Ya’an Sichuan tea city inn to start training

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management activities brought a chance to change the fate of a young guests, set off a new wave of entrepreneurship. In the name of innovation, we should have a unique entrepreneurial characteristics, to play the advantages of regional resources, to contribute to local economic development.

"convergence of entrepreneurial innovation, development of new momentum in the aftermath of the" Ya’an city public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week ", I clearly will further stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, further convergence of the power of innovation and entrepreneurship, to further promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, Ya’an economic and social development to provide new energy.

The spirit of

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The characteristics of

Project: – 9 to 100 thousand business secret   – to raise public business model –   young entrepreneurial team how to start   – how easily when the boss


notice: those who wish to participate in the public business entrepreneurs can directly participate in every Saturday morning from 10 held in the ancient tea horse project promotion.

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