nnovation and Entrepreneurship of new blood innovation funds to encourage young people to encourage

innovation and entrepreneurship to add new blood, Jiangsu launched the innovative funding vouchers for young entrepreneurs to bring a new business opportunities. Recently, Jiangsu County, Shuyang province to encourage and support young talents to start farming, issued the "Shuyang County youth talent work of agricultural subsidies for the implementation of the program".

It is reported that the scheme of

, is engaged in the production and marketing of agricultural products in Shuyang county (Electronic Commerce), and the degree of processing of agricultural technology promotion, agricultural social service for farming entrepreneurship 18 – 40 years old, bachelor degree or above in young people, providing free voucher, voucher for training coupons, coupons, coupons, discount loans on publicity vouchers.

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Jiangsu Farmers Training Institute and other related training institutions to carry out entrepreneurship training of young talents farming (duration of 15 days), given 1500 yuan / person training fee and accommodation expenses and 500 yuan / person lost income subsidy subsidy. After 1 months of probation for qualified young talents and the knowledge and skills related to agricultural production and management of the designated trainee units, the amount of the cash value of the voucher shall be RMB $2000.

of young talent for small loans, land contracting right mortgage guarantee insurance, agricultural loan amount less than 2 million yuan, the repayment schedule, with loan discount coupons for discounts, where less than 1 million yuan (including 1 million yuan) of 50% discount, 25% discount on the part of more than 1 million yuan.



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