Let me see how fast fashion is UNQLO achievement

the two day micro-blog has been "UNIQLO event" crazy scraper, the event itself has the police to intervene in the dressing room, UNIQLO rules also made the corresponding adjustment, and have to say is that people will once again focus on the fashion brand uniqlo.

Diligence and dedication is

last year and a half hours, UNIQLO opened stores in the number of Chinese reached 132, over the past 11 years, the total number of stores but also China UNIQLO 80, next year the number of newly opened stores to reach 80 to 100 of the target, the number of stores in a short time, Chinese market expansion 1.65 times, which means the difficulty of management not only on the growth of.

Retail management team, the number of stores in both

The world’s largest flagship store

The site of

flagship store columns are packed into LCD screen, screen scrolling promotional goods of different clothing theme areas, it is like being a strong sense of science and technology clothing exhibition, circular transparent glass hundreds of models of battle and Nanjing Road flagship store in hanging in the window model compared to other, more visual impact strong.

corresponding, when the rapid expansion of the Chinese UNIQLO stores in Japan, East Jian

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