial elite support action "an important part of the. Since the start of the action in March this year, a total of more than 1 thousand college students to apply for consultation, and ultimately there are 146 outstanding projects into the review roadshow link. From yesterday, the expert group will review in three games roadshow show, the selection of 100 outstanding entrepreneurial projects focusing on cultivating, to meet the conditions of the object support will be given 5000 yuan of funds to support 20000 yuan, and give the entity operating in "one to one" entrepreneurship assistance tracking service.


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