The six book allows you to deepen your understanding of the future

what do you think about the future? Maybe you have in the shade of a tree while, perhaps you did not care about this. In any case, the understanding of the future is essential, whether you are a civilian or an entrepreneur. The whole network share six books, help you to deepen the understanding of the future.

1. entertainment to death

"entertainment to death" is on the second half of the twentieth Century in American culture the most significant change to explore and mourning: typography entered the era of decline, while the age of television on the upgrade; TV has changed the content and meaning of public discourse; politics, religion, education and any other areas of public affairs, will inevitably be TV expression redefine. The general expression of television is entertainment. All the public discourse has become a kind of cultural spirit in the way of entertainment. All cultural content is willing to become a vassal of entertainment, and no complaints, even silent, the result is that we become a species of entertainment to death". The rich and colorful way of entertainment has almost dominated people’s lives and the future of mankind.

2. childhood gone

in "the disappearance of childhood", he uses Boltzmann on psychology, history, semantics and insights into Mcluhan’s theory and knowledge, very convincingly demonstrates a shocking and quite original topic, namely childhood birth, because the new printing media between children and adults on some points line, and violent attacks in the media like TV under the boundaries become increasingly blurred, adult sexual secrets and violence into entertainment, news and advertising in 10 years old children’s intelligence. This is an informative, shocking cautionary book.

3. beautiful new world

4. world is flat

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