How to decorate the restaurant to attract customers

as a market entrepreneurs must have economic minds, what things are in a market economy the identity of the person to think about the problem, take the food and beverage industry, to open my own restaurant, what is the key? In fact, it is difficult to distinguish between primary and secondary? Because every detail of the neglect may be a key factor in your failure. That is what links can not be less. Today, we just talk about this small restaurant decoration.

decoration is a learning, a good decoration to let a person shine. In the restaurant, the decoration is a very important thing, can add some color to the restaurant, so in the decoration of the restaurant is worth the effort, so what restaurant decoration can attract visitors? To understand the problem, then you have to figure out the following questions.

first: know your customer portrait

now is the era of the Internet era, is also a material rich era, industrial era before the material is relatively scarce, consumers can choose to buy less, your product is in a seller’s market, the present era, the catering industry is very competitive, consumers have more choices, is a buyer’s market, this time an in-depth understanding of consumers, consumers know what love, what is love, in order to better poke the pain points of consumers. To do this, you need a portrait of consumers, analysis of the characteristics of all aspects of consumers, consumer demand analysis.

second: what is the value of the restaurant to the customer

The next step is to meet the needs of the

after analyzing the needs of the consumer. We will say it sea fishing, to provide customers with good quality service, this is the sea to create customer value, for instance for sea fishing service, Banu, the propaganda slogan of service is not the Banu characteristics, duck and the mushroom soup is, to provide customers with high-quality beef tripe and the mushroom soup. This is the Banu provides value, therefore, make clear what is your restaurant to provide customers with value, customers will truly love you


third: how to remember

In fact,

this is relatively easy, the main method is to create features, focus on differentiation, personalized restaurant is more vulnerable to consumer attention and see how many share before maxed circle of friends, meaning is the core of building your restaurant, as long as there is enough features, maxed circle of friends is very simple things.

is now an era of consumption upgrade, in a product based on the characteristics of the decoration can make your restaurant a tiger with wings added


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