Catering catering industry in the era of nternet interconnection is really suitable for you

with the diversification of Internet services and the gradual improvement of the catering business model will change. The convenience of the store makes the catering industry, the size of the store varies greatly, or even a situation of oversupply, then you have to ask, is the food and beverage market has been saturated? Actually not.

is now the catering industry and consumers have three contradictions, one is the contradiction between consumers of catering and the pursuit of food service industry status quo, two is the contradiction between the low people fast rhythm of life and catering service efficiency is three, catering services and consumer surplus can not find the contradiction between love restaurant;

Although the

catering industry oversupply, but the food and beverage industry and consumers of the three major contradictions have prompted a new restaurant theme restaurants continue to emerge, and the rapid development of. The traditional catering industry in the old innovation, can not adapt to the market demand, can only be eliminated by the catering market; if you want to enter the catering industry, catering to entrepreneurship, an oversupply in the market, not you open a mediocre restaurant, if you do not have their own characteristics, can not meet the needs of the market can not solve the contradictions, status and food consumers catering, your catering business is a gamble, even a losing gamble! No skills, not to join a distinctive brand restaurant chain, for the sake of your family happiness, don’t open a restaurant!

first, a number of restaurants, 2016 catering industry reshuffle, the survival of the fittest competition.

restaurant was originally a completely competitive market, there is no access threshold, so in theory everyone can open a restaurant. In recent years, due to the industry is not good to do, the retail industry has been electricity supplier, the line can do the industry looks like only food.

plus the city nearly two years to build a large shopping center mass market, every shopping mall is half catering, means a super has at least 100-200 restaurant, the restaurant has a serious surplus quantity. Take a look at the data published on the public comment, the first tier cities in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen restaurant number doubled in 2015;

this shows that the time to open a restaurant can easily make money is gone forever. In the supply of food and beverage industry in the market, not every food and beverage companies can make money.

since the three quarter of 2015, the National Restaurant General turnover, profit decline, and even the cliff style slump. Nanjing’s best high-end shopping malls catering turnover fell 30%, which is Nanjing’s most prosperous MALL, but also the strongest consumer spending MALL. 2014 this mall but the top three in the national business, regardless of positioning, customer base, business quality, management level is the leader in the country, so that the turnover of food and beverage stores have declined this shows what? This raises my second thinking

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