Which breeding project risk is relatively low

with the intensification of reform and opening up, urban and rural barriers are being broken, the gap between urban and rural areas is shrinking. The continuous development of modern rural areas, let us see a lot of business opportunities in rural areas, pregnant with a huge market, then, which is relatively low risk of breeding projects? Let’s take a look at it!

Yaodu planting tree honeysuckle

this variety is produced by natural woody flower leaf gold and silver excellent strains as the foundation, and the southern honeysuckle hybrid strains, new varieties of Honeysuckle by asexual reproduction, purification and rejuvenation and bred. With the advantages of flower bud, high yield. Honeysuckle as a precious medicinal resources, domestic and international market demand, prices rise year after year. Planted in that year, when the flowering, the current market price of 150 yuan per kilogram of drugs to $230. High efficiency of planting, 667 square meters of dried flowers produced from 180 to 260 kg, but also produce branches and leaves of 30000 kilograms, branches and leaves are cattle, sheep, pigs and other good feed. 667 square meters of output value of up to several million. Plant line spacing 1.5 m × 2 m, 667 square meters planted 220 strains. What is the most profitable farming in rural areas? Seedling price of 10 yuan per plant, the number of strains from the mail; more than 50 strains per plant of 9 yuan, more than one thousand plants per plant of 6 yuan, more than 10000 yuan per plant of $3.5.

special maize

special maize is maize varieties with high economic value and nutritional characteristics of planting, processing, such as fresh corn, corn, corn and other ornamental medicinal belong to special maize. Now what to grow to make money? Through deep processing, to achieve higher value-added end product characteristic planting special maize, planting benefit is high. Therefore, the value of "corn" reputation.


rural farming production of edible mushroom which is the leading industry of agriculture is the dominant Yao Zhuang, Jiashan District white industrial zone. Now what to grow to make money? Planting history began in the mid twentieth Century, rural planting in 1968, Sheng Feng (kiln bucket), Feng Feng Village 15 production teams began planting 18620 square feet. Rural cultivation in 1983, began to promote family mushroom. Now what to grow to make money? In 1985, the introduction of advanced technology in Jiading County, Shanghai City, the original soil cultivation for river cultivation. Planting in the countryside in 1998, the development of the field of high shed mushrooms, high temperature mushrooms, the whole town mushroom noodles

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