Small flow station growth experience

contact network should be early, but never think of anything else before, the network is for entertainment, what games, what chat, what movies, things like that. Slowly also love this with no reality whatever network in the world, people are not ideal and goal is a very happy thing, after all, life is a tiring thing.

University, visited the network for many years, this type of network entertainment began to feel confused, feel very boring, no sense of direction, because we are facing employment, but not as before entrance face! Slowly began to study the network, the most since the beginning is transitional stage, from the game, at that time they are still and students in ousting eight guardians of the world, so he wanted to knock a SF to play our own results, everyone on the hardware requirements as can be imagined, which is that we can meet these students!

in the website of the school as an administrator after more than a year, they always want to run a website, even if it is very sick, very dirty (not the content of O (a _ a), O~), but after all their efforts and efforts, and then study the source code, Download this crazy, crazy the source code source code, using DW editor editor over the past, was not finished, this feeling is not very good ah, later inadvertently our school website managers meeting, met a senior, speech when he learned that I was going to do its own website, he said he can all the virtual host give me a 1g, free and unlimited, as long as he does not cross, I certainly know the importance of the back account password registered on his website, and then sent him, while a FTP account password, An access address will be sent over, I finally have their own guy, that is called the happy ah, hurry back to the bedroom, with the Wuhan University of Science and Technology Zhongnan Branch slowly not in slow speed, and upload your own programs, watching their program can access to the students, it is a happy thing. But later, the fact that individual technology is still lacking, the site does not call the site, is purely a web page, casually pile up words and pictures, to meet their vanity.


recognize their own deficiencies, decided to borrow someone else’s shoulders grow, inadvertently point into a free (quite attractive words) forum application, application for registration of an account, fiddle with several plate, shout students to see, this reflects obviously much better, we have suggested how should rich content, how should develop

!When the

in the name is very hasty, passionate heart filled, this name just be I got up, it proved that during the crackdown, the front 2 words hurt


step by step, every day as his post machine like, crazy reproduced, published content, when up to 1000 when more than 300 members of the theme, and great honor to apply to a top-level domain (the free.